College Room Homewares 2015

My College Room Homewares post of 2014 was my most viewed post of the entire year – so, now that I have moved into a new room for the new year in a new college, I’ve redecorated! Since last time I showed you around my room, I’ve acquired some beautiful new gifts, in addition to bringing back old decorations that I featured last year. Without further ado, here is how I decorated my new, larger college room:

DeskBooksRose Photo FrameMetal RosePink CactusLink CommissionWillow TreeBall CactusPaper BonsaiGoldmark TeddySucculentPaper RosesDesk PlantFinnBedPillowsBalcony View

  1. Full desk view
  2. John Green books – Will Grayson, Will Grayson & An Abundance of Katherines; Leather Sketchbook (gift)
  3. Dusty Pink Rose Frame (Big W)
  4. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  5. Pink-Top Cactus in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  6. Link Watercolour Painting (Commission from Katie Cook [gift]) in White Frame (Bargain Point)
  7. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  8. Ball Cactus (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  9. Hand Crafted Bonsai Tree in Ceramic Pot (gift)
  10. Teddy Bear (Goldmark Jewellers)
  11. Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  12. GVA Television (Harvey Norman); Origami Roses (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  13. Stationary Holder (Typo); Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  14. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Pebbles, Plastic Plants (all good pet stores), Wooden Log Ornament (gift)***
  15. Bedspread (gift)
  16. Paris Pillow (gift); Inspirational Pillow (gift); Teddy Bear (gift); Alpacasso Alpaca (gift from Supanova Brisbane, 2014)
  17. Balcony View

***DISCLAIMER: Fish are pets, not just for decoration. I also highly recommend against keeping fish in bowls – I only do so because it is my only option when living on college. Bowls are very difficult to keep fish in properly and to do so I clean my tank frequently, maintain a healthy bowl temperature for Bettas and make sure my bowl pH is right. Proper tanks are better for your Betta.

Sarah May xxx
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College Room Homewares

College Room Homewares

Most college rooms can be dark and boring places when you first move in, right? Mine felt like a blank, grey-walled sauna when I first moved in, but it didn’t take me long to spruce up my own little place with my own personal touch.Bonsai_Tree Book_Shelf LOVECalendarMetal_RoseWillow_TreeMoney_BoxDreamcatcherLanterns TeddyPaper_Roses Photo_Frame Photo_Wall Succulentsfish

  1. Serissa Bonsai Tree in Blue Ceramic Pot with Buddha Figurine (Bunnings Warehouse)
  2. a) Left Side: Teddy Bear (Goldmark), Crocheted Pokemon, Origami Bunnies (gifts)
    b) Right Side: Leather Sketchbook (gift), John Green Books – Looking For Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, & Paper Towns
  3. Paper Folded Mini Books, Spelling L O V E (gift)
  4. 2014 Calendar (Typo)
  5. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  6. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  7. Red Owl Money Box (Bargain Point)
  8. Dreamcatcher (unknown)
  9. Bird Patterned Lanterns (Typo)
  10. Teddy Bear (gift)
  11. Origami Roses (aka, My Paper Flowers) (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  12. Live, Laugh, Love Photo Frame (gift)
  13. Photo Wall featuring Tickets, Autographs & Wrist Bands
  14. Windowsill Succulents & Cacti (Bunnings Warehouse)
  15. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Siamese Fighting Fish, Pebbles & Plastic Plant (A1 Aquarium World)

Sometimes, a little bit of handmade, meaningful items really make your college room a home.
Sarah May xx
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