It’s no secret that I love The Sims, right? Well I was inspired by Emma Blackery’s (much better) The Sims In Real Life video to put my own spin on what life would be like if we were Sims, and this happened!

The day before this went live (and with it only halfway edited), my laptop decided to stop working so that was fun!

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Video: I’M ADDICTED (Sketch)

Hey guys! Today I filmed a bit of a comedy skit/sketch – which is out of the ordinary for me! These videos, even though they’re short, take a lot of time and effort to make it perfect and I’m proud of how it turned out! I’d love to see this effort reflected in the video being received well, so please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Meet My Sims!

Meet My Sims

I have an addiction… The Sims is taking over my life. Since I play The Sims 4 quite a lot, I thought that you should meet my (fake and virtual) family!

My Sims

 Sophie Carrow Sophie Carrow
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Traits: Geek, Good, Cheerful, Domestic
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Project Manager (Tech Guru Level 5)

Travis ScottTravis Scott
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, Geek, Quick Learner
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Development Captain (Tech Guru Level 6)

Christopher CarrowChristopher Carrow
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Genius, Geek, Business Savvy
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

Connor CarrowConnor Carrow
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Music Lover, Self-Assured, Muser
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

My Story

Sophie was my original Sim of the family, and was looking a bit overweight when she moved into her first house. Sophie was pretty lonely until her neighbour’s arrived to welcome her to the neighborhood. It was here that she met Eliza Pancakes, who soon became her best friend. Eliza would visit every single day, and Sophie just couldn’t keep up with it! She soon lost contact with Eliza, and the two grew apart, but Sophie can always count on Eliza to be there for a chat when she needs it.

Sophie spent her early weekends on the hunt for a potential partner at the local bar. Some men were nice and chatty, some would just throw insults at her, but after a few weeks and too many late nights, she met Travis, a fellow programmer. Their relationship moved VERY fast, and he had moved into the Carrow household within two weeks! Their wedding was a small, budget ceremony in Sophie’s home with three of their friends (Including Eliza), but the couple just couldn’t wait any longer before starting their lives together.

It wasn’t much later when Sophie took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant! The saving soon began for the extension to the house to house the child’s room, and so Sophie continued working all the way up to giving birth. She had a home birth, and was very surprised when she gave birth to TWIN BOYS! Christopher had inherited his father’s brains and blonde hair, where Connor inherited his mother’s brown hair. The boys could not be further opposite, however – Christopher loves pursuits of the mind and spends his days playing chess, reading books and doing extra credit school work, whereas Connor is more of a free spirit, taking early interest in musical instruments of all types. The twins are such great friends though, and both have great relationships with their parents.

Although the Carrow-Scott family struggle financially, even after so long, they still aspire to move into a bigger house with much more room for the twins’ future children and continue the family lineage.

As I’m heading back to uni soon, you may not see another of these Sims posts until JUNE! 😦 If you enjoyed this though, please let me know by liking or commenting or getting in touch on social media or whatever. I’d appreciate it 🙂

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December Favourites ♡

December Favourites

December was a big month filled with placement in a veterinary clinic, a trip to Brisbane, house sitting with my boyfriend, and – of course – Christmas! I was also on uni break the entire month so I’ve had so much free time and therefore, I’ve had a lot of favourites! I know it’s a bit late and December ended about a week ago now but Christmas has been so busy and I’m only now catching up with posts! So, without further ado, here are my December favourites.

*Christmas presents are excluded from this list – see my What I Got For Christmas post to check those out*

The Sims 3

In the beginning of the month, I watched way too many Sims 4 playthroughs on YouTube and started craving some Sims action – so what else to do than get really super into The Sims 3 again? I get way too into these things, so much that I have conversations with other people about what’s going on in my Sims’ lives. Oh, I have such a social life…

Pokemon YPokemon Y

I’ve owned Pokemon Y for a while, but I’ve only just finished The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for my 3DS. Once I finished that, I got right into Pokemon Y! I absolutely love the 3D world of it all, and I love how many old Pokemon appear in it too – for once it’s not just one generation of Pokemon featuring a couple of older ones! I’ve spent so long on this game and I’ve still only completed two gyms – when I play Pokemon, I interact with EVERYTHING and make sure I’ve caught every wild Pokemon along my way. This game will probably be my life for a while!

Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me

The Christmas season was made complete this year by this fantastic release from my favourite group, Pentatonix. This album went PLATINUM – making Pentatonix the only group in 2014 to go platinum! The album is a mixture of some classic Christmas songs, some new ones I hadn’t heard of before, and classic songs with a new twist on them, pulled off in a way only Pentatonix could. I made sure this album was on repeat when we were putting up our Christmas tree and on Christmas morning, and my family were pretty pleased with it too. It’s sometimes so hard to believe that they’re an acapella group, since everything sounds so perfect!

Fruit SmoothiesFruit Smoothies

Screw New Year Resolutions, I decided to stop snacking and start at least trying to eat healthier in mid-December. To curb my hunger of an afternoon, I would blend myself up a fruit smoothie in my old dodgy blender instead of reaching for a packet of chips. I’ve made so many delicious smoothies that I’ll probably end up posting my recipes for them, and making smoothies only got easier when I received a Magic Bullet for Christmas (no more lumps of fruit that didn’t get blended, yay!).

BuddhaBuddha the Fighting Fish

My house gained a second fighting fish this December, in the form of this beautiful silver-bodied, red-finned boy that I named Buddha. I bought Buddha and his tank accessories as a Christmas gift for my mum, who fell in love with my personal fighting fish Finn over the last month he’s been with us. She kept saying she’ll buy herself one when I leave for uni again and take Finn with me, but lo and behold – I got her this beautiful boy for Christmas. He’s so playful-natured and energetic, and so so little compared to my big boy Finn!

Paper TownsPaper Towns by John Green

I’ve been in the midst of reading Paper Towns for a while, but on the plane to Brisbane and home again I read the rest of the book and got REALLY into it. The fact they just finished filming the movie adaptation (released in June 2015) makes it even more exciting! John Green’s last book-to-movie adaptation was The Fault In Our Stars, which was kinda a big deal, so get onto the Paper Towns train early for sure! The story follows Q, whose neighbour and long-time crush Margo (played by Cara Delevingne in the movie) runs away and disappears without a trace. The entire book is Q following Margo’s clues to find her, including him trying to decode her cryptic little hints. I was hooked for the entire book, and Q’s friends are super entertaining to keep the story a bit more lighthearted. I’d definitely recommend Paper Towns to anyone who likes to read young adult fiction or any related genres.

Foot SprayPeppermint Foot Spray

I completed five days of clinical placement this month, which basically involved 10-hour days of just standing up for a long time. Needless to say, my feet were very sore by the end of the week! This Peppermint Foot Spray not only smells amazing, but refreshes your feet and instantly alleviates the foot pain I experienced in that week. It didn’t completely cure it – I found only resting my feet would cure it – but it was definitely great to get rid of the immediate pain when I couldn’t take it any longer. I have the entire peppermint foot range from The Body Shop but I find the foot spray works the best for quick, immediate pain alleviation.

Dry ShampooDry Shampoo

As someone with very long, thick, curly hair, it’s not often that I find time to wash my hair. It sounds gross, but when your hair takes up to THREE HOURS just to stop completely dripping all over the floor, even after attempting to towel dry it, it’s hard to find the time and effort. I’ve heard a lot of great things about dry shampoo, so when I went grocery shopping a few weeks back, I picked up the only one I could find just to give it a go. Needless to say, I loved it so much! It stopped my hair from looking gross in between washes, yay! Only downside – you need to brush the dry shampoo through your hair, and I rarely brush my hair due to the curliness. I’ll definitely pick up a better brand when this one runs out.

Big Hero 6

On the very last day of December, Sam & I went to the cinemas to watch Big Hero 6. The idea of the movie had us in love with it just after seeing the trailer – a Disney movie, based on a Marvel comic, set in Japan, focussing on a group of nerdy robotics students… oh, who am I kidding. We wanted to see it purely because of the adorable and hilarious Baymax (you know, the robot that looks like a marshmallow). We LOVED this movie, and I’m excited to show it to my mum to share this excitement with her! (Keep an eye out for a sneaky amateur movie review in the next few days, too 😉 )

Zelda AmiiboAmiibo

Amiibos are cool little things put out by Nintendo recently that are used similarly to those Disney Infinity figurines – you place it on the Wii U gamepad and it loads into your game. These things have become something of a rarity due to how many people are wanting to collect them (my brother included), so I was over the moon when I found myself a Zelda Amiibo in Kmart. I use my Amiibo in Super Smash Bros Wii U, where I can train Zelda up to a maximum level of 50 and she learns off how I fight, and then I can have her fight against other people or against myself. It’s such a cool idea and I’ll probably only own maybe two Amiibos, but my Zelda is now fully trained and ready to go!

So hey, 2014 is over and its now 2015! Yay! Happy New Year everyone, I look forward to putting out more blog posts this year and continuing the crazy adventure of my adult life. I appreciate every single view that my posts get and everyone that clicks follow, here’s to my blog hopefully growing a little bit more this year.

Sarah May xxx
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1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: The Sims 4 Review

015 The Sims 4 ReviewI’m a massive Sims fan, having played every series since the first. All expansions and stuff packs of the Sims 3 are installed on my computer and on my uni holidays I play them religiously (my favourites being Generations, Pets and University Life). Naturally, I was excited for the release of The Sims 4. I did not, however, expect my reaction to it.

First Impressions from Official Teasers

Leading up to the release, many videos were posted on The Sims’ YouTube channel showing the new emotion-based system and new Create-A-Sim interface. Emotions seemed to me like the main marketing point for the new Sims – and to be honest I didn’t feel like the game needed it. The promotional work told fans that their Sims are now “so smart, they’re weird”, which didn’t appeal to me as I like my Sims to be relatively normal! I didn’t see much of a need for such an emphasis on emotions, as in The Sims 3 you could see if the Sim you’re interacting with thought you were being friendly, weird or even very alluring. I thought this was enough, as it did actually alter how social interactions went down – so why were emotions the main marketing point? Edit: upon gameplay, I still find emotions unnecessary. They barely affect gameplay at all!

Starting the Game

The Sims 4 is not Mac compatible! This came as a shock to me when I found out. Even though I don’t own a Mac, I feel like a large proportion of the population owns one these days and to create a game that’s incompatible with a rapidly growing PC platform is just… odd. One thing that has been raved about is the short loading time of the game, as compared to the long-loading opening screen of The Sims 3! The new game engine allows the game to be played on low-performance devices, including the Surface Pro tablet! Edit: I can confirm that loading time is incredibly short and very impressive, however I haven’t tried this on my Surface Pro yet. The game seems to be pushing the limits of my Toshiba laptop as it is.


The new Create-A-Sim interface just looks amazing. Creating unique looking Sims appears to be so easy by just clicking and dragging hips, shoulders, noses etc. Finally, Sims can be made to look slightly on the plump side without being forced to have huge hips and huge breasts! However, the heights of teens, young adults, adults and elders are identical, meaning only children are shorter than the rest of their Sim family (well, toddlers would too, but they kinda removed that life stage completely?!). The selection of hair styles and clothing options is limited, as is to be expected in a base game, but one of the most surprising omissions is the exclusion of the colour wheel – no longer can your Sims have quirky hair colours or that perfect shade of green eyes, and no longer can their clothes be edited to a new pattern or colour to make them appear just right. We’re stuck with the presets, which, frankly, can be ugly. Overall, I think the new Create-A-Sim is fantastic and I can’t wait to try it out.

Build & Buy Mode

I feel like this is something I need to experience before I give a full opinion on it, but from what I’ve heard the building experience is great. The Sims 4 offers a great amount of building opportunities, such as adjusting the heights of walls and where windows sit on said wall! The ability to move fully furnished rooms is fantastic, so you don’t have to completely rebuild your bedroom if you want to move it to the other end of the house. However, the ability to adjust the height of the landscape has been removed as all lots are flat – removing the ability to create rises or ditches in the landscape to build upon. A surprising number of staple items have been removed from this game – most notably, pools. On top of this though, vehicles, dishwashers, hot tubs and pool tables have vanished from the game, but will no doubt be added in further expansions. I really can’t justify spending so much money on an expansion pack to receive features that have been included in base games for generations! Even the original The Sims had swimming pools, so their omission is really weird. As in Create-A-Sim, the colour wheel has been removed. We’re stuck with presets, which are apparently not all bad, but the lost ability to customize will certainly be felt by Sims home design fanatics. Edit: pools have been added in as a free DLC. I love the new build mode, however building rooms that weren’t perfect squares proved difficult for me as they weren’t recognized as rooms despite being closed in on all sides.


Huge improvements have been made to how Sims interact and behave, but huge omissions have been made too. The ability to have group conversations, multitask and have complicated emotions is great and should be praised – especially the inclusion of an autosave feature (great for those whose Sims games crash after hours of gameplay)! Additionally, players can now super-speed through sleeping and working – tasks that seemed to go by so slowly even on the highest speed in The Sims 3. Time in general is also slower in The Sims 4, so your Sims now have more time in a day to perform tasks. The neighbourhood setup of The Sims 4 is weird, with much smaller worlds than we previously know. Just like The Sims 2, we’re back to loading screens whenever your Sim wants to travel anywhere in the neighbourhood – which is disappointing, as this was a major improvement from The Sims 2 to The Sims 3 and it has now been removed again. This has likely been sacrificed for the purposes of smooth running, and although these loading screens are very short, reverts us back to the old situation of once one Sim is out of the house, the player cannot control the Sims left behind in the house until the first Sim returns. This also means that the other Sims in the neighbourhood do not have progressing stories as they did in The Sims 3 – they grow old, but do not have the drive to start a family. The neighbourhoods no longer show schools or workplaces, either! When your Sim goes to work, he or she just disappears into nowhere, with no visible presence in the world around him/her. The community lots of The Sims 4 are limited to just a museum, library, gym, lounge and park – no grocery stores, police stations, public pools, theaters… Actual gameplay is said to be glitchy in the game’s early stages. Pirates are met with a pixelated version – a smart move from EA to curb internet piracy (although pirates have apparently fixed this issue already). Sims walk in to walls and are trapped by invisible objects, and it can only be hoped that a patch will be released to rectify this. NPCs have taken a huge hit in this new generation of the Sims, which is seen by the complete removal of repairmen, gardeners, mail men, repo men, firemen, burglars, grim reapers and ghosts. Maids are said to come less frequently, too. Why have these been left out when they were small, yet incredibly useful aspects of previous Sims games? Edit: my opinion still stands on this after hours of gameplay. I miss the NPCs and I wish that I didn’t have to endure a loading screen just to visit a neighbour!


Overall, the game looks beautiful, albeit a little less realistic than The Sims 3. The addition of emotions and multitasking is great, in addition to a revamped Create-A-Sim and Build mode, but I just don’t see why so many old aspects had to be omitted in the base game when they’ve been included in nearly every previous generation. With EA’s huge budget and the huge fanbase surrounding such a popular game, fans are sure to be disappointed when they compare The Sims 4 to its predecessors. These missing aspects are sure to be included in expansion packs – a clever ploy from EA to rake in more money for users to pay for key features that should’ve been included in the base game anyway. For new Sims players, they are sure to see a fantastic, smooth game – but it just doesn’t make the cut for anyone who’s played The Sims 3 before, even without any expansions. I’d love to give this game a try, but I just can’t warrant spending so much money on what feels like an incomplete game. Sarah May xx