Life Update


As I am writing this, I am at a house on a huge farm in Cootamundra, NSW (about 2 hours from Canberra), completing 10 days of beef cattle placement and 5 days of sheep placement as part of Uni. This of course means that I am now living in daylight savings time, which is really messing with my head. Still light at 9pm?? Really??

In order to get here, I needed to catch a 7am flight to Brisbane (requiring me to be awake at 4:30 AM the morning after Australia Day), before boarding a second flight to Sydney, and traveling five hours by car with one of my good uni friends staying at a nearby farm. So much traveling!

After this placement, I head home for two hectic days of packing my life away again and somehow finding time for Valentines Day before making the big move up to Townsville for uni for another year. So yeah, it’s uni time again.

So placement + an upcoming exam + not much more time at home + uni starting again + the house I’m staying at for placement having no wifi = a very busy and post-deprived Sarah.

SO as you’ve probably guessed by now my posting schedule has reverted back to my regular semester schedule of one post per week. I’ll be scheduling these posts for Sunday nights at 6 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) and I have a LOT lined up, so just wait!

I’ll see you next Sunday with a little post from my phone, since I’ll still be on placement.
Sarah May xxx
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Life’s Too Short

Yesterday I was shocked by the news that one of my friends, whom I looked up to very much in my childhood, passed away suddenly. Her and her twin sister were massive influences when I was between the ages of 8 and 13 and have continued to be a part of my life as I entered adulthood. Earlier this year, I attended her twin’s wedding, in which she was the maid of honour. It was so nice to come home from uni for the weekend and see them, and she was so happy and full of life in my last personal conversation with her.

On Saturday night, she passed away in her sleep. She had no health problems that I knew about, and the cause of her death is still unknown. She died at just 23 years old, and that day the world lost a beautiful soul.

I’ve never been so affected by a death before. I’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided many people close to me passing away, but when I read her twin’s facebook status announcing her death, my heart stopped. My chest actually hurt for a few hours, and I cried multiple times through the night. I was in such a state of disbelief – such a happy, young and healthy girl taken away suddenly!

I can’t even imagine the pain her twin is going through right now, losing the person you’ve shared your entire life with. I want more than anything to attend her funeral, but unfortunately I now live five hours away from my home town. The results of her autopsy will come back in a few weeks – and hopefully it’ll provide her amazing family with the closure they need regarding the loss of such a beautiful young woman.

R.I.P Kate, we will miss you ♡

Sarah May xxx