What Apps Are On My Phone?

14.10.18 What Apps are on my Phone
I recently purchased an iPhone 6, and with a new phone comes much more space to fill it up with apps! My phone is my entire life, so why not share with you all the apps that make my phone complete?

The Dock


Camera – My camera must always be able to be accessed quickly – I can’t miss a photo opportunity! Even though it’s easily accessible from the lock screen, I love having it in such easy reach all the time.
Snapchat – If there’s one social media app that needs to be in easy reach, it’s Snapchat. If I was able to upload recently taken photos to Snap my friends, this app probably wouldn’t be in my dock but sometimes there’s just those moments you have to Snapchat, and those are usually moments you don’t want to miss.
Messenger – I’m not too sure why, but Facebook Messenger has always been in my dock. I don’t use it too often, but it’s one of those things that I just can’t move since it’s been there so long.
Messages – iMessage is how I communicate with my long term, long distance boyfriend in every waking moment of my day, so of course it has to be right there!

Home Page

IMG_9534Facebook – My must-use social media ever since 2009.
Instagram – I love Instagram so much!
Outlook Web App – For checking my Uni emails
WordPress – Always gotta check those stats!
Bloglovin’ – For my non-Wordpress blogs I love
Twitter – from 2009 – forever
Dropbox – All things Uni
WhatsApp – Communicating with Uni friends
Candy Crush – My addiction, my procrastination
Spotify – Shower music is the best music
The Simpsons Tapped Out – More procrastination, more addictions
Default Apps: Phone, Safari, Mail, Clock, Notes, Calculator, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Settings, Photos, App Store, Health

Page Two


IMG_9530YouTube – YouTube is my biggest procrastination… oops!
Shazam – You know how you hear a song and don’t know what it’s called? …yeah
Photogene – For all my collage-making needs
Afterlight – What I use to edit all my Instagram photos!
SquareadyV – Perfect for cropping videos for Instagram & adding a white border!
9jumpin, PLUS7 & ABC iview – To catch up on my reality TV if I miss them
Podcasts – Sometimes YouTubers I watch make podcasts too!
Sleep Cycle – This app not only monitors my sleep, but it wakes me up gently!
Weatherzone – Sometimes Apple Weather doesn’t convey just how hot it is
Pinterest – Such a cute social media platform!
Fragment – This app makes such beautiful kaleidoscopic photos, I just love to play around with it!

So there you have it, an official introduction to my precious iPhone and the apps that complete my life. Also, you may have noticed my new blog theme (!!!) that I absolutely love! It’s so much more in line with the blog aesthetic I’ve been wanting all along and I’m so glad I finally took the leap and changed up the theme!

R.I.P Misty Lake Theme

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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September Favourites ♡

September Favourites

It’s October already!? Where has the year gone? Yes, it’s nearly two weeks in already, but I went home for a week and couldn’t take any photos for this post when I was there! September has been a busy busy month for me and the uni year is nearly over (yay!), so without further ado, here are my September favourites!


Windowsill Succulents

I admit, I bought these little guys in August, but I’d already published my August favourites. I featured them in my College Room Homewares post, so you’re all probably familiar with the two little succulents and my little cactus that I keep on my windowsill. They didn’t cost much, either – from memory, they were about $6 each from Bunnings Warehouse. They came in the red pots I keep them in since it fits in with my room’s colour scheme – they’re so cute!

FinnFinn the Siamese Fighting Fish

Meet the first animal that completely belongs to me! Little Finn is such a cute addition to my room, and it’s amazing how smart he is just from spending a few weeks with me. I’m working on buying some more things for his bowl as it’s a little empty at the moment so stay tuned! My College Room Homewares post also featured Finn and sparked a debate about keeping fish in bowls – so I’d like to take this chance to advise anyone considering buying a fish that bowls are NOT the best home for a fish (if my college allowed anything other than a fish bowl I would’ve kept him in something more appropriate). If you must get a bowl, Siamese Fighting Fish are the most capable of living a healthy life (as they breathe from the water surface). Keeping a fish in a bowl means I need to clean his water very frequently, which is a lot of effort. Siamese Fighting Fish need to be kept in a warm environment, too, so they need a heater! The only reason why I don’t is because I live in a very humid, tropical area and his natural water temperature is warm, even in winter. Assess your options before buying a fish bowl, please! In saying that, though, in my current conditions I wholeheartedly believe that a bowl is not harming my little boy – but this is not the same for everyone!

IMG_8042Baby Goats

Yes, I mentioned goats last month, but I’ve spent so much of my month with the little cuties that I’m still so in love with them! They’ve grown up so much and are starting to climb more things and eat hay (and my hair). Moneypenny and Squeak, who we have to bottle feed, are so adorable and know exactly who feeds them and when! They’re much smaller than the rest, but here’s hoping they’ll catch up once they move on to solid feed rather than milk replacement.

Ball Park Music MerchBall Park Music Merch

I posted earlier this month that I went to a Ball Park Music concert, and naturally I bought merch. Free at the door were these super cool retro 3D glasses, with “ballparkmusic” printed on the side. I’ll never ever wear these again, but they’re still such an original merch idea and hey, it was free! I also bought a Puddinghead shirt in light grey marle (you can buy it here for $30) which actually fits really well. I love when merch comes in such thin material that you can stuff it in your handbag for the duration of the gig!

NutellaStrawberries + Nutella

…oops, this is a pretty naughty favourite! It’s such a delicious snack, and Nutella is the best thing that has ever been created, ever. The strawberries are only there to make me feel a little bit better about the sugar I am ingesting because hey, strawberries are a fruit, so that makes it healthy… right?

Home ScreeniPhone 6

I got my hands on a 64GB silver iPhone 6! Yay! I previously had an iPhone 4S, which is slowly becoming outdated, but I was waiting for my phone contract to run out so I could recontract to an iPhone 6 and it’s my new baby, I love it so much! Even though it’s literally two rows of apps longer than my old phone, I somehow really like it. However, I haven’t had to fit it into my pocket yet so its size may become an issue. But it’s so fast, so thin and so pretty!


Not gonna lie, I’ve loved avocado for ages, but I haven’t eaten it in a long, long time because I’ve been living on campus. However, one day I came down for lunch and there was avocado in the salad bar. Best. Day. Ever. Since then I’ve been craving more, and since I’ve been home for my midsem break I haven’t stopped putting it on my sandwiches and wraps.

Zach GarryZach Garry (YouTuber)

Zach is an Australian YouTuber (yay Aussies) and I’ve been subscribed to him for a few months now, but lately I realized that I haven’t watched his older videos – so I did. This guy is so entertaining to watch – he’s funny, yet delivers everything in a blunt, super-deep voice that gives his videos something that I just can’t find the word for. You just need to watch his videos to understand, so subscribe to him! If my recommendation isn’t enough, Tyler Oakley recommended him too so… (Subscribe to Zach here)

So there you have it, my favourites for another month! So crazy to think that there’s only three months left of 2014 and only 1.5 months until I’ve finished uni for the year and have three months off!! 

Hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites, an October one will definitely be on the way soon!

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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My New iPhone

My New iPhoneAs you’ve probably guessed, I am now the proud owner of a 64GB silver iPhone 6. Bye bye, iPhone 4S!

Since this newest Apple device came out nearly three weeks ago, I certainly wasn’t expecting there to be any stock left, especially stock in my desired size and colour – but lo and behold, they did!

My hunt for the new iPhone was accompanied by my mother, who also wanted to upgrade her 4S. We went straight to the Telstra shop, only to be met by a huge line and being told at the end of the long wait that they only had one phone in stock – one black 16GB iPhone 6, where we needed two silver 64GB iPhone 6’s. Next stop, JB HiFi, where we had both acquired our old 4S’. Thanks to a whole lot of luck, they had three in stock, and the third one was snapped up nearly immediately after we walked in! By this stage, both of us were pretty excited to have our new gadgets in our hands!

The lovely telco assistant started setting up mum’s new contract. She signed all the forms, everything was done until the assistant hit the confirm button, and then the drama started.

A warning came up on her screen, notifying her that there was an unpaid bill on mum’s account that had been handed over to debt collectors.

Mum pays her bills off, I pay mine off too (my phone is under her account). So whose account was it?

It was my father’s, who passed away six years ago. We had cancelled his phone bill immediately after his death and paid everything off, but Telstra continued to charge us for his phone which was never used again. So this phone that is probably sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere is still receiving bills, but have we ever actually received a paper copy, or even a phone call notifying us? Nope. We had no idea. And the weirdest thing is, we’ve recontracted through that same store before.

So the telco assistant jumps straight on the phone – on a Sunday, mind you, so most of the services she needs are closed – and begins yelling down the phone at Telstra. She didn’t take anyone’s shit, and all through the store you can hear this young girl screaming “but it’s not the customer’s fault, it’s your company’s incompetence!” Someone please give this girl a pay rise. Telstra eventually gets the message, and she moves on to call another company which is who needs to actually sort out the issue. More yelling. The woman on the other end of the phone clearly didn’t want to help out, so our telco girl demands to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor is busy and promises to call back in an hour.

By now it’s been about an hour and a half, so mum and I go for lunch while she sorts the rest of it out.

An hour and a bit later, we come back into the store and the conversation is still going. This time, she’s yelling about the fact that even though this service is closed on a Sunday, the customer needs their phone now (even though we really didn’t). The supervisor doesn’t budge. After another hour of her on the phone, we get the news that we just can’t get our phones today and have to come back tomorrow 😦

So we get a phone call from the lovely telco girl the next day saying that not only have Telstra finally cancelled the phone, but they’ve wiped all the debt off the account! We head straight back into JB HiFi and give this fantastic shop assistant a giant box of chocolates and a massive hug, and she gives us our new phones in return. She’s just saved my family from debt collectors (and in turn a horrible credit rating).

And hey, we now have our new phones!

I’m so in love with this phone – I thought the size change would be hard to adjust to (my 4S had 4 rows of apps, the 6 has 6 rows), but I surprisingly adjusted really well. It’s so fast, the camera quality is so good and the screen quality is just amazing! And no, it hasn’t bent yet.

Well, that’s a bit of a rambly post, but I just needed to share how amazing this assistant was to help us recontract. We also got a pretty hefty discount on our phone cases too, kaching!

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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