What Apps Are On My Phone?

14.10.18 What Apps are on my Phone
I recently purchased an iPhone 6, and with a new phone comes much more space to fill it up with apps! My phone is my entire life, so why not share with you all the apps that make my phone complete?

The Dock


Camera – My camera must always be able to be accessed quickly – I can’t miss a photo opportunity! Even though it’s easily accessible from the lock screen, I love having it in such easy reach all the time.
Snapchat – If there’s one social media app that needs to be in easy reach, it’s Snapchat. If I was able to upload recently taken photos to Snap my friends, this app probably wouldn’t be in my dock but sometimes there’s just those moments you have to Snapchat, and those are usually moments you don’t want to miss.
Messenger – I’m not too sure why, but Facebook Messenger has always been in my dock. I don’t use it too often, but it’s one of those things that I just can’t move since it’s been there so long.
Messages – iMessage is how I communicate with my long term, long distance boyfriend in every waking moment of my day, so of course it has to be right there!

Home Page

IMG_9534Facebook – My must-use social media ever since 2009.
Instagram – I love Instagram so much!
Outlook Web App – For checking my Uni emails
WordPress – Always gotta check those stats!
Bloglovin’ – For my non-Wordpress blogs I love
Twitter – from 2009 – forever
Dropbox – All things Uni
WhatsApp – Communicating with Uni friends
Candy Crush – My addiction, my procrastination
Spotify – Shower music is the best music
The Simpsons Tapped Out – More procrastination, more addictions
Default Apps: Phone, Safari, Mail, Clock, Notes, Calculator, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Settings, Photos, App Store, Health

Page Two


IMG_9530YouTube – YouTube is my biggest procrastination… oops!
Shazam – You know how you hear a song and don’t know what it’s called? …yeah
Photogene – For all my collage-making needs
Afterlight – What I use to edit all my Instagram photos!
SquareadyV – Perfect for cropping videos for Instagram & adding a white border!
9jumpin, PLUS7 & ABC iview – To catch up on my reality TV if I miss them
Podcasts – Sometimes YouTubers I watch make podcasts too!
Sleep Cycle – This app not only monitors my sleep, but it wakes me up gently!
Weatherzone – Sometimes Apple Weather doesn’t convey just how hot it is
Pinterest – Such a cute social media platform!
Fragment – This app makes such beautiful kaleidoscopic photos, I just love to play around with it!

So there you have it, an official introduction to my precious iPhone and the apps that complete my life. Also, you may have noticed my new blog theme (!!!) that I absolutely love! It’s so much more in line with the blog aesthetic I’ve been wanting all along and I’m so glad I finally took the leap and changed up the theme!

R.I.P Misty Lake Theme

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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