Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is Disney’s newest masterpiece. Adapted from the obscure Marvel comic of the same name, Big Hero 6 follows young Hiro Hamada and his older brother Tadashi, robotics enthusiasts living in the fictional city of San Fransokyo (a cross between USA’s San Francisco and Japan’s Tokyo). Hiro is into illegal bot-fighting with the robots he creates, whereas Tadashi attends the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology with his friends who have been nicknamed Wasabi NoGinger, Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, and Fred. Tadashi takes Hiro into the lab one night, where he falls in love with the Institute and, in order to receive an offer to attend, engineers microbots to show at the Institute’s robotics exhibition. However, while at the exhibition, a fire breaks out in the exhibition hall and with reports that Institute professor Robert Callaghan is trapped inside, Tadashi runs in to rescue him before a huge explosion destroys the entire building, killing Tadashi. Hiro is left with Tadashi’s project – Baymax, who is essentially a robot nurse engineered to help people. When Hiro and Baymax discover that someone has stolen Hiro’s microbots to use for evil, Hiro, Baymax, Wasabi, Tomago, Honey Lemon and Fred set out on a journey to capture the microbot thief and stop him from killing anyone in San Fransokyo.

From left to right: Wasabi NoGinger, Honey Lemon, Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Gogo Tomago & Fred make up the group of heroes called Big Hero 6.

I loved this movie so, so much. There’s something amazing about how great Baymax can make you feel – his one-liners, naivety and pure care for others make you go from laughing at him to crying to wanting to hug his marshmallow-looking body – sometimes all at the same time. For a robot made purely to heal wounds, he has some kind of humour that will surely solidify him in the Disney franchise as a key character. Hiro, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much character development as a main character should have – he shows great sadness for the loss of his brother, but his emotions fluctuate from being excited to moody to downright maniacal when (*spoilers*) he unashamadly sends Baymax to attempt to murder someone despite it being completely against Baymax’s programming and, in turn, Tadashi’s intentions. However, this movie did a fantastic job of creating such a great brotherly relationship between Hiro and Tadashi in a long enough time to truly believe the connection but short enough to feel like Tadashi was taken too soon in the movie.

One thing that annoyed me about Big Hero 6 was the Americanization of the film by Disney. Rather than setting the story in Tokyo, Disney created the fictional San Fransokyo. Even the characters’ names don’t pay much homage to the comic’s Japanese roots – only Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi had obviously Japanese names. Despite this, though, the animators did a great job of incorporating Japan into such an Americanized city, and the mixed ethnicities of the characters is probably what was demanded in such a politically-correct society.

Underneath Baymax’s comic relief and the action of a Marvel movie, however, is a story about loss and how Hiro deals with the loss of his brother. To cope with death, Hiro surrounded himself with robotics and adrenaline, with his friends coming along to help support him through. Big Hero 6 is a fantastic movie that highlights the importance of brains rather than brawn – something rather underrepresented in modern action films. As great as the movie as a whole was, what contributed to 90% of my enjoyment of this movie was the charm and humour of Baymax and, thanks to him, the Big Hero 6 franchise will probably stick around for a while, if not spawning a few sequels.

I give Big Hero 6 9/10 stars – a thoroughly enjoyable movie for kids and adults alike that will change the way you fist bump your friends forever.

– Sarah May xxx
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Supanova Brisbane, 2014

Supanova Brisbane 2014

Supanova is a popular Australian pop culture convention held triannually, holding conventions in two cities per month, taking place in April, June and November. Brisbane Supanova (or Brisnova) for 2014 was held from Friday November 28th – Sunday 30th, and I had the pleasure of attending the convention on what is arguably its biggest day – Saturday.

Brisnova 2014 is the first pop culture exhibition I have had the opportunity to attend, and it surely didn’t disappoint. 2014’s Brisnova was moved to the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for the first time, and it seemed the conveners were very happy with this upgrade. This year’s Supa Stars line up consisted of favourites Jack Gleeson (King Joffrey from Game of Thrones) and James & Oliver Phelps (Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter). Other fan favourites included Neve McIntosh, Manu Bennett, Alan Tudyk, Louise Brealey, Peter Hambleton, Grant Imahara, Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime), Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn the Human) and author Matthew Reilly. These huge Supa Stars made Brisnova 2014 one of the most successful conventions yet!

If there is one thing I must say about Supanova and pop culture conventions in general before I begin, is that you must expect to wait in lines for most of your day. If you expect this, wear appropriate supportive footwear and ensure you have enough cash on hand before you arrive, you will enjoy your Supanova experience so much more!

My Brisnova experience was shared with my boyfriend, Sam, who was super excited to arrive. We didn’t cosplay, unfortunately – we just didn’t have time to get costumes together, but we will certainly cosplay if we go next year! We got to the convention centre nearly exclusively by following the crowds of cosplayers on the train, and arrived at about 9:45am for doors opening at 10am.

Once we got through the doors, we made a beeline to the complete opposite side of the huge hall to the Supanova store to get photo tickets for James & Oliver Phelps, in which we waited in a very long line. Photos were $50 per twin, so $100 for a photo with the both of them. Honestly, Supanova – who meets only one Weasley twin!? To save money, Sam & I both put in $50 to get the photo together. We then headed straight to the photo studio, where we waited in a very long line. We met James & Oliver, they were very very tall and seemed friendly from the less-than-30-seconds we got with them (walk in, us: “hi!” them: “hi!”, pose, photo taken, walk out), and our photo turned out to be pretty nice, and makes me feel incredibly short:

James & Oliver Phelps (Fred & George Weasley) L-R: James Phelps, myself, Sam, Oliver Phelps

James & Oliver Phelps (Fred & George Weasley)
L-R: James Phelps, myself, Sam, Oliver Phelps

Next up, Sam dragged me over to Katie Cook and Andy Price, artists that work on the My Little Pony comics (which Sam is incredibly obsessed with). He got some stuff signed, commissioned artwork (for $160 – phew!), and fangirled incredibly hard. Since they weren’t overly popular guests and were set up at a regular stall instead of the main signing area, we could spend heaps of time with them and we ended up chatting while Andy Price drew Sam’s commission right in front of us. Katie did hers overnight, as it was much larger and required more time. The two commissions Sam purchased turned out amazing, and featured on the Twitter/Instagram accounts of both artists:

After quickly picking up our Weasley sandwich photo, we got caught in a huge line to head out of the convention centre (why!?) to head over to the Quadrupeds Inc. seminar by Katie Cook, Andy Price, Paul Abstruse and Joyce Chin on the other end of the convention centre. The crowd was small, maybe about 15 or so people. The seminar was pretty entertaining despite me being unfamiliar with the work of all four artists on the panel. When it ended, I stood up to the worst muscle pain I have ever experienced because of all the standing and waiting in non-supportive shoes. I could hardly walk, and hobbled around from that point on. The pain ended up lasting for four days after Supanova, ouch!

After making it through the crowd waiting for Matthew Reilly’s seminar, Sam had run out of cash and needed to use an ATM. As there were only 2 ATMs in the entire centre, and it was half an hour before we reached the front of the line! We walked (and I hobbled) back into the centre, where Sam realized he wanted a signature from Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn the Human), which meant standing in line at the Supanova store for another token, then in another long line to wait for Jeremy to sign Sam’s stuff with a scary looking volunteer at the end forbidding anyone to take any photos unless they had paid for one. Afterwards, we waited in another long line for lunch (which consisted of shitty, cold sandwiches), before finally getting to explore the exhibition at 2pm, four hours after we arrived at Brisnova.

We walked very systematically through the many, many stalls as so we wouldn’t accidentally miss anything. There were such a large variety of stalls, from T-Shirts to comic books to corsets to weaponry. Nearly every single stall drew at least a bit of interest from us as we passed by, and most were packed full with people – especially the huge EB games stall in the back corner, which had a huge line just to enter! Other notable things around the convention centre included a TARDIS, a Back to the Future DeLorean, Daleks, a Syfy Fancam 360 (so cool!) and a wrestling arena.

I bought the Van Gogh Doctor Who TARDIS shirt from the Popcultcha stall, while Sam stopped at every stall that sold anything remotely Spiderman related and sifted through what I estimate to be over 2000 comic books total. I tried and tried to find a Legend of Zelda T-Shirt, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything except for a single triforce shirt in a very unappealing shade of green. By the time we reached the artist booths, Sam had bought many, many comic books and it was nearly closing time. With only 15 minutes before the doors closed, Sam convinced me to go back to Sugart Creations, who were selling ADORABLE cushions. I bought the cutest Bulbasaur and Squirtle cushions (I didn’t buy Charmander because he looked so sad 😦 ). Then, we made a last minute dash for Tee Turtle, where I bought an Eeveelution Pink Floyd T-Shirt. All of Sam’s and my own Supanova purchases are below:

Overall, my Brisnova experience was pretty awesome – I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much since I didn’t know many of the guests, but the entire atmosphere was really cool! My inner nerd definitely came out, and I’m sure I’ll attend another pop culture convention again! If you live in/near Melbourne or the Gold Coast, definitely attend the April round of Supanova – the same goes for Sydney and Perth for the June conventions! Adelaide and Brisbane have to wait another year for Supanova to come back, unfortunately, but it’s bound to be even better as the years go on.

Thanks for reading! 🙂
Sarah May xxx
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Doctor Who: Transitioning from Ten to Eleven

I started watching the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who in December 2013 and instantly fell in love. I loved Christopher Eccleston’s eccentric, humorous performance of the Doctor and formed a fairly strong connection to the Doctor-Rose relationship. Unfortunately, the ninth Doctor was only the ninth Doctor for one season, which didn’t give me enough time to seriously miss Christopher Eccleston when he regenerated into the tenth Doctor – David Tennant.

Something about David Tennant’s Doctor really got me. His relationship with Rose was the most heartbreaking thing to let go of at the end of season 2 (I cried in that episode, oops). Again, only one season with both Martha and Donna as companions was not enough – I really started to love Donna towards the end of her season and I felt her time was up way too soon! But the thing that kept me hooked on Doctor Who for so long was definitely David Tennant. There’s something about a man with a British accent in a suit… but not only was he physically appealing, he was hilarious, with little mannerisms that really drew me into his character. The tenth Doctor was such a quirky, energetic yet brooding man. He’s been reviewed as the Doctor with ‘sex appeal’ – and I don’t know exactly what it is about him but I certainly felt that through his three season run. I’ve been watching David Tennant’s seasons for over six months now (due to no time during the uni semester to watch it) and come his final episode, I was dreading the change. I’d heard great things about Matt Smith, but something in me didn’t want to see David Tennant go. I watched his regeneration episode nearly two weeks ago now, and began season 5 starring the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.

Matt’s first episode was such an accurate representation of how I heard his character would be – he’s clumsy, adorable, seriously quirky with what seems like such a caring attitude towards those around him. Don’t get me wrong, the tenth Doctor certainly avoided every death he could – his regeneration was even caused by saving the life of another man. But Matt’s introduction, when he meets a young Amelia Pond… it was perfect. Since then, I’ve watched this new Doctor with a new sense of admiration. He’s been billed as a “darker Doctor” than his predecessors, yet his vulnerability is astounding. I’m certainly enjoying watching what will probably be the last of the young Doctors (at least for a very long time), and I can already feel myself forming a strong connection with this character (which, as any Doctor Who fan would know, is a very bad idea – especially when regeneration time comes around).  I can see the show’s storyline becoming more complex than previous series, with compelling companions like Amy, Rory, River and Clara to look forward to.

Just watch, I’ll finish season 7 in a few months and have to make the adjustment all over again – next regeneration, however, will probably be much harder. I haven’t watched any of the classic Who series (yet), so I haven’t experienced an older Doctor yet – but his first two episodes have already brought him widespread praise, so who knows!

Until next week,
Sarah May xx

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: The Sims 4 Review

015 The Sims 4 ReviewI’m a massive Sims fan, having played every series since the first. All expansions and stuff packs of the Sims 3 are installed on my computer and on my uni holidays I play them religiously (my favourites being Generations, Pets and University Life). Naturally, I was excited for the release of The Sims 4. I did not, however, expect my reaction to it.

First Impressions from Official Teasers

Leading up to the release, many videos were posted on The Sims’ YouTube channel showing the new emotion-based system and new Create-A-Sim interface. Emotions seemed to me like the main marketing point for the new Sims – and to be honest I didn’t feel like the game needed it. The promotional work told fans that their Sims are now “so smart, they’re weird”, which didn’t appeal to me as I like my Sims to be relatively normal! I didn’t see much of a need for such an emphasis on emotions, as in The Sims 3 you could see if the Sim you’re interacting with thought you were being friendly, weird or even very alluring. I thought this was enough, as it did actually alter how social interactions went down – so why were emotions the main marketing point? Edit: upon gameplay, I still find emotions unnecessary. They barely affect gameplay at all!

Starting the Game

The Sims 4 is not Mac compatible! This came as a shock to me when I found out. Even though I don’t own a Mac, I feel like a large proportion of the population owns one these days and to create a game that’s incompatible with a rapidly growing PC platform is just… odd. One thing that has been raved about is the short loading time of the game, as compared to the long-loading opening screen of The Sims 3! The new game engine allows the game to be played on low-performance devices, including the Surface Pro tablet! Edit: I can confirm that loading time is incredibly short and very impressive, however I haven’t tried this on my Surface Pro yet. The game seems to be pushing the limits of my Toshiba laptop as it is.


The new Create-A-Sim interface just looks amazing. Creating unique looking Sims appears to be so easy by just clicking and dragging hips, shoulders, noses etc. Finally, Sims can be made to look slightly on the plump side without being forced to have huge hips and huge breasts! However, the heights of teens, young adults, adults and elders are identical, meaning only children are shorter than the rest of their Sim family (well, toddlers would too, but they kinda removed that life stage completely?!). The selection of hair styles and clothing options is limited, as is to be expected in a base game, but one of the most surprising omissions is the exclusion of the colour wheel – no longer can your Sims have quirky hair colours or that perfect shade of green eyes, and no longer can their clothes be edited to a new pattern or colour to make them appear just right. We’re stuck with the presets, which, frankly, can be ugly. Overall, I think the new Create-A-Sim is fantastic and I can’t wait to try it out.

Build & Buy Mode

I feel like this is something I need to experience before I give a full opinion on it, but from what I’ve heard the building experience is great. The Sims 4 offers a great amount of building opportunities, such as adjusting the heights of walls and where windows sit on said wall! The ability to move fully furnished rooms is fantastic, so you don’t have to completely rebuild your bedroom if you want to move it to the other end of the house. However, the ability to adjust the height of the landscape has been removed as all lots are flat – removing the ability to create rises or ditches in the landscape to build upon. A surprising number of staple items have been removed from this game – most notably, pools. On top of this though, vehicles, dishwashers, hot tubs and pool tables have vanished from the game, but will no doubt be added in further expansions. I really can’t justify spending so much money on an expansion pack to receive features that have been included in base games for generations! Even the original The Sims had swimming pools, so their omission is really weird. As in Create-A-Sim, the colour wheel has been removed. We’re stuck with presets, which are apparently not all bad, but the lost ability to customize will certainly be felt by Sims home design fanatics. Edit: pools have been added in as a free DLC. I love the new build mode, however building rooms that weren’t perfect squares proved difficult for me as they weren’t recognized as rooms despite being closed in on all sides.


Huge improvements have been made to how Sims interact and behave, but huge omissions have been made too. The ability to have group conversations, multitask and have complicated emotions is great and should be praised – especially the inclusion of an autosave feature (great for those whose Sims games crash after hours of gameplay)! Additionally, players can now super-speed through sleeping and working – tasks that seemed to go by so slowly even on the highest speed in The Sims 3. Time in general is also slower in The Sims 4, so your Sims now have more time in a day to perform tasks. The neighbourhood setup of The Sims 4 is weird, with much smaller worlds than we previously know. Just like The Sims 2, we’re back to loading screens whenever your Sim wants to travel anywhere in the neighbourhood – which is disappointing, as this was a major improvement from The Sims 2 to The Sims 3 and it has now been removed again. This has likely been sacrificed for the purposes of smooth running, and although these loading screens are very short, reverts us back to the old situation of once one Sim is out of the house, the player cannot control the Sims left behind in the house until the first Sim returns. This also means that the other Sims in the neighbourhood do not have progressing stories as they did in The Sims 3 – they grow old, but do not have the drive to start a family. The neighbourhoods no longer show schools or workplaces, either! When your Sim goes to work, he or she just disappears into nowhere, with no visible presence in the world around him/her. The community lots of The Sims 4 are limited to just a museum, library, gym, lounge and park – no grocery stores, police stations, public pools, theaters… Actual gameplay is said to be glitchy in the game’s early stages. Pirates are met with a pixelated version – a smart move from EA to curb internet piracy (although pirates have apparently fixed this issue already). Sims walk in to walls and are trapped by invisible objects, and it can only be hoped that a patch will be released to rectify this. NPCs have taken a huge hit in this new generation of the Sims, which is seen by the complete removal of repairmen, gardeners, mail men, repo men, firemen, burglars, grim reapers and ghosts. Maids are said to come less frequently, too. Why have these been left out when they were small, yet incredibly useful aspects of previous Sims games? Edit: my opinion still stands on this after hours of gameplay. I miss the NPCs and I wish that I didn’t have to endure a loading screen just to visit a neighbour!


Overall, the game looks beautiful, albeit a little less realistic than The Sims 3. The addition of emotions and multitasking is great, in addition to a revamped Create-A-Sim and Build mode, but I just don’t see why so many old aspects had to be omitted in the base game when they’ve been included in nearly every previous generation. With EA’s huge budget and the huge fanbase surrounding such a popular game, fans are sure to be disappointed when they compare The Sims 4 to its predecessors. These missing aspects are sure to be included in expansion packs – a clever ploy from EA to rake in more money for users to pay for key features that should’ve been included in the base game anyway. For new Sims players, they are sure to see a fantastic, smooth game – but it just doesn’t make the cut for anyone who’s played The Sims 3 before, even without any expansions. I’d love to give this game a try, but I just can’t warrant spending so much money on what feels like an incomplete game. Sarah May xx

My Favourite YouTubers

Recently, I have discovered that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are simply not enough to procrastinate studying. I have been subscribed to a few YouTubers for a couple of years now, but my subscription list has grown exponentially in size over the last few months! For today’s post, I thought I’d give an overview of my top 8 favourite YouTubers. Even though nearly all of them are pretty popular as it is, every single one of these channels deserves the praise they get. So, without further ado:

#8: Kingsley (/ItsKingsleyBitch)


I have been watching Kingsley for a long time – the main attraction being his Overexposed series he does annually at the end of each year. Kingsley is loud, opinionated and sassy, discussing topics such as race, sexuality and celebrities. Lately, Kingsley announced that 2014 is his last year on YouTube, but what is next to come is unknown. He has also been quiet with uploading videos of late, and his most recent stuff has not been of his usual quality. However, I still enjoy his videos when they are uploaded and can’t wait for what he has in store for next year.
Recommended video: OVEREXPOSED 2013 [FINALE]

#7: The Fine Bros (/TheFineBros)

TheFineBrosThe Fine Bros are well-known for their React series, encompassing Kids React, Teens React, Elders React and YouTubers React, however they occasionally upload spoiler videos or other small YouTube series. Benny and Rafi’s channel is usually hit-and-miss. I always have enjoyed the React series, with nearly all episodes piquing my interest enough to watch through to the very end of episodes that are usually 8 minutes long. Their YouTubers React series features a mix of popular YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Tyler Oakley, however can feature some channels that I’ve never heard of before. The React series’ are great at showcasing the reactions of others to viral videos, old technology or controversial campaigns, especially in the Kids React series as their reactions are so genuine and innocent! Although, basically any non-React video is cheesy and overacted – however, I stay subscribed because of the brilliance of React.

#6: Jenna Marbles (/JennaMarbles)

JennaMarblesJenna Marbles is easily one of the most popular women on YouTube, recently securing a host position on the YouTube 15 on SiriusXM radio to present emerging music on YouTube. Jenna was the first YouTuber I subscribed to, captivating me with her How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To video in 2011. Jenna’s videos aren’t for everyone as she can come across as weird to some people, but I enjoy it. Since she only uploads once a week, I don’t feel overwhelmed by her different style of video which has kept me as a loyal subscriber for years. I also enjoy watching her two adorable dogs – Marbles the chihuahua and Kermit the Italian greyhound – which feature often in her videos. My favourite videos of hers are ones showing the extremities of how guys or girls drive, get ready or even shower, which are always so true and cover content that I have never seen another YouTuber cover with such humour and pure honesty.
Recommended video: Things I Don’t Have Time For

#5: Zach Garry (/ZachGarry)

ZachGarryZach Garry was suggested by Tyler Oakley in one of his videos, and I subscribed to him due to him being Australian. I haven’t been watching Zach for long, but I have related to him well so far due to him being in university too. His vlogging style is awkward in an entertaining way and his deep, slightly monotonous voice makes him unique to other YouTubers I have come across. Zach is not as well-known as the other YouTubers on this list, however he is definitely worth checking out if you’re wanting an honest, open yet funny channel to subscribe to.
Recommended video: 20 UNIVERSITY LIFE LESSONS

#4: Tyler Oakley (/tyleroakley)

Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley is arguably the most influential YouTuber around, using his huge subscriber count to raise half a million dollars for the Trevor Project. Tyler’s outright sass is entertaining to watch and, although close to all of his recent videos being Q&A videos (or, as Tyler has dubbed it, Q&Slay videos), he is still engaging, inspiring and uplifting, with the ability to make so many people happy. His friendship with fellow YouTubers and participation in TheFineBro‘s YouTubers React series is fantastic to see, and he vlogs nearly every major event he participates in such as Playlist Live or Vidcon on his second channel, extratyler. Tyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation who has shown such a phenomenal journey over his many years vlogging and his popularity and influence is sure to continue to grow.
Recommended video: The YouTube Burn Book

#3: Troye Sivan (/TroyeSivan18)

Troye SivanTroye Sivan is only 19, yet is taking huge steps in the YouTube community. His videos encompass topic-based videos, Q&As, challenges or even his own music. Hailing from Perth, Australia (yes, he’s an Aussie!), Troye has made friends in the YouTube community worldwide, the most notable of which being Tyler Oakley. Troye’s videos incorporate his sense of quirky humour, which may not appeal to all, but his presence in a video keeps me watching (the good looks and amazing eyes don’t hurt, of course, until I remember that he’s gay… *sigh*). Troye’s musical talent is outstanding, having written a song about the popular John Green book-turned-movie The Fault In Our Stars, whose purchases on iTunes raised money for charity. Recently, Troye announced the release of his debut EP, featuring original songs, aptly named TRXYE, due for release in August 2014. I, personally, am excited to hear this EP in addition to watching Troye’s YouTube journey – the future is bright for Troye Sivan!
Recommended video: HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS

#2: Zoella (/zoella280390)


Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) is easily one of the most engaging, inspiring and overall positive YouTubers I have had the pleasure of watching. Most of my experiences watching Zoe have been through her daily vlog channel, MoreZoella, which shows her viewers the beautiful person she is. Her main channel videos are mostly beauty videos, which aren’t my thing, but she has the ability to also open up about confronting topics, such as her own anxiety, and discuss this on camera. Zoella recently reached five million subscribers, a well deserved milestone for her. Zoe has such genuine friendships with fellow British YouTubers and her bubbly personality has the ability to make anyone smile. If this wasn’t enough, she’s brave enough to go makeup-free in numerous daily vlogs despite her imperfect complexion – an act that I truly respect her for. I’d highly recommend Zoella’s channel and vlog channel to anyone looking for a beautiful soul to watch!
Recommended video: What’s In My Mouth with Joey Graceffa

#1: SUPERFRUIT (/sup3rfruit)

SUPERFRUITSUPERFRUIT is made up of Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, who are also members of popular acapella group Pentatonix. Their YouTube channel has captivated me from the moment I discovered it. These boys have such a great friendship with each other and their sense of humour is on point. Not only do they have amazing voices (which they frequently showcase in both musical covers and casual videos) but they have personalities which have drawn me in from the beginning. Mitch’s femininity and sass coupled with Scott’s more masculine but kind persona allow them to make entertaining, memorable videos with each other. Every episode, Scott and Mitch share their weekly obsessions and their favourite song of the week – hello music lovers, the boys have fantastic music taste! As a Pentatonix fan, I enjoy being able to watch Scott and Mitch seperately from the group and discover more about what they get up to outside of the band – however, I would highly recommend SUPERFRUIT to anyone regardless of being a Pentatonix fan! This is one of the only channels where I have watched every single video religiously without intention to stop – the only downside to this channel is that they only post once a week! *sigh* I urge everyone reading this right now to click the following link and check out SUPERFRUIT – it is, as they say themselves, the best show on the internet.
Recommended video: KARAOKE GAME

Honourable Mentions:

PTXofficial – this five-person acapella group makes an amazing mix of original music, covers and music medleys, both in the form of elaborate music videos and simple one-take recordings. This group is one to watch, having recently been casted in Pitch Perfect 2!

RobertDeLong – I saw this guy live at Groovin’ the Moo 2014, and he remains the only electronic artist I have ever seen actually perform and create his music live using things like gaming controllers to help create the sounds!

PewDiePie – Felix’s channel is great to follow if you have plenty of time to sit and watch long videos of him playing games (which I do not), however his shorter videos are very entertaining to watch and his sense of humour is very unique.

AmazingPhil & danisnotonfire – both very funny guys with amazing channels – however, they do not post frequently enough to be featured as my absolute favourite YouTubers.

Full List of Subscriptions:

Jim Chapman
Marcus Butler
PointlessBlog / alfiegames
Troye Sivan
TylerOakley / extratyler
Zoella / MoreZoella

If you have a favourite YouTuber that I’m not currently subscribed to, let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂
Sarah May xx