Breaking Point.

Let’s take a break from the onslaught of YouTube video postings to let a few things off my chest. Why put this here? Well, a) it’s far too long to put on Twitter b) if I do a video on it I’ll have to edit it which I don’t want to have to review this over and over and c) if I do post a video, it’s likely that if uni friends ever find my channel they will see it.

So, basically, I don’t know what to do.

(and after writing that, I begin to cry. Great)

First of all, I’m being majorly excluded, high school style, by my 20+ year old friends. For privacy’s sake, lets call them A, B & C (because I can’t even come up with alias names).

A = fellow vet student in my year, lives on my college. I consider her my closest friend up here.
B = fellow vet student in the year above. Lives on my college, but lives right next to A.
C = also lives on my college and is new to our little “group”

A & B are super close which is understandable due to their similar upbringings and being closest in age. Living basically together doesn’t help, either. I don’t really care that A is closer to B than me, because I know I’ll never be able to top their friendship. But, A would come to me occasionally when B wasn’t around. Now she only comes to C.

A, B & C have a little group chat that’s going constantly (which they don’t realize I know about). B is close with C too, whatever. It’s always been awkward between C & I because we’re totally different and she’s invading on my friends and “taking them from me” (I sound like I’m 13 but I swear we’re all adults). May I add that there’s a group chat with all four of us that was abandoned months ago?

All three of them used to come collect me for meals so we’d eat together. Now A & B go together and don’t even bother. C is usually at the gym around dinner time, otherwise they’d go get her. May I add that my room is very close to C’s and isn’t out of the way at all but *sips tea*

Anyway, things in general have been different since the end of semester one. I presumed that after the holidays we’d all be back to normal, right? Nah.

A has been really passive aggressive in class lately. I make a joke, she takes offence/doesn’t really care in general. She also has majorish “gossip”(?) in her life now and hasn’t told me about it, but has told B and C.

Today, I received the comment that “if you think you’re friends with B, ask her how she’s doing with uni” which I have no idea what that means. It could mean that B has failed her exam and has to repeat the semester (which makes sense because I haven’t noticed her going to class and she seems to always be wearing “weekend” clothes) OR it means that they’re pissed off that I haven’t made an effort (which I have??) with B. Regardless, the way A worded the comment was completely rude and out of line.
Update: it was the first option and B failed her exam. Oops. But this now means that B will be joining A & I next year, which means I’ll be third wheeling even during class

Another friend, who I will name D because I’m original, wasn’t at uni last semester and returned four days ago for this semester. Today, she told us she’s back at home and is deferring for a year. I’m pissed, because I’m quite close with D and was hoping she could keep me sane and now we won’t see her for at least a year, IF she decides to come back to uni. I;m also worried to why she left so soon because yesterday she was making plans to hang out with us for today, meaning she didn’t have immediate plans to go home.

Oh, and I need to do placement for my degree and I don’t want to go alone. I want to go with A but she didn’t take up my offer of coming with me when I put it out there in a group chat, but I don’t want to ask her directly because things are already very awkward between us.

And to top it all off, I’m meant to be living with A, B and possibly C next year and now I really don’t want to because of how bitchy they’re being. But I don’t have anyone else to live with and I don’t want to live with random people.

I don’t know what to do and the stress of uni isn’t helping. I hate this situation so much and I hate confrontation so I don’t want to confront anyone about it but it isn’t sorting itself out. Help me. Please.

Sarah May xxx
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“Short Girl Problems” | New YouTube Video

This week has been a busy one – thus, I don’t have a proper blog post for this week 😦

I had a big quiz on Monday, began studying for another huge quiz on Tuesday and spent half of my Easter weekend with my other half, Sam, as he drove 4 hours to visit me for a few days up at Uni. I then spent the other half of the weekend studying and eating chocolate that my family sent up for me.

While Sam was here, we explored campus, ate fish & chips in a dark, dodgy park, went out for breakfast twice, walked 6km up and down Castle Hill (boy am I unfit!), lost my Max Brenner Chocolate Bar virginity, watched the sunset from The Strand, lost my Grill’d virginity, had two movie nights with cheesecake & chocolate (I made him watch Mean Girls for the first time and then watched The Princess & The Frog) and finally checked out the markets in the city. It was so nice getting to explore my new home city with the one I love while simultaneously showing Sam the best things about Townsville (and trying to convince him to transfer Unis to study up here with me).

Until next week when I can try to have a real blog post up (don’t count on it, I have another two quizzes the following week), I have a new YouTube video up!

Thanks for watching & I’ll see you next week,

Sarah May xxx
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24 Hours in Sydney

I’ve never been to Sydney before – I’d never even left my home state of Queensland after living there for nineteen years! Because of that, when I had the opportunity to have a quick stop-over in Sydney after two weeks of placement in rural New South Wales, I jumped at the chance!

Sydney Panorama

Day 1 of 2

3:00 PM: Tarryn and I arrived in Sydney from the five hour drive back from Cootamundra, NSW. Instantly I was amazed at just how busy it was everywhere we drove! Tarryn lives near Bondi Beach, so we passed Bondi Junction on the way and I had my first glimpse of the harbour bridge! It was definitely closer to the coast than I imagined. As we drove past Bondi, Tarryn insisted it wasn’t busy but I definitely thought it was! The suburbs were so packed in with tiny, one lane roads and so many cars parked on the side of the road! The houses were beautiful, as you’d expect from homes in a coastal Sydney suburb.

4:30 PM: We head down to go for a swim at the one and only Bondi Beach. We locate the red and yellow flags (which took a long time) and stake out a spot near them before hitting the water – which was really, really cold for a summer day! The waves were huge compared to what I’m used to up where the Great Barrier Reef blocks most of the waves. I also hardly swim in the ocean as summer is stinger season so I was surprised to see that “swimming” in Bondi Beach was essentially just a bunch of people standing around facing the waves and jumping over them/diving under them as they roll in. Pretty surreal to look at if you ask me! We finished our swimming/jumping and returned to our spot to soak up some sun (unfortunate for someone who burns, not tans) before dusting off the sand and heading back for dinner and bed.

Bondi Beach

Day 2 of 2

9:00 AM: We arrived at Rose Bay Ferry Terminal to get a full view of the harbour as we made our way to Circular Quay. As we arrived at Circular Quay, we got an amazing view of the Opera House to our left and a massive cruise ship to our right! We hopped off the ferry, figured out how the hell to pay for our tickets and began walking across to the Opera House, where I got a photo on the steps.

Sydney Harbour Harbour BridgeSarah Opera House Sarah Harbour Bridge

10:00 AM: We decided to head over to The Rocks and walk over to the first pylon of the Harbour Bridge. It was a long walk in the heat and I ended up pretty dehydrated, but we made it and the view was incredible! By this time, I’d developed a bit of a nasty blister on my foot.

Sydney City Opera House

11:00 PM: We headed off the bridge and back down to The Rocks, where Tarryn took me to Pancakes On The Rocks where I drank about 5 glasses of water and we shared a Bananarama – two buttermilk pancakes topped with ice cream and butterscotch sauce, served with grilled banana. As I was feeling a bit sick, I could only get through half a pancake! It wasn’t too bad though, as the dish was only $12.95 split between two of us.

Pancakes On The Rocks

12:30 PM: We left Pancakes On The Rocks to head into the main part of Sydney city, where on the way I bought some band-aids to help my blister. We walked and walked and walked, mostly uphill and in the sun, before arriving at Martin Place. It was so surreal to see the Lindt Cafe, where the seige had happened only two months prior.

1:30 PM: We were going to check out more of the city, but both of us were exhausted already so we jumped on a train from Martin Place to Kings Cross. The trains in Sydney have two storeys! At Kings Cross, we walked down to Messina, a beautiful gelato place where we both ordered off the specials menu. Tarryn ordered a peanut butter-heavy one, whereas I ordered a salted caramel and hazelnut gelato! It was so delicious and surprisingly cheap considering the quality of Messina compared to other gelato places I’ve visited.

2:30 PM: We walked back to Kings Cross station and caught the train again to Bondi Junction. We walked around Westfield for a bit before heading back to Tarryn’s place.

4:00 PM: Tarryn drove me to Sydney Domestic Airport, where I figured out how to use the self-check-in machines and self-bag-drops, while thanking my lucky stars that my suitcase was 0.2kg under the weight limit. I navigated the really long security line and eventually found my gate, where I sat and waited (just in case I didn’t get super lost in the huge terminal) before spotting an ex-Big Brother housemate on my flight and boarding my plane home.

Sydney Sky

I really enjoyed my day in Sydney – I think I covered all the bases that I could in such a short timeslot! Did I miss anything, Sydney locals? Leave a comment and let me know so I can start my must-do list for next time!

Sarah May xxx
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Our Wet & Windy Camping Trip

Our Wet and Windy Camping Trip

I haven’t been camping in a very long time, mostly due to Mum being too deathly afraid of no technology, so when her boyfriend and his two kids invited mum, my brother, my boyfriend and myself to come camping with them, I was excited! We camped at Cape Hillsborough National Park, an hour north of Mackay, Queensland – a beautiful little resort where you can see kangaroos, possums, bush turkeys and kookaburras everywhere! We planned to stay for three nights, but, well, that didn’t quite go to plan as you’ll soon find out if you read on!


Day 1

We arrived at the park around 11am and set up our tent, gazebos and tarp in the midday heat. After a quick lunch, we all headed down to the resort pool to cool down, and it was surprisingly quiet! It was just the seven of us and one other small family. The water was so nice and it definitely cooled us down straight away.

Not long after getting back from the beach, we decided to trek over to a small island off the beach to check out what we heard was a great fishing spot. It was low tide, so we could walk there from the beach. We ended up getting stuck in a huge patch of mud, then having to rock climb along the side of the island before giving up and heading back over the rocks, NOT the mud!

After a rest, we settled in for dinner and prepared for a night of fondue and card games… before a MASSIVE storm hit that had winds equivalent to a cyclone! I posted about this night on camp previously, so if you want to read about this stressful and crazy night, check out my I Went Camping In A Cyclone post! After it all finally calmed down, we dried off and went straight to bed – we were exhausted!

Rock Walk Mud Walk Kookaburra Kangaroo Cape Hillsborough Beach Walk

Day 2

Day 2 began with patting some friendly kangaroos outside the bathroom block, before embarking on a 2km walk to Hideaway Bay to try our luck at fishing. Unfortunately, it was too rocky and too close to the mangroves to even throw a line out, so we headed back and attempted to head down to the beach. We knew it was high tide, but we didn’t expect the high tide to reach well above the sand line! We had to call that one off, too, and settled into our campsite to have lunch before the rain began again.

We played a few games of Uno while it was raining before realizing that the rain wasn’t going to stop, and that we needed to do things we wanted to do regardless of the weather. Therefore, we decided to go hiking despite the incoming storm. The hike up the hill was covered by trees, so we avoided getting too wet, but it offered a great relief from what would have been horrible heat!

We made it up to two different lookouts and encountered a snake-looking stick, multiple giant spiders and a toad, before finishing the two hour walk and drying off under the gazebos. After dinner, we played a few rounds of the card game Phase 10, while eating fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and banana. Before long, we were all tired and headed to bed.

Kangaroo PattingHike View 2 Hike View 1Hike View 3

Day 3

Early on, we headed down to Hideaway Bay again to get some phone reception to check the weather and contact family that were coming up to visit, only to find that it was raining so hard back home that my aunt had decided not to come. My grandparents were already there, however, so we headed back to camp to see them.

Not long after, the rain began. Horrible, torrential rain that was flooding the campsite in minutes. The tent began to flood and the rain was pushing so much water in that none of us were dry. We had to make a quick decision – stay and get flooded, or pack up and leave.

We chose to pack up and leave.

In torrential rain, we began packing up our site and running things to cars. We were all cold and wet and time was running out to make it home before the roads flooded over, but luckily the tarp and gazebos kept us mostly sheltered. When we eventually had to take those down, it was freezing cold and all our warm clothes were already packed away. Regardless, we finished packing up, jumped into cars soaking wet and headed off.

About ten minutes into the drive, we stopped. A road had flooded over in the high tide, so we had no choice but to turn around and have lunch back at the park, where the staff provided us with dry towels and let us use their barbecue to cook lunch. Some of us changed into dry clothes we found after rummaging through the backs of cars, and we waited for the rain to subside.

Eventually, we headed off again and the road had cleared, so it was smooth sailing all the way home, and we were finally home – safe and dry.

It was an adventure, that’s for sure.

Sarah May xxx
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We Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Failure

…so long as you’ve given it 100%.


I was a high achieving student in high school – I graduated as the top girl in my grade with the highest possible exit ranking. I used this to land a position in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science program at a good university – a very difficult and challenging course.

All seemed smooth enough while I was beginning – I wasn’t expecting high distinctions all round, but I was happy with distinctions or credits. My marks didn’t begin the best, no matter how hard I tried, but things really hit home in the first exam period, where one exam was much more difficult than expected. I passed with a credit overall, but it scared me to think that failing a subject was a real possibility despite my results in high school.

Second semester rolled around, and it was much tougher with higher expectations and a higher fail rate. In week 5, I failed my first test – worth only 7% of my final grade – despite studying for days beforehand. I was disappointed in myself and insanely upset. In week 10, I failed my first assignment due to my own mistake of answering the wrong questions. In week 12, I forgot to put my name on a lab report and markers couldn’t locate it, resulting in 0%. Despite all of this, though, I was still sitting on a 75% average leading into the final exams.

The first exam was a practical anatomy test, which I felt okay about. It was challenging and nerve racking, but I passed overall. The final exam was my only opportunity to pass the second component of the subject, physiology – which I needed to pass to pass overall.

The exam was certainly tough, and a lot of people struggled. I came out of it passing anatomy, but failing physiology by a small amount, earning me a second chance in the form of a second exam a few months later.

In the gap between the first and second exam, I realized that even though the first exam had all us vet students asking for help in our Facebook group, I heard absolutely nothing regarding a second chance exam. No one posted anything, possibly out of feeling ashamed of the mark they had received. Admittedly, I was afraid to reach out too – afraid that my classmates would judge me for not passing the first exam, and afraid that I would be close to the only one who had failed. So I didn’t post anything.

I didn’t post anything despite having given my all to the first exam. I gave it everything I had, I studied every moment I could, yet I didn’t get the result I wanted. Why should I be ashamed of that? It’s not like I slacked off. It’s not like I didn’t focus during the exam. I gave it 100%.

I shouldn’t be ashamed of trying my best. I shouldn’t be afraid to let other people know that I failed a test. I should be proud of the effort I gave, and be prepared to figure out where I went wrong. I should get over it and move on. After all, I gave up sleep, fun and relaxation for that test. I sacrificed, yet fate wasn’t on my side when it came to the types of questions asked on the exam.

It happened. I failed. I learned from it.

I’m not going to be ashamed and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I completed the second exam yesterday and am awaiting the result. If I pass, I continue to second year. If I don’t, I have to repeat first year or reconsider my options.

But you know what? I tried my best the entire time. And that’s what really matters.

Sarah May xxx
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