College Room Homewares 2015

My College Room Homewares post of 2014 was my most viewed post of the entire year – so, now that I have moved into a new room for the new year in a new college, I’ve redecorated! Since last time I showed you around my room, I’ve acquired some beautiful new gifts, in addition to bringing back old decorations that I featured last year. Without further ado, here is how I decorated my new, larger college room:

DeskBooksRose Photo FrameMetal RosePink CactusLink CommissionWillow TreeBall CactusPaper BonsaiGoldmark TeddySucculentPaper RosesDesk PlantFinnBedPillowsBalcony View

  1. Full desk view
  2. John Green books – Will Grayson, Will Grayson & An Abundance of Katherines; Leather Sketchbook (gift)
  3. Dusty Pink Rose Frame (Big W)
  4. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  5. Pink-Top Cactus in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  6. Link Watercolour Painting (Commission from Katie Cook [gift]) in White Frame (Bargain Point)
  7. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  8. Ball Cactus (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  9. Hand Crafted Bonsai Tree in Ceramic Pot (gift)
  10. Teddy Bear (Goldmark Jewellers)
  11. Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  12. GVA Television (Harvey Norman); Origami Roses (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  13. Stationary Holder (Typo); Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  14. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Pebbles, Plastic Plants (all good pet stores), Wooden Log Ornament (gift)***
  15. Bedspread (gift)
  16. Paris Pillow (gift); Inspirational Pillow (gift); Teddy Bear (gift); Alpacasso Alpaca (gift from Supanova Brisbane, 2014)
  17. Balcony View

***DISCLAIMER: Fish are pets, not just for decoration. I also highly recommend against keeping fish in bowls – I only do so because it is my only option when living on college. Bowls are very difficult to keep fish in properly and to do so I clean my tank frequently, maintain a healthy bowl temperature for Bettas and make sure my bowl pH is right. Proper tanks are better for your Betta.

Sarah May xxx
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January Haul

January Haul

I very rarely go on a full on shopping spree because I can never really get into the spirit of it unless I have Mum with me. Somehow, we haven’t gone shopping together since September even though I’ve been home for two months! When we did make it into town, though, it’s safe to say that I’m a little bit broke!

Big W

Lyla & Co Green Layered Top ($15): This top is so loose and comfortable, but looks so nice on! The colour is so beautiful and perfect to wear both casually and for going out!
Women’s Flannel x2 ($20 & $10): These flannels are just so soft and comfortable and came in so many nice colours. I bought these to wear on farm placements but I’ll probably end up lounging around in them when placement is over.


Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder Foundation in 020 Light ($): I’ve only ever owned liquid foundation, so I thought I’d give powder foundation a go!
Revlon Colorstay Concealer in 02 Light Pale ($): I’ve owned the dodgiest concealer for so long now so it was definitely time to get something useful.
Covergirl Professional Brow & Eye Makers in Midnight Brown ($): I’ve always been conflicted about drawing on eyebrows, however mine always look washed out when I do my makeup. I’ll really only use these pencils to darken them a bit rather than reshape them.
Covergirl Clean Glow Blush in 110 Peaches ($): Just like my concealer, I’ve never really owned a decent quality blush!
Swisspers Green Tea Facial Cleansing Wipes ($): My old makeup wipes dry out before I can finish a packet ( 😦 ) so it was time to get a new packet.

ICE Design

Tropical Black-Lined Shorts ($25.95): The moment I saw these shorts, I thought they’d be perfect to wear up town. They fit so well and the pattern is so unlike anything I would normally wear, but I love it!
Plain Singlets x4 ($10 each $5 each): I was in desperate need of some plain, light, loose, nice singlets to wear to special occasions. When I saw these on sale, I had to buy them in so many colours! The black and white are so versatile, whereas the orange and blue would look perfect with nice black shorts!


White Top with Orange Statement Stripes ($19.95): I LOVE this top! It’s such a nice material and the orange is such a nice colour and it isn’t too much to feel overwhelmed. As a more pastel-colour person, I don’t mind such a bright orange at all when it’s done like this!
Black High Waisted Skort ($19.95): This skort is so nice, I didn’t own any high waisted items that aren’t skirts and this went so well with the orange striped top that I really couldn’t pass up the chance to buy it.
Silver Earrings ($2.95):


White & Gold Striped 2015 Planner ($9.95): I bought this on a seperate shopping trip with Sam but I haven’t mentioned it yet, so I thought here’s an opportunity. The white and gold stripes just look SO gorgeous, which motivates me to write in it even more!
White & Gold Spotted Journal ($16.95):
 I was on the lookout for a nice-looking journal when I walked into Typo and after buying the matching 2015 planner, I just had to get this one. Good looking journal = more writing in it.



Black with Silver Plate Detailing Clutch ($19.95): I’m not sure how, but I did not own a black clutch before I bought this. I love it, it’s the perfect style in a great size, I’m sure I’m going to use it a lot!

Ally Fashion

Ally Shorts

Black “Wet-Look” Shorts ($25.95): These shorts are exactly what I was looking for the entire trip, and exactly what I would wear with the singlets I bought from ICE Design. They’re flattering and super nice, they flatten out the bulge on my stomach and the zips on the front look so cool! I was afraid they’d look too leathery but they ended up being perfect.

So, after a lot of walking and a lot of money spent, I’d say I didn’t do all too badly! I’m happy with what I got and really, I didn’t get much on an impulse buy. I’ve wanted more clubbing clothes for a while and that’s really most of what I got, plus some clothes for placement! It will be a long long time before I go on a spree like this again, that’s for sure!

Sarah May xxx
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What I Got For Christmas 2014!

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Christmas has come and gone for the year, and once again I have been incredibly lucky to have received the amazing gifts that I did. Naturally, I’d love to share these gifts with you, but first it must be noted that I am very aware that my family gives expensive gifts, and others aren’t as fortunate. I am extremely grateful for all of the time, effort and money that went into my gifts, and I in no way asked for my family to spend so much. However, they chose to do so, not me, so please refrain from any “you’re spoilt” comments or anything similar. Christmas is the season of giving and the people around me just felt like giving quite a lot! So, without further ado:

Wii UWii U (shared gift)

This gift was a shared gift between my brother and I – both of us are born and raised Nintendo kids and have owned nearly all Nintendo consoles that have been released – I hadn’t wanted a Wii U all that much until such amazing games were released this year! My brother wanted it to play Super Smash Bros. U, whereas I wanted it to play Hyrule Warriors, The Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8. Mum surprised us both by giving us this one, I certainly didn’t expect her to spent so much on us! The Wii U package she bought came with Mario Kart 8 pre-installed, too!

Wii U Games

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

I’m a giant Legend of Zelda fan, and just had to have the newest game!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Wii U)

I never owned a Gamecube so I never got to play this adorable game – until now!

Super Smash Bros. U (Wii U) (shared gift)

My brother and I are both into Super Smash Bros., him especially. My boyfriend and I played the Wii version of this game constantly, and we’ll be doing the same with the newest one!

A Link Between WorldsThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

Nearly the only reason I bought a 3DS early 2014 was to play this, but I never got around to buying it! Thanks mum for buying me this game, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but once I’ve finished Pokemon Y I will definitely have to give it a go – this is especially great because I can take this up to uni whereas I’ll have to leave the Wii U at home! I’ve never actually played a non-N64/Wii/Wii U Zelda game before with the exception of the Ocarina of Time remake, so I’m definitely interested in playing a mobile-console based game.

Peter Alexander Pyjama ShortsPeter Alexander Pyjama Shorts x2

I’ve never owned “nice” pyjamas and seeing as next year at uni I will be seeing friends in my pyjamas a lot more often I thought it’s time to ask for some decent ones! I definitely didn’t expect Peter Alexander pyjamas though! Mum got me the front lacy pair and Nana and Pop got me the back pair. They’re so comfortable and fit so well, too! I love the lacy ones so much, they’re definitely something I’d wear all the time. The other pair is still really nice, too, and I’ve already worn both of them to death despite only getting them a few days ago. This is definitely only the beginning of my collection of cute pyjamas.

SunshadeCar Sunshade

This was a pretty basic gift but definitely something I’ve needed all year, especially since my car sits in the sun all day every day when I’m up at uni.

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet (shared gift)

I haven’t had a chance to blog about my healthy eating I’ve been doing this month but I’ve been really into making fruit smoothies with our old, dodgy blender that would always leave chunks of fruit no matter how long I blended it. Mum being the infomercial sucker she is bought me (and herself) a Magic Bullet so finally my smoothies will be chunk-free! The smoothies just make it so easy to eat healthy and lose the uni weight I gained this year while still getting my sugar fix (I’m a bit of a sweet tooth). I know infomercial products don’t always live up to expectations, but from what I’ve seen of it so far, it actually works just as well as it does on the infomercial!

Pandora CharmPandora Charm

Mum bought me a beautiful Pandora Christmas charm to fit with the blue-theme of my Pandora bangle I got for my 18th birthday in June – it’s the dark blue charm second from the left! I love it so much and it’s officially the first actual Pandora charm on my bracelet!

Revlon Brushes

Revlon Makeup Brushes

Okay, I’m a bit of a makeup noob – I have a foundation brush and that’s pretty much it. I definitely need to get better at applying more makeup and now I have decent brushes I might finally be able to.


Eyeshadow Palette

I only really owned dodgy, cheap eyeshadow, so this was the year to ask for some decent quality ones. Pop did a good job in the annual adult Secret Santa to get me this! I’m not too into harsh, bright colours either, so the browns and darker tones in here will definitely be used often especially when it comes to my second Vet Ball, so I’ll finally not have to borrow friends’ makeup!

Jewelled Brushes

Jewelled Brushes

This was the second half of my Secret Santa present from Pop and includes a few more brushes that didn’t come with the Revlon brushes mum gave me. Not too sure about the jewels (I am an adult after all) but I’m sure Pop meant well. Thanks anyway, Pop!

Earrings and RingSilver Stud Earrings + Matching Ring

These beautiful presents were from my wonderful boyfriend Sam. This gorgeous matching set is my new favourite thing! The ring was bought slightly too big ( 😦 ) so I have to get it resized, but the stud earrings do this really cool thing where you can slip the ‘outer ring’ off the earrings to turn them into smaller studs! Big props to Sam for picking so well (with the help of an old high school friend who worked at the jewelry shop), I love them!

Link Commission

Framed Watercolour Link Painting (Commission from Katie Cook at Supanova Brisbane 2014)

As soon as I saw Katie Cook’s tiny watercolour paintings at Supanova, I loved them. However, there weren’t any paintings on the table that I loved enough to buy. Little did I know that Sam, who headed into Supanova on a second day without me to collect another commission, commissioned this cute Link painting from Katie for me! He even framed it for me, it’s so cute!

Alpacasso AlpacaAlpacasso Purple Stuffed Alpaca

I saw girls carrying these all around Supanova and thought they were so damn adorable. Adorable stuffed alpacas?! Yes! They were a little on the pricey side though, especially since I already spent heaps at Supanova. Sam managed to buy one of these for me when he went into Supanova on day 2 and somehow hid it in his backpack the entire rest of our week-long trip! I have no idea how he did it but he definitely pulled it off and surprised me on Christmas Day 🙂

Papercraft Zelda

Papercraft Christmas Zelda

As you’ve probably guessed by my already-huge Zelda haul, I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan. Sam spent countless hours making this huge papercraft Zelda figurine for me and lost so much sleep Christmas Eve because of it! I love it so much, that boy is definitely very talented when it comes to handmade gifts. I would never have the patience to do this myself! Doing papercraft involves such little tiny paper pieces and such intricate cutting and gluing… I’ve only ever done papercraft of small figurines let alone attempting a huge one like this! It’s so Christmas and Elsa-like, too. I definitely appreciate the effort Sam put into this!

The Sims 4The Sims 4

I’m completely aware that I wasn’t a huge fan of TS4 when it was released, and I even blogged a first impressions review of it based off information online about it. However, EA has since patched a lot of the features missing from the initial release and I’ve watched so many playthroughs by my favourite YouTubers that I decided to give it a go – especially thanks to AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire‘s TS4 series on their gaming channel. The game is actually pretty good – goodbye social life!

Body Butter

Body Butter from The Body Shop

My aunty Tash got me these little body butter samples from The Body Shop, and they seem like they’re from a Christmas collection. The flavours I got were Glazed Apple, Cranberry and Vanilla Brulee (not pictured). I never take care of my skin so this body butter is a great place to start.

Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets

I deliberately asked Sam’s family not to get me anything for Christmas, but they just had to get me something so they got me some movie tickets. I love getting movie tickets as presents, up here seeing a movie costs nearly $20 a ticket! With snacks and a drink, it ends up costing a lot of money so movie tickets is honestly such a help.

So there it is, my 2014 Christmas haul! I’m so so grateful for all of the gifts I received and I’m so glad I got to spend the day with my family, Sam, and his family – this was our fourth Christmas as a couple but the first we’ve been able to spend together so it was really nice 🙂

I apologize for the post delays lately, I’m house sitting my aunt’s place with Sam for ten days so I don’t really have much time to sit and write a blog post lately! I have so many posts lined up waiting to be written that just won’t make it to 2014 but I’ll put them out as soon as I can!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, have a Happy New Year!
Sarah May xxx
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Brisnova Trip Haul

Brisnova Trip Haul

Going to Brisbane, for me, usually means one thing – shopping. Coming from a small town, travelling to a large city means encountering many stores that just don’t exist back home. After an entire week in Brisbane, I definitely expected to come home with more things, but I just didn’t find affordable, nice things that I wanted to buy! I desperately wish I bought things from Forever 21, Topshop and Lush but I just didn’t, but here’s what I did end up buying:

Queen Street Mall

Paper Scissors ShirtWhite Crop
Shop: Paper Scissors
Price: $12.99

I love the beautiful detail along the bottom of this crop! It’s slightly see-through, but is just long enough to cover my stomach when worn with a high-waisted short/skirt. It’s such a great summer top, and it was so unbelievably cheap! The material is so thin and breezy, I just need to find some cute shorts or a summer skirt to wear with it, then I’ll be wearing this everywhere this summer!

Paper Scissors ShortsMint Shorts w/ Lace Overlay
Shop: Paper Scissors
Price: $15.99

I fell in love with these shorts the moment I saw them! They came in both mint and peach, and it was a very difficult decision between the two because both colours looked amazing! These shorts sit very well, and can reach mostly up to my waist. The lace overlay extends past the bottom of the mint material, which looks beautiful when worn.

Chicabooti ShirtFloral Crochet Crop
Shop: Chic-a-Booti
Price: $15.99

I loved this – it’s so colourful and casual, and the crochet detail along the bottom is so pretty! It sits lower than a regular crop would so it can be worn as a regular top if desired. I’m not too sure about the quality of this top, as the “Chic-a-Booti” tag that can be seen in the photo has already half fallen off with no wear yet, but time will tell.

ICE ShirtGrey Aztec Print T-Shirt
Shop: ICE Design

Price: $10.95

I couldn’t believe how cheap this top was! The fit of this shirt is quite big, and despite being a medium in shirts I fit into an extra small, but purchased a small for the extra bagginess as it suited the style of top. The shirt tends to slip off the shoulders, but it sits so great when worn and is such a comfortable material. This is definitely a summer staple for me and I’m sure I’ll be lounging around in this top quite a lot.


Krispy KremesOriginal Glazed Krispy Kreme
Shop: Krispy Kreme Australia
Price: $13.95 (1/2 dozen)

Krispy Kreme donuts are somewhat of a delicacy up north – and it’s a rite of passage to buy a box from the airport store and bring them back home. Something about them makes them so delicious, and the fact that we don’t get to eat them very often only makes it better when we do get our hands on them. Their original glazed donuts are amazing, but I can definitely recommend Apple Custard Crumble and Kookies n’ Kreme if you feel like something more exciting!

PenguinsMini Penguin Erasers
Shop: Gallery of Modern Art Gift Shop
Price: $3.95

I saw these little guys when I visited GOMA and needed them immediately. I had a choice between farm animals, marine animals, vehicles or these little penguins – and guess which one I chose? I don’t know if I will even use these as erasers, they look adorable just sitting on my desk!


Doctor Who ShirtDoctor Who “Van Gogh” T-Shirt
Stall: Popcultcha
Price: $35

I am a huge Doctor Who fan but had never found a T-Shirt that looks generally cool without screaming “look at me, I’m wearing a Doctor Who shirt!”, so when I found this Van Gogh shirt, I loved it. To non-Whovians, this could look like a regular, artsy shirt. I had to buy this shirt in a mens medium as all the womens sizes had run out and a small wouldn’t accommodate my cleavage, so this shirt is so so long on me 😦 I love it though, and I wore it around Brisbane and on the plane home!

Bulbasaur and Squirtle PillowsBulbasaur & Squirtle Double-Sided Pillows
Stall: Sugart Creations
Price: 2 for $25

How cuuuuuuute are these! I saw them and had to have them, and if the Charmander print was as cute as these guys I would’ve bought that too (except he just looked sad instead of adorable). These pillows are so goddamn soft and are made out of a material that kinda feels like velvet, but clearly isn’t. Sugart had so many other cute pillows, too!

Eeveelution ShirtEeveelution Pink Floyd T-Shirt
Stall: Tee Turtle

Price: $35

Tee Turtle had so many cool Pokemon prints, including the adorable Pokemon-in-the-shirt-pocket prints, but I just loved this one! The colours are amazing, the shirt is so comfortable and the whole idea of the rainbow Eeveelutions is so pretty!

Overall, I’m so happy with what I bought throughout my week in Brisbane. I managed to save so much money by buying only cheap clothes! I wasn’t even aiming to buy all under $20 things in the mall, my limit was $30 per item but I just happened to only find cheap things! It’s been a while since my last haul, so I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you ❤
Sarah May xxx
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College Room Homewares

College Room Homewares

Most college rooms can be dark and boring places when you first move in, right? Mine felt like a blank, grey-walled sauna when I first moved in, but it didn’t take me long to spruce up my own little place with my own personal touch.Bonsai_Tree Book_Shelf LOVECalendarMetal_RoseWillow_TreeMoney_BoxDreamcatcherLanterns TeddyPaper_Roses Photo_Frame Photo_Wall Succulentsfish

  1. Serissa Bonsai Tree in Blue Ceramic Pot with Buddha Figurine (Bunnings Warehouse)
  2. a) Left Side: Teddy Bear (Goldmark), Crocheted Pokemon, Origami Bunnies (gifts)
    b) Right Side: Leather Sketchbook (gift), John Green Books – Looking For Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, & Paper Towns
  3. Paper Folded Mini Books, Spelling L O V E (gift)
  4. 2014 Calendar (Typo)
  5. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  6. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  7. Red Owl Money Box (Bargain Point)
  8. Dreamcatcher (unknown)
  9. Bird Patterned Lanterns (Typo)
  10. Teddy Bear (gift)
  11. Origami Roses (aka, My Paper Flowers) (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  12. Live, Laugh, Love Photo Frame (gift)
  13. Photo Wall featuring Tickets, Autographs & Wrist Bands
  14. Windowsill Succulents & Cacti (Bunnings Warehouse)
  15. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Siamese Fighting Fish, Pebbles & Plastic Plant (A1 Aquarium World)

Sometimes, a little bit of handmade, meaningful items really make your college room a home.
Sarah May xx
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