Hey guys! I’m doing something a little different – every Sunday I will be uploading gaming videos on my channel! The main focus of these will be a Sims 4 series (this one being the first part) but I will also be playing other games¬†ūüôā

Anyway, this video is part one of my new series! Meet my Sim, Emily Harper, who will be the main focus of this LP. I also speed build her house with the limited funds I have, ready to start gameplay next time! What’s the “plot” of this LP? I’m planning on making her have a normal life – find a husband or wife, have a child or two and be successful in her career. Hopefully she can earn enough money to have her house looking semi-decent since it’s looking kinda empty at the moment!

Please let me know what you think, feedback is much appreciated ūüôā

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Sarah May xxx
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Meet My Sims!

Meet My Sims

I have an addiction… The Sims is taking over my life. Since I play The Sims 4 quite a lot, I thought that you should meet my (fake and virtual) family!

My Sims

 Sophie Carrow Sophie Carrow
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Traits: Geek, Good, Cheerful, Domestic
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Project Manager (Tech Guru Level 5)

Travis ScottTravis Scott
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, Geek, Quick Learner
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Development Captain (Tech Guru Level 6)

Christopher CarrowChristopher Carrow
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Genius, Geek, Business Savvy
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

Connor CarrowConnor Carrow
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Music Lover, Self-Assured, Muser
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

My Story

Sophie was my original Sim of the family, and was looking a bit overweight when she moved into her first house.¬†Sophie was pretty lonely until her neighbour’s arrived to welcome her to the neighborhood. It was here that she met Eliza Pancakes, who soon became her best friend. Eliza would visit every single day, and Sophie just couldn’t keep up with it! She soon lost contact with Eliza, and the two grew apart, but Sophie can always count on Eliza to be there for a chat when she needs it.

Sophie spent her early weekends on the hunt for a potential partner at the local bar. Some men were nice and chatty, some would just throw insults at her, but after a few weeks and too many late nights, she met Travis, a fellow programmer. Their relationship moved VERY fast, and he had moved into the Carrow household within two weeks! Their wedding was a small, budget ceremony in Sophie’s home with three of their friends (Including Eliza), but the couple just couldn’t wait any longer before starting their lives together.

It wasn’t much later when Sophie took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant! The saving soon began for the extension to the house to house the child’s room, and so Sophie continued working all the way up to giving birth. She had a home birth, and was very surprised when she gave birth to TWIN BOYS! Christopher had inherited his father’s brains and blonde hair, where Connor inherited his mother’s brown hair. The boys could not be further opposite, however – Christopher loves pursuits of the mind and spends his days playing chess, reading books and doing extra credit school work, whereas Connor is more of a free spirit, taking early interest in musical instruments of all types. The twins are such great friends though, and both have great relationships with their parents.

Although the Carrow-Scott family struggle financially, even after so long, they still aspire to move into a bigger house with much more room for the twins’ future children and continue the family lineage.

As I’m heading back to uni soon, you may not see another of these Sims posts until JUNE! ūüė¶ If you enjoyed this though, please let me know by liking or commenting or getting in touch on social media or whatever. I’d appreciate it ūüôā

Sarah May xxx
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What Apps Are On My Phone?

14.10.18 What Apps are on my Phone
I recently purchased an iPhone 6, and with a new phone comes much more space to fill it up with apps! My phone is my entire life, so why not share with you all the apps that make my phone complete?

The Dock


Camera¬†– My camera must always be able to be accessed quickly – I can’t miss a photo opportunity! Even though it’s easily accessible from the lock screen, I love having it in such easy reach all the time.
Snapchat¬†– If there’s one social media app that needs to be in easy reach, it’s Snapchat. If I was able to upload recently taken photos to Snap my friends, this app probably wouldn’t be in my dock but sometimes there’s just those moments you have to Snapchat, and those are usually moments you don’t want to miss.
Messenger¬†– I’m not too sure why, but Facebook Messenger has always been in my dock. I don’t use it too often, but it’s one of those things that I just can’t move since it’s been there so long.
Messages РiMessage is how I communicate with my long term, long distance boyfriend in every waking moment of my day, so of course it has to be right there!

Home Page

IMG_9534Facebook РMy must-use social media ever since 2009.
Instagram РI love Instagram so much!
Outlook Web App РFor checking my Uni emails
WordPress РAlways gotta check those stats!
Bloglovin’¬†– For my non-Wordpress blogs I love
Twitter Рfrom 2009 Рforever
Dropbox РAll things Uni
WhatsApp РCommunicating with Uni friends
Candy Crush РMy addiction, my procrastination
Spotify РShower music is the best music
The Simpsons Tapped Out РMore procrastination, more addictions
Default Apps: Phone, Safari, Mail, Clock, Notes, Calculator, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Settings, Photos, App Store, Health

Page Two


IMG_9530YouTube¬†– YouTube is my biggest procrastination… oops!
Shazam¬†– You know how you hear a song and don’t know what it’s called? …yeah
Photogene РFor all my collage-making needs
Afterlight РWhat I use to edit all my Instagram photos!
SquareadyV РPerfect for cropping videos for Instagram & adding a white border!
9jumpin, PLUS7 & ABC iview РTo catch up on my reality TV if I miss them
Podcasts РSometimes YouTubers I watch make podcasts too!
Sleep Cycle РThis app not only monitors my sleep, but it wakes me up gently!
Weatherzone¬†– Sometimes Apple Weather doesn’t convey just how hot it is
Pinterest РSuch a cute social media platform!
Fragment РThis app makes such beautiful kaleidoscopic photos, I just love to play around with it!

So there you have it, an official introduction to my precious iPhone and the apps that complete my life. Also, you may have noticed my new blog theme (!!!) that I absolutely¬†love!¬†It’s so much more in line with the blog aesthetic I’ve been wanting all along and I’m so glad I finally took the leap and changed up the theme!

R.I.P Misty Lake Theme

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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Childhood Nostalgia Games!

WARNING: This post includes no mention of Playstation games – my childhood consisted of Nintendo consoles and an Xbox!

I was an unbelievably boyish child – while girls my age were playing with Barbies or *shudder* Bratz dolls, I was playing video games. The consoles that consumed my earlier childhood were the good old Nintendo 64, and my trusty Game Boy Advance. It was a good childhood, and the games that I played as a child remain with me today – I doubt that I’ll ever really sell them!

Note: Most N64 games in this list were bought second-hand, and therefore were fully completed prior to playing. 

Super Mario 64 (N64)

This game was so unbelievably fun to play and run around in. Despite the game already being completed, I loved being able to run everywhere and play every level back to front. My favourite part of this game was the free reign I had – I didn’t have to be completing a level to play, at that age I was happy to run around outside Peach’s castle. Although, I was never able to beat the final Bowser boss as a child.

Mario Kart 64 (N64)

The classic Mario Kart began my love for racing games. My younger brother and I would play this game together all the time (and I would always win), and even now when I play it with my boyfriend, I can still completely dominate him!

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald (GBA)

I owned the Sapphire edition GBA, and my brother owned the Emerald edition GBA. The third generation of Pokemon featured in this game is easily the generation I can call a favourite (yes, even over the original!). I bought Pokemon Ruby to complete my collection and my Sapphire edition has all three legendary Pokemon at level 100, including nearly all third generation Pokemon. As a nine year old child, it was a pretty great achievement!

GoldenEye 007 (N64)

I was too much of a scared child to attempt the more difficult levels, despite my Dad unlocking them all, but I still loved completing the earlier levels with basically all possible cheats to prevent dying, and the multiplayer component was great!

Mario Party (N64)

What a great party game this was! However, it would take way too long. The mini games in this version of Mario Party were fantastic, and my house was always the house of choice to party at when I was in primary school, purely because of this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Honestly, I did not appreciate the pure amazingness of this game until I was much older. As previously mentioned, I was much too scared of dying in video games, so I used to run around as young Link in Kokiri Forest, talking to all the little characters. If I was brave, I would venture out into Hyrule field and ride Epona around and visit Kakariko Village to, once again, just talk to the villagers. Despite my fear, though, it’s such a timeless game that deserved its 3DS reboot.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64)

Yet again – terrifying as a child. This game was so much darker than Ocarina of Time, being given only three days before a moon falls and destroys the world isn’t exactly cheery. In terms of interesting side characters and locations to run around in (so, basically, no gameplay actually occurred), I much preferred this game. My home N64 lacked the expansion needed to play this game, but my grandmother’s N64 had it so it was definitely a privilege to get to play it!

Banjo Kazooie / Banjo Tooie (N64)

I¬†loved¬†these games! Such cute characters with free reign to run anywhere I wanted. The levels were still pretty good, too, and mostly wasn’t too scary for my little mind – although, Banjo-Tooie possibly scarred my young mind forever from a certain scene in Jinjo’s Village ūüė¶

The Sims / The Sims 2 (PC)

A big thank you goes to my grandmother for having The Sims 2 and a few expansion packs, and for letting me borrow them and install them at home to play. As a child who was significantly older than other children at my grandmother’s during school holidays, I liked to escape and play The Sims 2 every single day.

The games I played as a kid are ones I’d happily play again today, and I’m lucky to have owned physical copies of what are now classic games, and some are very expensive to acquire today! I don’t regret my childhood one bit, especially because it was this awesome!

There are plenty of Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance emulators for those wanting to try out these classic games – I myself use Project64 and Visual Boy Advance, shh!

Until next time,
Sarah May xx