November Favourites ♡

November Favourites

November is already over and there is only one month left of 2014! It’s been a rough month for me sitting my final exams, but it has certainly ended in a great way now that I am on holidays! As per usual, this is what I have been loving throughout the month of November:

Dan and PhilAmazingPhil & danisnotonfire

I’ve been subscribed to Dan & Phil for quite a long time now, but early this month I had a weird dream involving them (I forget the details), which prompted me to go back and watch their older videos from before I subscribed to them. This was such a bad idea – I had exams the next week and I just couldn’t stop watching! I do enjoy Dan’s videos (and his face), but I definitely prefer Phil’s videos a lot more. He’s such a creative guy who deserves much more attention for his videos than what he gets! Subscribe to Phil’s channel by clicking here, I promise it’ll be worth it (and subscribe to Dan too, while you’re at it [and their combined gaming channel too, you might as well do it])


Once again, I have been subscribed to Superfruit for a while now. And, once again, what prompted me to watch their older videos was a dream (even though I’ve already gone through and watched them all!). You’ve probably heard a bit about them this month – they recorded a mashup of all the songs from Taylor Swift’s 1989, which went viral. Really, this November favourite should just be “Mitch Grassi”, but that’s kinda creepy and I really have been loving Superfruit’s videos (although, Mitch is an extremely attractive and sassy man with an amazing voice). Subscribe to Superfruit here to see more of Mitch and Scott’s attractive faces!


It’s mango season!!! Mangoes are my absolute favourite fruit and it’s so good that they’re back in supermarkets again, and of course I’ve been snapping them up when they’re cheap enough! They made as a great study snack earlier this month and an even better dessert now that I’m home!

After by Anna Todd

Yes, this is a tad embarrassing to list as a favourite, but earlier this month (or late October, possibly) I read on my Twitter timeline that a One Direction fanfiction had signed not only a book deal, but a movie deal. Curious me was like: “a fanfiction about a boyband being turned into a movie? Man, it has to be a good fanfiction, I’ll check it out”. And that is how I, as a non-1D-fangirl, got sucked into reading a smutty fanfiction about a band I barely care for. 300 chapters later, and a lot of study time wasted… however, good on Anna Todd for the success of her fanfiction, it was definitely well deserved! You can read After on Wattpad here, or now you can even buy the first book from most bookstores.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game was my entire childhood, as I owned not one, not two but three Nintendo 64 consoles (and still do) and two copies of Ocarina of Time. When its 3DS reboot was released, I was still undoubtedly excited despite the fact I can still play it on the N64 and didn’t own a 3DS… so for some reason, I purchased a 3DS purely to play the reboot. I would never do something like this for another franchise (such as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as I owned Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald on the Game Boy Advance as a child), but the Zelda franchise is different. The Majora’s Mask reboot is being released next year too – and I still own a copy for the N64 – but I will no doubt be purchasing it. Since I finished uni for the year, I have gotten back into playing Ocarina of Time determined to complete the game for the first time ever (I was scared of Ganondorf as a child, okay?!)

Super Smash BrothersSuper Smash Bros. (N64 & Wii)

This is always a must-play when my boyfriend comes over – and we always alternate between the classic N64 Super Smash and the Wii-released Super Smash Brawl. I like to think I’m good at this game but realistically, the CPU players beat us both when they’re only on difficulty level 4. I usually change up my characters all the time, but I like to play as Kirby, and Sam always plays as Captain Falcon. Every. Single. Time.

Glasshouse CandleCandles

Having just left college for the year, where I couldn’t light candles (due to the risk of the fire alarm going off), I’ve been going beserk since I came home. On my desk right now is a Frangipani fragranced candle, a Glasshouse candle in Montego Bay scent (Coconut Lime), and another candle mum gave to me that smells like it might be vanilla scented. Although I haven’t had a chance to yet, I’m planning on having my first bath in 9+ months surrounded by these amazing scented candles and reading Paper Towns. The excitement is real.


Don’t judge me. I downloaded a solitare app for my phone and have been playing at least once a day, completing every daily challenge that is available so far. It sure was a great time-thief during exams!

I had so many favourites this month, oh my! I’m sure I’ll have even more for next month, too! Thank you, everyone who is reading. I’m currently in Brisbane with my boyfriend for our first ever holiday together, yay! It should be a lot of fun, we’re here for five nights and are attending Supanova while we’re here (keeping my fingers crossed I can meet James and Oliver Phelps aka Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter). It’s so nice to be able to get away!

Sarah May xxx
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October Favourites ♡

October Favourites

Just like that, it’s November already?! I finish uni for the year this month – YAY! In between all the frantic study and assignments I’ve been bombarded with this semester, I did manage to come to love a few new things over the month of October.

Big Brother Australia

As I mentioned in my Reality TV post from last week, BBAU is my absolute favourite Australian reality show. It began its 2014 season recently, and despite a general flop in this year’s ratings, I still love it! There have definitely been better seasons, but there are certainly players I connect to, especially Priya (my pick to win) and Jason before he was evicted. As much as it sucks that it’ll probably be axed after this season, and as horrible it is to watch the consistent ratings stunts that Channel 9 pulls that never seem to work, I’ll enjoy watching this season while it lasts – even though they’re desperately rushing the end of the season.

Schweppes Fruit Tingle

What’s that new purple Schweppes drink? Oh, only the amazingly tasty limited edition Fruit Tingle. I loved it when I found it in the Woolworths back home, when I was home for midsemester break, and I was devastated to find out that the uni Woolworths doesn’t stock it! I’m currently planning on stocking up if it’s still there when I come home later in the month, because I’d imagine it’d be the perfect drink to add a bit of vodka to! It just tastes so good, like a bit of raspberry with a hint of orange. So good!


Yes, just tea in general. I’ve never been a huge fan, but one of my Sri Lankan friends gave me so many different flavours of Impra Black Tea and I’ve been slowly trying them all over the last few weeks. Even though boiling a jug of water is a mission and a half in my uni room (think holding the jug in place on the base while it balances precariously on the skinny edge of my sink so it doesn’t fall and pour boiling water all over my feet), it’s nice when I do get to drink it.

Hyperlapse from Instagram

I know my iPhone 6 has a timelapse feature built in, but Hyperlapse is amazing even when the footage isn’t sped up – the videos are just so smooth! Don’t believe me? Check out this video by The Verge. Also, the options to speed up the footage to your desired speed are fantastic and you’re not just limited to one speed like the built in timelapse feature! You can download Hyperlapse from Instagram from the App Store, but why bother searching for it – just click this link to be redirected.

Dare Iced Espresso

What a naughty favourite… I’ve loved Dare’s iced coffee for a while now but a friend’s obsession with Dare Iced Mocha has gotten me back into drinking it! I even bought the 2L bottle to keep in my room… my waistline is crying. It’s just so good to keep me awake when studying and it has the perfect sugar-coffee balance for my bitter-coffee hating tastebuds!


I cannot even express how amazing Pentatonix are. If you don’t know them, you should – they’re an American acapella group who cover popular songs, create medleys and even write their own original songs. They even landed a role in Pitch Perfect 2! My personal favourite covers of theirs are Aha! and Problem; my favourite medleys are Evolution of Music, Evolution of Beyonce and their very popular Daft Punk medley. Evolution of Music introduced me to PTX, when a classmate in high school used that video in one of her assignment presentations! Their amazing originals include Run To You, On My Way Home, Love Again & Standing By. Man, they can even do Christmas songs perfectly! I lost count of how many times I’ve played White Winter Hymnal (from their 2014 Christmas album), I just love the clapping choreography and the harmonies and just everything about them! Each member of PTX is just amazing in their own little way, and you may recognize Scott and Mitch from the YouTube channel Superfruit. You can subscribe to Pentatonix’s YouTube channel here, and have a listen to White Winter Hymnal down at the bottom of this post (and no, it doesn’t even sound like a Christmas song – give it a chance)!

FinnFinn the Fighting Fish (again)

I know I mentioned him last month but this little guy has been such a stress release for me over these last few weeks and he’s getting so smart! His reaction when I bring out his food is priceless, and the way his gills flare up when he chases my finger around the bowl is so cute. He’s been playing in his new toys I got him over midsem too, every time I look over at him he’s nuzzled in the wooden log looking at me! He’s the most beautiful boy in the sunlight, too. I can’t wait to bring him home at the end of the month to meet the family, I just hope he does well on the five hour drive back and that my cat doesn’t try to eat him.

And that wraps up yet another monthly favourites. Sorry that it’s a little short and lacking this month – study has completely consumed me like you wouldn’t believe! Just over two weeks and I will be free though, yay!

See you next week,
Sarah May xxx
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September Favourites ♡

September Favourites

It’s October already!? Where has the year gone? Yes, it’s nearly two weeks in already, but I went home for a week and couldn’t take any photos for this post when I was there! September has been a busy busy month for me and the uni year is nearly over (yay!), so without further ado, here are my September favourites!


Windowsill Succulents

I admit, I bought these little guys in August, but I’d already published my August favourites. I featured them in my College Room Homewares post, so you’re all probably familiar with the two little succulents and my little cactus that I keep on my windowsill. They didn’t cost much, either – from memory, they were about $6 each from Bunnings Warehouse. They came in the red pots I keep them in since it fits in with my room’s colour scheme – they’re so cute!

FinnFinn the Siamese Fighting Fish

Meet the first animal that completely belongs to me! Little Finn is such a cute addition to my room, and it’s amazing how smart he is just from spending a few weeks with me. I’m working on buying some more things for his bowl as it’s a little empty at the moment so stay tuned! My College Room Homewares post also featured Finn and sparked a debate about keeping fish in bowls – so I’d like to take this chance to advise anyone considering buying a fish that bowls are NOT the best home for a fish (if my college allowed anything other than a fish bowl I would’ve kept him in something more appropriate). If you must get a bowl, Siamese Fighting Fish are the most capable of living a healthy life (as they breathe from the water surface). Keeping a fish in a bowl means I need to clean his water very frequently, which is a lot of effort. Siamese Fighting Fish need to be kept in a warm environment, too, so they need a heater! The only reason why I don’t is because I live in a very humid, tropical area and his natural water temperature is warm, even in winter. Assess your options before buying a fish bowl, please! In saying that, though, in my current conditions I wholeheartedly believe that a bowl is not harming my little boy – but this is not the same for everyone!

IMG_8042Baby Goats

Yes, I mentioned goats last month, but I’ve spent so much of my month with the little cuties that I’m still so in love with them! They’ve grown up so much and are starting to climb more things and eat hay (and my hair). Moneypenny and Squeak, who we have to bottle feed, are so adorable and know exactly who feeds them and when! They’re much smaller than the rest, but here’s hoping they’ll catch up once they move on to solid feed rather than milk replacement.

Ball Park Music MerchBall Park Music Merch

I posted earlier this month that I went to a Ball Park Music concert, and naturally I bought merch. Free at the door were these super cool retro 3D glasses, with “ballparkmusic” printed on the side. I’ll never ever wear these again, but they’re still such an original merch idea and hey, it was free! I also bought a Puddinghead shirt in light grey marle (you can buy it here for $30) which actually fits really well. I love when merch comes in such thin material that you can stuff it in your handbag for the duration of the gig!

NutellaStrawberries + Nutella

…oops, this is a pretty naughty favourite! It’s such a delicious snack, and Nutella is the best thing that has ever been created, ever. The strawberries are only there to make me feel a little bit better about the sugar I am ingesting because hey, strawberries are a fruit, so that makes it healthy… right?

Home ScreeniPhone 6

I got my hands on a 64GB silver iPhone 6! Yay! I previously had an iPhone 4S, which is slowly becoming outdated, but I was waiting for my phone contract to run out so I could recontract to an iPhone 6 and it’s my new baby, I love it so much! Even though it’s literally two rows of apps longer than my old phone, I somehow really like it. However, I haven’t had to fit it into my pocket yet so its size may become an issue. But it’s so fast, so thin and so pretty!


Not gonna lie, I’ve loved avocado for ages, but I haven’t eaten it in a long, long time because I’ve been living on campus. However, one day I came down for lunch and there was avocado in the salad bar. Best. Day. Ever. Since then I’ve been craving more, and since I’ve been home for my midsem break I haven’t stopped putting it on my sandwiches and wraps.

Zach GarryZach Garry (YouTuber)

Zach is an Australian YouTuber (yay Aussies) and I’ve been subscribed to him for a few months now, but lately I realized that I haven’t watched his older videos – so I did. This guy is so entertaining to watch – he’s funny, yet delivers everything in a blunt, super-deep voice that gives his videos something that I just can’t find the word for. You just need to watch his videos to understand, so subscribe to him! If my recommendation isn’t enough, Tyler Oakley recommended him too so… (Subscribe to Zach here)

So there you have it, my favourites for another month! So crazy to think that there’s only three months left of 2014 and only 1.5 months until I’ve finished uni for the year and have three months off!! 

Hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites, an October one will definitely be on the way soon!

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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August Favourites

What? It’s only been two weeks and I’m publishing another favourites post? Oops! Here’s what I’ve been LOVING in August:

TRXYE (EP) – Troye Sivan

Yes, yes, yes, I’m mentioning Troye again (what’s this, the third time now?) but this EP is TOO GOOD not to mention. TRXYE, Troye’s debut EP, was released August 15th and instantly shot to number one around the world and debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts! Happy Little Pill was amazing, but the rest of the EP continued to blow me away. ‘Touch’ and ‘Fun’ are nice, chilled out yet dancey songs which, with some radio support, have great potential to climb the charts. ‘Gasoline’ tones it down a bit, offering a slower, deeper song with beautiful lyrics. Finally, a re-recorded version of The Fault In Our Stars closes the EP, showing the song that helped launch Troye’s music career to such great heights. I definitely recommend buying this EP and supporting a great young Australian artist!

18Being 18 at Uni

I spent nearly all of last semester underage and unable to drink with my friends or attend university social functions such as pub crawls for both my college and the vet faculty. I turned eighteen in exam week (great timing! -.-) so I wasn’t able to take advantage of my newfound adulthood. While I was home for the semester break, I hung out with my high school friends – some of which were still underage and therefore we were unable to go clubbing or to a pub, etc. Since coming back to uni, however, I’ve attended the uni toga party, hit the clubs for a friend’s 19th and partied all night for the vet pub crawl, and I’m loving it! I’m finally able to join in (when assignments aren’t in the way) and buy my own alcohol – even though I’ve never been asked for ID when going into a bottle shop! I don’t look that old, do I?

Doctor Who (Series 3, 4 & 5)

I began watching Doctor Who in December 2013, out of boredom. A few of my close friends love the show, so I thought I’d give it ago – and I loved it! After Uni started in February, though, I found that there was barely any time to watch it. I recently got a HDMI cable, though, so through the last few weeks I’ve been having the show playing on my TV while I’m doing assignments, and finished the last half of series 3 and all of series 4 within two weeks. I’ve just begun series 5, and Matt Smith as the Doctor is surprisingly just as great! I had such a connection with David Tennant’s Doctor that the change is still odd, but I’ve heard great things about Matt Smith and his first episode was written so brilliantly to showcase just what kind of a Doctor he will be. Series 8 premiered last week – but I’ve vowed not to watch it until I’ve caught up. It’ll be tough, since I’m really curious about what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be like but the wait will be worth it!

Guns of Icarus (game)

Most of my closest friends from high school are kinda nerdy, so what better way to keep in touch while we’re all at different Universities is to play huge group games, right? Guns of Icarus is our catch up game. It’s got an amazing steam punk vibe to it, and allows you to become one of three types of crew members on a huge, flying ship – the pilot, the gunner or the engineer. The aim of the game is to shoot down your opponent’s ship (gunner) while maintaining your ship’s equipment (engineer), all while navigating a huge, beautiful map (pilot). It’s such a beautiful game and I love it! It’s a pity I haven’t had many chances to play it with everyone since uni became crazy busy, though.

Hands on dissections at Uni

Dead baby cows – gross, right? Not to vets. Last week we began our first dissections, which is the closest we’ve gotten to surgery the entire course. We even have our own dissection kits! The cadavers were confronting and smelt revolting, but I found it strangely interesting to cut into it and explore the muscles and nerves under the skin of the cow. We even got to completely remove its front leg, how cool! I have pictures, but it’s probably not best to show a skinned cow on my blog!


As a part of our uni course, we get to look after a piglet for three weeks as a part of a nutrition study. They’re so so so cute and little (for now, anyway) and our particular piglet (named Charlie) is such a good little pig, he doesn’t squeal when you pick him up like the other piggies do! He’s a little bitey (yes, Charlie did bite my finger) but so adorable – worth the 5:30 AM wake up on my rostered morning!

kidsKids! (the goat kind)

The goats at the vet school have been heavily pregnant for months, and recently they began giving birth to their little babies. They’re so damn adorable and tiny! I had the pleasure of watching one of the births, and the sounds the little kids make when they’re only a few minutes old is seriously the best thing ever! They’re so fluffy and gorgeous and wobbly on their little legs, and watching their mother be so protective over them is so cute. I’m on the roster to feed them a few times a week too, yet again worth the early wake up!


I know I’m really late to jump on this bandwagon, but as an iPhone owner who doesn’t have any phone space for music (5GB of “other” space I can’t get rid of, thanks Apple!), Spotify has been my go-to app for shower music. I can access any song, for free, and add it to a playlist – all without taking up phone space as the songs are accessed from the internet rather than my phone itself. You can follow my ultimate shower playlist, “Jams”, here! (Or listen to it down below!)

And there it is, my August favourites! I was really struggling to find favourites this month as uni makes it tough to discover new things, but I made it! And, I somehow got a post up on time despite finishing a 10 000 word assignment not so long ago (what a killer assignment, so glad it’s over).

Until next week,
Sarah May xx

July Favourites!

Welcome to the first of many “Favourites” posts! Here’s where I tell you all what I loved in the past month!

The Fault in our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars (Book & Movie)

Okay, so this is more of a May/June favourite but it’s too good to not include in the list. There was so much hype around TFIOS that I bought the book and started reading it in February, slowly getting through it whenever I found the time and finishing it in May. Yes, I cried. Yes, I saw the movie and yes, I cried again. My crying ended after the *spoiler alert* funeral though, the rest didn’t phase me. It was such a beautifully written book with a beautifully made movie adaptation.

Breakfast of Choice: Muesli w/ fruit and yoghurt

In a university lifestyle where my college does not serve the best of breakfasts, I was so happy to discover back in May that muesli with fruit and yoghurt had started being served. Finally, some readily available fruit and a healthy-appearing (you never know with uni food) meal! Even after uni finished, this was my breakfast of choice throughout July.

The Sims 3The Sims 3

My relationship with The Sims 3 is odd – I become obsessed with it for weeks and then I come back later and I have no interest in it. These holidays, however, The Sims 3 has been my only pastime. I’m beginning to have Sims withdrawals already now classes have started! I may or may not own every single expansion pack and stuff pack – oops!


Oh how cliche. Truthfully, though, I’m really enjoying blogging so far. It’s such a creative pastime which I feel has a much more productive outcome than sitting on the couch playing The Sims 3 all day! Even though I don’t have many readers, every view, like and comment means a lot to me that people are willing to read my rambling.

Fluffy JumpersFluffy Jumpers

As it’s Winter here in Australia and my home town went through a bit of a cold snap in the past month, the best $25 I have ever spent was the purchase of two fluffy jumpers in a beautiful dusty pink and baby blue. It’s perfect for cold days and nights, looks great with a peter pan collar shirt and I’m certain it will be a staple this semester in cold lecture theatres.


Despite the cold snap, I caught up with my friends from high school frequently, and these catch ups mostly included sitting around a bonfire having casual drinks. I attended a total of four bonfires over the course of two weeks, which definitely offered a warmer side to the freezing nights! Just sitting around watching the flames was so relaxing and made me feel like I was making the most of my holiday break.

Pandora Stacker RingsPandora Stacker Rings

I was gifted a total of four Pandora rings for my eighteenth birthday (as mentioned in my Birthday Haul post), and I found myself wearing them everywhere throughout July – wearing my original lilac stone rings whenever my outfit included a hint of purple and wearing the tiara ring every other occasion. I love them – they’re just so elegant and pretty and versatile!

Bonsai TreeMy Bonsai Tree

Over the break I purchased a young Serissa bonsai tree. My main motivation for this was to have something to care for while at uni, as my college doesn’t allow pets. Although I accidentally selected one of the hardest species of bonsai to care for, I’ve been trying my best to keep the little thing alive. I’ve had some troubles, especially when moving it from my home town to five hours up the coast back to uni. It nearly completely died last week, and all the leaves fell off it, but now it’s slowly growing new leaves and hopefully will begin flowering in Spring!

Frangipani CandleFrangipani Candle

My friend Eka gave me a Frangipani scented candle for my birthday (see Birthday Haul), which, unlike the Glasshouse candle gifted by Hayden, didn’t come in a container or candle holder and therefore gave off its scent constantly once unwrapped. As this candle sat in my bedroom for a few weeks, I fell in love with its beautiful scent and now it has a permanent home on my uni desk so I can smell it all the time – even if I can’t light the candle!

JumperJumper with embroidered cat

Yes, another one of my favourites for July is a jumper – BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! I just had to buy it once I saw it. It’s the perfect thickness of jumper for a Queensland winter – thin enough to wear it all day without getting hot but thick enough to keep you warm. The cat is just so adorable, I can’t get enough of it! I haven’t been able to wear it much, as winter up here at uni is a hot 27 degrees (winter? What winter?) but just wait until next year!

YouTuber Ashley Mardell (/HeyThere005)HeyThere005

I discovered Ashley through Zach Garry’s channel, where he briefly featured in one of her videos. The first video of Ashley’s that I watched was her Coming Out to My Best Friend video, as a part of her Beer and a Chat segment. I was drawn to Ashley the moment I watched her videos – she is such a creative soul who has the ability to talk about serious topics such as LGBTQ issues, anxiety and the idealization of YouTubers, yet remain entertaining and engaging the entire way through. Her video editing is flawless and she uses such cool and unique techniques that, as someone who has edited videos before, seriously impress me. Her collaborations are not restricted by distance – Ashley and her collaborators film individual videos from their homes whilst receiving audio via Skype – how creative! Her channel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, it’s impossible to think that she has under 100K subscribers!

Troye SivanHappy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

I recently listed Troye as one of my favourite YouTubers, and around that time was when he announced the release of his first EP, named TRXYE. He released his first single from this EP, Happy Little Pill, last week to great success – pre-orders for his EP reached #1 on the iTunes album charts in Australia, the US and fifteen other countries, and the top ten in another forty countries, including the UK. Happy Little Pill charted at #1 in thirteen countries! It’s such an amazing feat for his second ever single, if you include his tribute song to The Fault in Our Stars. The song itself is amazing, and certainly stands alone from Troye’s YouTube success. It blew me away when I heard it, it’s just so chilled out and amazing. You can check out Happy Little Pill here, but don’t forget to support Troye and buy it on iTunes!

So that’s it for my July Favourites, sorry this is posted in mid August but on the bright side, August Favourites will be up in no time!

Sarah May xx