Hey guys! Today I talk about what I’ve been loving for the last couple of weeks – half of which I’ve started loving in July and the other half I loved in June – so why not make a combined monthly favourites video? I talk about beauty, gaming, clothing, homewares and my adorable pets!

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Sarah May xxx
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March ’15 Recap ♡

Welcome to my new monthly recap series! Whaat? I’m changing up my monthly favourites posts!? Yes I am! I found they were getting a bit stale and boring to write, and frankly I found it tough coming up with enough content for each month to center an entire post about. Instead of only what I’ve been loving, I’ll also share with you my month in photos, plus what I’ve been listening to, what I’ve been watching and a full recap of what I’ve been up to! Let me know if you like the new format in the comments – I love hearing from anyone who reads what I write!

My March in Photos

Currently Listening:


Gracetown – San Cisco
San Cisco are a quirky indie pop band hailing from Western Australia who have delivered their long-awaited second album, Gracetown. Gracetown is a funky collection of many different styles, all delivered in short songs in typical San Cisco style. From their 2014 hit RUN to their witty, bubblegum pop track Too Much Time Together to more slowed down tracks like Jealousy, the wit, charm and talent of these young Australians will keep you hooked on what is by far my most listened to album of the month.


  • Dance With Me – Short Stack
  • FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney
  • On My Way Home – Pentatonix
  • Cologne – Clean Bandit ft. Javeon & Nikki Cislyn
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Currently Watching:


  • Doctor Who (up to date)
  • Friends
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Block: Triple Threat


Currently Loving:

  • Pentatonix – I had the fortune of not having uni classes when they live streamed their entire concert! I need to see these guys live and meet them, I’m crossing my fingers they come back to Australia soon.
  • Going clubbing – it’s early enough in the semester that I can go out on a Friday night and not feel bad about not staying home to study. I’m definitely enjoying it while I can!
  • Hammocks – I have a hammock on my little uni balcony and it’s the best thing ever to take a mid-day (or night) nap in! It’s so relaxing being outside listening to the birds with a bit of a breeze blowing… *sighs*
  • – it’s so perfect for studying when my neighbours are being noisy, and so much better than music since it isn’t as distracting.

What I’ve Been Doing:

March was the first full month of uni! I started off the month finally finding the Anatomy textbook I needed (it’s in high demand, it’s hard to find!) and dissecting cow fetuses in my practicals, before falling sick with my first cold for the year, yay! I caught up with old college friends at their new house and jetsetted back home for a weekend to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday! I had my annual neurologist appointment, marking another year of good health news. I began my plant collection for a uni assignment, which had me replacing their papers every single day (which I quickly got sick of).

I had my first pub crawl for the year with all the vet students – the theme was “If I wasn’t a vet, I would be…”! I went on a field trip to Charters Towers where we collected bulls’ sperm, collected blood and branded and castrated calves, then partied for St Patrick’s Day that night – needless to say, I was tired. I then spent a week intensely studying for an important anatomy and physiology quiz, which caused major issues (due to it being unclear/unfair etc). Then, I spent ANOTHER week studying for a not-as-important quiz on the 58 different types of worms that can infect animals, yay. I filmed, edited and uploaded my very first YouTube video, showed college spirit at the Intercollege water polo games and filmed my second video, which will go up later in the week!

What a month March has been! I hope you liked my new format of monthly recaps, let me know what you think of it 🙂

Sarah May xxx
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February Favourites

Here we are again – it’s March, uni has begun again and it’s time for another favourites post! This month has been pretty… interesting… to say the least – I spent the first two weeks of Feb on a farm only to be home for two days and head straight back up to uni! So, here are my favourite things from the month of February:

Paper Bonsai

Origami Bonsai Tree

By far my favourite thing of the month – and maybe the entire year – is this beautiful handmade bonsai tree that Sam gave me for Valentine’s Day. The trunk is made of cardboard and all the pieces are laser cut (which is why they flow so perfectly). He glued all the cardboard pieces together and glued the base to the bonsai pot, filled it with white pebbles and attached each individually-folded flower to the tree with wire. It’s gorgeous and gifted in good jest – “it’s a bonsai you can’t kill”, after I accidentally killed my real one last year, oops!


Silver Heart Necklace

Another Valentine’s Day gift that I received is this beautiful silver necklace. I’m a huge fan of necklaces – when my uni course requires a LOT of practical work, rings and bracelets aren’t allowed so I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing a necklace every single day. My last one, gifted to me by Sam on Christmas of 2012, became somewhat of a safety blanket to me and I’d feel naked when I wasn’t wearing it! I’m definitely going to get the same amount of use out of this one – especially since it’s silver rather than gold.

Paw Paw

Paw Paw Ointment

While on the farm, I ended up with chronically dry and cracked lips in the first few days due to the amount of wind exposure I had – especially in the mornings when the wind was cold. Of course, I had no car and couldn’t drive to buy any sort of chap stick for a few days, so after three or four days of sore lips I finally got my hands on some paw paw ointment and it was the best thing ever to have relief from the pain. I kept up the use for the rest of placement, too, so it was definitely a life saver.


My New College Room

It’s my second year of university, but I made the choice to switch colleges from my demountable building into the second floor of one of the largest, friendliest and socially active colleges on campus, where my vet friends live. My room is so much bigger with so much more storage space, it’s unbelievable! My desk is at least three times bigger than my old one. I’m loving how I decorated it so far, and the new people I’ve met since I’ve been here.



I’ve never been a huge water drinker and I’ve never had my two litres of water or however much you’re meant to have in a day, but recently I’ve made more of an effort to reach my daily intake of water, rather than other drinks like juices and Coke. Not only do I feel less bloated and more hydrated, but I’m cutting my sugar intake by a LOT!

Cactus Man

Cactus Man

I know, I’m addicted to tiny little succulents and cacti, but I bought two new additions to my little family! My favourite by far is this little cactus who has little arms – I just want to put a sombrero on him so bad! The arms are apparently little cacti buds that can be replanted if they fall off, but I don’t want him to lose his little arms! I picked him up from Willow’s Markets in Townsville for $5, so worth it! I also picked him up a little succulent friend for another $5, who is also pretty cute and lives on my desk.


Lavender Oil Diffuser

Since we can’t have candles in our rooms here (or else the smoke alarm will go off), I purchased a cheap little oil diffuser set from The Reject Shop for $2.50 to see if I’d enjoy having a constant scent in my room. I bought it in Lavender, but it’s a little strong – thinking back on it I should’ve bought the Rose scented one. I only put three of the six reeds in there to let it last as long as possible before having to buy new reeds and it’s definitely working well so far. I love the constant surprise I get when I walk into my room and it smells so good! I clearly still haven’t gotten used to it yet.


Here in north QLD, Zambreros are EVERYWHERE (not kidding, there’s actually 7 in Townsville. One in every shopping centre plus in every major eating area). I’m not sure how national or international the brand is, but if you haven’t heard of it, Zambreros is a Mexican restaurant that supports the Plate 4 Plate initiative – for every burrito or bowl purchased, a meal is donated to the developing world. It’s a great concept, but that isn’t the only basis for its popularity. Their food is fantastic – I ordered a Chikito (a smaller burrito) and they filled it by taking me through a Subway-style order system – starting with meats and building it up to the different vegetables, salsas and sauces that you’d like on your Chikito. For under $10, the Chikito filled me up for dinner. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone – I’ve only been once and I’m addicted! (Image by Daphane Ng of Unimelb Adventures)

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn! Please bring some cooler weather with you.

Sarah May xxx
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January Favourites!

I can’t believe that we’re already a month into 2015! The month just went so quickly, but it was a really enjoyable month for me as I was still on holidays. I unfortunately had to study through the whole of the month still, but that’s over for a few weeks now! Here is what I loved in the first month of 2015:


1. 2015 Diary

One of my resolutions for this year was to write down what I did each day in a little diary, and I have kept that resolution so far. This gorgeous white and gold diary from Typo goes nearly everywhere with me, and writing in it is usually the last thing I do before bed.


2. Journaling

This month I haven’t quite been journaling in the sense of writing down my thoughts and feelings, but more scribbling down blog ideas, drawing quick sketches, writing down goals and organizing my posting schedule. Yet again, this journal is from Typo and is getting good use!


3. Hyrule Warriors

For Christmas, I received the Wii U game “Hyrule Warriors”. Even though it’s a Dynasty Warriors style game, the fact that it was a part of the Zelda franchise basically made it essential to play. Overall I definitely prefer the open world, free reign style of the regular Zelda games, but this capture-bases fighting-style game definitely offers a fair bit of difficulty and strategy and kept me hooked until the end of its gameplay, even though it was over quickly.


4. Lemon-Infused Water

Recently I decided to try infusing my water with fruit, both to help me try and drink more water and also because of the health benefits of adding lemon to your water. So far I’m loving it! Since it doesn’t taste like plain water anymore, I’m drinking so much more and feel so much better because of it.


5. Having all my Friends Home

I left high school with a group of 13 great people that I call my friends, but in January of 2014 Imogen left for a year of exchange in Denmark, and Jesse moved to New Zealand to complete another year of high school. Jesse would come back and visit on our uni holidays, but Imogen was never able to come home to visit. Additionally, due to various reasons, the rest of us still in Australia never managed a full group get together. Jesse returned for a few months in December, and Imogen returned from Denmark in January. Since then, we managed to get the whole group together for Australia Day, for the first time since we graduated in 2013!


6. Midori Splice

I’m fussy when it comes to which alcohol I drink, and I’ve struggled to find one which I will religiously buy until I tried Midori Splice last year, and since then it’s nearly all I drink. The Midori and Pineapple signature of the Midori range is nice, but with the added Rum and Coconut, I think it tastes amazing!


7. My New Cactus

I’m obsessed with succulents – they’re easy to look after and bring life into uni rooms. I already own three, but I decided to go find another one – and I found this beautiful pink-topped cactus! I also picked up proper pots for it and the other three while I was at it and they look so cute!


8. Groovin’ the Moo 2015 Lineup

Last year I attended Groovin’ the Moo, a regional touring festival, for the first time after wanting to go for years. The lineup was alright, but I loved the day anyway. This year, however, my two favourite bands plus a band I’ve listened to for six years are coming, and so many more good ones! I want to catch nine artists this year as opposed to last year’s five. I get to see Ball Park Music for a third time and San Cisco for a second time and I’m already so excited!


So those are my January favourites – there were a few more than normal but I had a big month full of new things! I can’t wait to see what February brings once I’m back at uni!

Sarah May xxx
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December Favourites ♡

December Favourites

December was a big month filled with placement in a veterinary clinic, a trip to Brisbane, house sitting with my boyfriend, and – of course – Christmas! I was also on uni break the entire month so I’ve had so much free time and therefore, I’ve had a lot of favourites! I know it’s a bit late and December ended about a week ago now but Christmas has been so busy and I’m only now catching up with posts! So, without further ado, here are my December favourites.

*Christmas presents are excluded from this list – see my What I Got For Christmas post to check those out*

The Sims 3

In the beginning of the month, I watched way too many Sims 4 playthroughs on YouTube and started craving some Sims action – so what else to do than get really super into The Sims 3 again? I get way too into these things, so much that I have conversations with other people about what’s going on in my Sims’ lives. Oh, I have such a social life…

Pokemon YPokemon Y

I’ve owned Pokemon Y for a while, but I’ve only just finished The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for my 3DS. Once I finished that, I got right into Pokemon Y! I absolutely love the 3D world of it all, and I love how many old Pokemon appear in it too – for once it’s not just one generation of Pokemon featuring a couple of older ones! I’ve spent so long on this game and I’ve still only completed two gyms – when I play Pokemon, I interact with EVERYTHING and make sure I’ve caught every wild Pokemon along my way. This game will probably be my life for a while!

Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me

The Christmas season was made complete this year by this fantastic release from my favourite group, Pentatonix. This album went PLATINUM – making Pentatonix the only group in 2014 to go platinum! The album is a mixture of some classic Christmas songs, some new ones I hadn’t heard of before, and classic songs with a new twist on them, pulled off in a way only Pentatonix could. I made sure this album was on repeat when we were putting up our Christmas tree and on Christmas morning, and my family were pretty pleased with it too. It’s sometimes so hard to believe that they’re an acapella group, since everything sounds so perfect!

Fruit SmoothiesFruit Smoothies

Screw New Year Resolutions, I decided to stop snacking and start at least trying to eat healthier in mid-December. To curb my hunger of an afternoon, I would blend myself up a fruit smoothie in my old dodgy blender instead of reaching for a packet of chips. I’ve made so many delicious smoothies that I’ll probably end up posting my recipes for them, and making smoothies only got easier when I received a Magic Bullet for Christmas (no more lumps of fruit that didn’t get blended, yay!).

BuddhaBuddha the Fighting Fish

My house gained a second fighting fish this December, in the form of this beautiful silver-bodied, red-finned boy that I named Buddha. I bought Buddha and his tank accessories as a Christmas gift for my mum, who fell in love with my personal fighting fish Finn over the last month he’s been with us. She kept saying she’ll buy herself one when I leave for uni again and take Finn with me, but lo and behold – I got her this beautiful boy for Christmas. He’s so playful-natured and energetic, and so so little compared to my big boy Finn!

Paper TownsPaper Towns by John Green

I’ve been in the midst of reading Paper Towns for a while, but on the plane to Brisbane and home again I read the rest of the book and got REALLY into it. The fact they just finished filming the movie adaptation (released in June 2015) makes it even more exciting! John Green’s last book-to-movie adaptation was The Fault In Our Stars, which was kinda a big deal, so get onto the Paper Towns train early for sure! The story follows Q, whose neighbour and long-time crush Margo (played by Cara Delevingne in the movie) runs away and disappears without a trace. The entire book is Q following Margo’s clues to find her, including him trying to decode her cryptic little hints. I was hooked for the entire book, and Q’s friends are super entertaining to keep the story a bit more lighthearted. I’d definitely recommend Paper Towns to anyone who likes to read young adult fiction or any related genres.

Foot SprayPeppermint Foot Spray

I completed five days of clinical placement this month, which basically involved 10-hour days of just standing up for a long time. Needless to say, my feet were very sore by the end of the week! This Peppermint Foot Spray not only smells amazing, but refreshes your feet and instantly alleviates the foot pain I experienced in that week. It didn’t completely cure it – I found only resting my feet would cure it – but it was definitely great to get rid of the immediate pain when I couldn’t take it any longer. I have the entire peppermint foot range from The Body Shop but I find the foot spray works the best for quick, immediate pain alleviation.

Dry ShampooDry Shampoo

As someone with very long, thick, curly hair, it’s not often that I find time to wash my hair. It sounds gross, but when your hair takes up to THREE HOURS just to stop completely dripping all over the floor, even after attempting to towel dry it, it’s hard to find the time and effort. I’ve heard a lot of great things about dry shampoo, so when I went grocery shopping a few weeks back, I picked up the only one I could find just to give it a go. Needless to say, I loved it so much! It stopped my hair from looking gross in between washes, yay! Only downside – you need to brush the dry shampoo through your hair, and I rarely brush my hair due to the curliness. I’ll definitely pick up a better brand when this one runs out.

Big Hero 6

On the very last day of December, Sam & I went to the cinemas to watch Big Hero 6. The idea of the movie had us in love with it just after seeing the trailer – a Disney movie, based on a Marvel comic, set in Japan, focussing on a group of nerdy robotics students… oh, who am I kidding. We wanted to see it purely because of the adorable and hilarious Baymax (you know, the robot that looks like a marshmallow). We LOVED this movie, and I’m excited to show it to my mum to share this excitement with her! (Keep an eye out for a sneaky amateur movie review in the next few days, too 😉 )

Zelda AmiiboAmiibo

Amiibos are cool little things put out by Nintendo recently that are used similarly to those Disney Infinity figurines – you place it on the Wii U gamepad and it loads into your game. These things have become something of a rarity due to how many people are wanting to collect them (my brother included), so I was over the moon when I found myself a Zelda Amiibo in Kmart. I use my Amiibo in Super Smash Bros Wii U, where I can train Zelda up to a maximum level of 50 and she learns off how I fight, and then I can have her fight against other people or against myself. It’s such a cool idea and I’ll probably only own maybe two Amiibos, but my Zelda is now fully trained and ready to go!

So hey, 2014 is over and its now 2015! Yay! Happy New Year everyone, I look forward to putting out more blog posts this year and continuing the crazy adventure of my adult life. I appreciate every single view that my posts get and everyone that clicks follow, here’s to my blog hopefully growing a little bit more this year.

Sarah May xxx
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