Welcome to my little portion of the internet where I can rant, ramble and review whatever I feel like.

This blog does not have a running theme – I publish what I feel like and that may include some of my personal life if that’s what I feel like posting. I have such a wide range of interests and opinions that it would be futile to limit what I can and can’t say on this blog.

I began this blog stemming off an interest in vlogging via YouTube – recently I have begun watching YouTubers more often and more intently as a form of uni procrastination. I just wanted to get myself and my opinions out there as a sort of release from the constant stream of work from uni (I also have an interest in editing videos, which would be a major part of the vlogging process). But alas, I cannot bring myself to speak naturally to a camera nor could I stand criticism regarding my speaking style or appearance that I would almost certainly receive. So here I am!

Enjoy the little piece of me that now exists permanently on the internet because I’m sure enjoying writing this.

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