Breaking Point.

Let’s take a break from the onslaught of YouTube video postings to let a few things off my chest. Why put this here? Well, a) it’s far too long to put on Twitter b) if I do a video on it I’ll have to edit it which I don’t want to have to review this over and over and c) if I do post a video, it’s likely that if uni friends ever find my channel they will see it.

So, basically, I don’t know what to do.

(and after writing that, I begin to cry. Great)

First of all, I’m being majorly excluded, high school style, by my 20+ year old friends. For privacy’s sake, lets call them A, B & C (because I can’t even come up with alias names).

A = fellow vet student in my year, lives on my college. I consider her my closest friend up here.
B = fellow vet student in the year above. Lives on my college, but lives right next to A.
C = also lives on my college and is new to our little “group”

A & B are super close which is understandable due to their similar upbringings and being closest in age. Living basically together doesn’t help, either. I don’t really care that A is closer to B than me, because I know I’ll never be able to top their friendship. But, A would come to me occasionally when B wasn’t around. Now she only comes to C.

A, B & C have a little group chat that’s going constantly (which they don’t realize I know about). B is close with C too, whatever. It’s always been awkward between C & I because we’re totally different and she’s invading on my friends and “taking them from me” (I sound like I’m 13 but I swear we’re all adults). May I add that there’s a group chat with all four of us that was abandoned months ago?

All three of them used to come collect me for meals so we’d eat together. Now A & B go together and don’t even bother. C is usually at the gym around dinner time, otherwise they’d go get her. May I add that my room is very close to C’s and isn’t out of the way at all but *sips tea*

Anyway, things in general have been different since the end of semester one. I presumed that after the holidays we’d all be back to normal, right? Nah.

A has been really passive aggressive in class lately. I make a joke, she takes offence/doesn’t really care in general. She also has majorish “gossip”(?) in her life now and hasn’t told me about it, but has told B and C.

Today, I received the comment that “if you think you’re friends with B, ask her how she’s doing with uni” which I have no idea what that means. It could mean that B has failed her exam and has to repeat the semester (which makes sense because I haven’t noticed her going to class and she seems to always be wearing “weekend” clothes) OR it means that they’re pissed off that I haven’t made an effort (which I have??) with B. Regardless, the way A worded the comment was completely rude and out of line.
Update: it was the first option and B failed her exam. Oops. But this now means that B will be joining A & I next year, which means I’ll be third wheeling even during class

Another friend, who I will name D because I’m original, wasn’t at uni last semester and returned four days ago for this semester. Today, she told us she’s back at home and is deferring for a year. I’m pissed, because I’m quite close with D and was hoping she could keep me sane and now we won’t see her for at least a year, IF she decides to come back to uni. I;m also worried to why she left so soon because yesterday she was making plans to hang out with us for today, meaning she didn’t have immediate plans to go home.

Oh, and I need to do placement for my degree and I don’t want to go alone. I want to go with A but she didn’t take up my offer of coming with me when I put it out there in a group chat, but I don’t want to ask her directly because things are already very awkward between us.

And to top it all off, I’m meant to be living with A, B and possibly C next year and now I really don’t want to because of how bitchy they’re being. But I don’t have anyone else to live with and I don’t want to live with random people.

I don’t know what to do and the stress of uni isn’t helping. I hate this situation so much and I hate confrontation so I don’t want to confront anyone about it but it isn’t sorting itself out. Help me. Please.

Sarah May xxx
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Hey guys! THIS is today’s video! I did the YouTube turns 10 tag – a new tag created by a fellow small YouTuber, Gianbros Eleven, to celebrate YouTube’s tenth anniversary!

It’s also my last video before I go back to uni 😥

Please check it out! 🙂

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Hey guys! I forgot to upload this video post on Wednesday when it came out but here it is now! A few weeks back, Sam (my boyfriend aka MechanicalPen) and I filmed this Best Friend Challenge, where we see if we really know each other as well as we think we do! I finally got a chance to edit and upload it, so here it is! Check it out 🙂

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Hey guys! Today’s video is finally continuing my Surviving Uni series and in this one, I talk about surviving classes! Whether it be lectures, practicals or tutorials, I’ve hopefully got you covered. Plus, I finally hit ultimate laziness and filmed in my pyjamas!

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