“Short Girl Problems” | New YouTube Video

This week has been a busy one – thus, I don’t have a proper blog post for this week 😦

I had a big quiz on Monday, began studying for another huge quiz on Tuesday and spent half of my Easter weekend with my other half, Sam, as he drove 4 hours to visit me for a few days up at Uni. I then spent the other half of the weekend studying and eating chocolate that my family sent up for me.

While Sam was here, we explored campus, ate fish & chips in a dark, dodgy park, went out for breakfast twice, walked 6km up and down Castle Hill (boy am I unfit!), lost my Max Brenner Chocolate Bar virginity, watched the sunset from The Strand, lost my Grill’d virginity, had two movie nights with cheesecake & chocolate (I made him watch Mean Girls for the first time and then watched The Princess & The Frog) and finally checked out the markets in the city. It was so nice getting to explore my new home city with the one I love while simultaneously showing Sam the best things about Townsville (and trying to convince him to transfer Unis to study up here with me).

Until next week when I can try to have a real blog post up (don’t count on it, I have another two quizzes the following week), I have a new YouTube video up!

Thanks for watching & I’ll see you next week,

Sarah May xxx
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