College Room Homewares 2015

My College Room Homewares post of 2014 was my most viewed post of the entire year – so, now that I have moved into a new room for the new year in a new college, I’ve redecorated! Since last time I showed you around my room, I’ve acquired some beautiful new gifts, in addition to bringing back old decorations that I featured last year. Without further ado, here is how I decorated my new, larger college room:

DeskBooksRose Photo FrameMetal RosePink CactusLink CommissionWillow TreeBall CactusPaper BonsaiGoldmark TeddySucculentPaper RosesDesk PlantFinnBedPillowsBalcony View

  1. Full desk view
  2. John Green books – Will Grayson, Will Grayson & An Abundance of Katherines; Leather Sketchbook (gift)
  3. Dusty Pink Rose Frame (Big W)
  4. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  5. Pink-Top Cactus in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  6. Link Watercolour Painting (Commission from Katie Cook [gift]) in White Frame (Bargain Point)
  7. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  8. Ball Cactus (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  9. Hand Crafted Bonsai Tree in Ceramic Pot (gift)
  10. Teddy Bear (Goldmark Jewellers)
  11. Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  12. GVA Television (Harvey Norman); Origami Roses (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  13. Stationary Holder (Typo); Succulent (Bunnings) in Ceramic Pot (Masters)
  14. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Pebbles, Plastic Plants (all good pet stores), Wooden Log Ornament (gift)***
  15. Bedspread (gift)
  16. Paris Pillow (gift); Inspirational Pillow (gift); Teddy Bear (gift); Alpacasso Alpaca (gift from Supanova Brisbane, 2014)
  17. Balcony View

***DISCLAIMER: Fish are pets, not just for decoration. I also highly recommend against keeping fish in bowls – I only do so because it is my only option when living on college. Bowls are very difficult to keep fish in properly and to do so I clean my tank frequently, maintain a healthy bowl temperature for Bettas and make sure my bowl pH is right. Proper tanks are better for your Betta.

Sarah May xxx
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Our Wet & Windy Camping Trip

Our Wet and Windy Camping Trip

I haven’t been camping in a very long time, mostly due to Mum being too deathly afraid of no technology, so when her boyfriend and his two kids invited mum, my brother, my boyfriend and myself to come camping with them, I was excited! We camped at Cape Hillsborough National Park, an hour north of Mackay, Queensland – a beautiful little resort where you can see kangaroos, possums, bush turkeys and kookaburras everywhere! We planned to stay for three nights, but, well, that didn’t quite go to plan as you’ll soon find out if you read on!


Day 1

We arrived at the park around 11am and set up our tent, gazebos and tarp in the midday heat. After a quick lunch, we all headed down to the resort pool to cool down, and it was surprisingly quiet! It was just the seven of us and one other small family. The water was so nice and it definitely cooled us down straight away.

Not long after getting back from the beach, we decided to trek over to a small island off the beach to check out what we heard was a great fishing spot. It was low tide, so we could walk there from the beach. We ended up getting stuck in a huge patch of mud, then having to rock climb along the side of the island before giving up and heading back over the rocks, NOT the mud!

After a rest, we settled in for dinner and prepared for a night of fondue and card games… before a MASSIVE storm hit that had winds equivalent to a cyclone! I posted about this night on camp previously, so if you want to read about this stressful and crazy night, check out my I Went Camping In A Cyclone post! After it all finally calmed down, we dried off and went straight to bed – we were exhausted!

Rock Walk Mud Walk Kookaburra Kangaroo Cape Hillsborough Beach Walk

Day 2

Day 2 began with patting some friendly kangaroos outside the bathroom block, before embarking on a 2km walk to Hideaway Bay to try our luck at fishing. Unfortunately, it was too rocky and too close to the mangroves to even throw a line out, so we headed back and attempted to head down to the beach. We knew it was high tide, but we didn’t expect the high tide to reach well above the sand line! We had to call that one off, too, and settled into our campsite to have lunch before the rain began again.

We played a few games of Uno while it was raining before realizing that the rain wasn’t going to stop, and that we needed to do things we wanted to do regardless of the weather. Therefore, we decided to go hiking despite the incoming storm. The hike up the hill was covered by trees, so we avoided getting too wet, but it offered a great relief from what would have been horrible heat!

We made it up to two different lookouts and encountered a snake-looking stick, multiple giant spiders and a toad, before finishing the two hour walk and drying off under the gazebos. After dinner, we played a few rounds of the card game Phase 10, while eating fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and banana. Before long, we were all tired and headed to bed.

Kangaroo PattingHike View 2 Hike View 1Hike View 3

Day 3

Early on, we headed down to Hideaway Bay again to get some phone reception to check the weather and contact family that were coming up to visit, only to find that it was raining so hard back home that my aunt had decided not to come. My grandparents were already there, however, so we headed back to camp to see them.

Not long after, the rain began. Horrible, torrential rain that was flooding the campsite in minutes. The tent began to flood and the rain was pushing so much water in that none of us were dry. We had to make a quick decision – stay and get flooded, or pack up and leave.

We chose to pack up and leave.

In torrential rain, we began packing up our site and running things to cars. We were all cold and wet and time was running out to make it home before the roads flooded over, but luckily the tarp and gazebos kept us mostly sheltered. When we eventually had to take those down, it was freezing cold and all our warm clothes were already packed away. Regardless, we finished packing up, jumped into cars soaking wet and headed off.

About ten minutes into the drive, we stopped. A road had flooded over in the high tide, so we had no choice but to turn around and have lunch back at the park, where the staff provided us with dry towels and let us use their barbecue to cook lunch. Some of us changed into dry clothes we found after rummaging through the backs of cars, and we waited for the rain to subside.

Eventually, we headed off again and the road had cleared, so it was smooth sailing all the way home, and we were finally home – safe and dry.

It was an adventure, that’s for sure.

Sarah May xxx
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January Favourites!

I can’t believe that we’re already a month into 2015! The month just went so quickly, but it was a really enjoyable month for me as I was still on holidays. I unfortunately had to study through the whole of the month still, but that’s over for a few weeks now! Here is what I loved in the first month of 2015:


1. 2015 Diary

One of my resolutions for this year was to write down what I did each day in a little diary, and I have kept that resolution so far. This gorgeous white and gold diary from Typo goes nearly everywhere with me, and writing in it is usually the last thing I do before bed.


2. Journaling

This month I haven’t quite been journaling in the sense of writing down my thoughts and feelings, but more scribbling down blog ideas, drawing quick sketches, writing down goals and organizing my posting schedule. Yet again, this journal is from Typo and is getting good use!


3. Hyrule Warriors

For Christmas, I received the Wii U game “Hyrule Warriors”. Even though it’s a Dynasty Warriors style game, the fact that it was a part of the Zelda franchise basically made it essential to play. Overall I definitely prefer the open world, free reign style of the regular Zelda games, but this capture-bases fighting-style game definitely offers a fair bit of difficulty and strategy and kept me hooked until the end of its gameplay, even though it was over quickly.


4. Lemon-Infused Water

Recently I decided to try infusing my water with fruit, both to help me try and drink more water and also because of the health benefits of adding lemon to your water. So far I’m loving it! Since it doesn’t taste like plain water anymore, I’m drinking so much more and feel so much better because of it.


5. Having all my Friends Home

I left high school with a group of 13 great people that I call my friends, but in January of 2014 Imogen left for a year of exchange in Denmark, and Jesse moved to New Zealand to complete another year of high school. Jesse would come back and visit on our uni holidays, but Imogen was never able to come home to visit. Additionally, due to various reasons, the rest of us still in Australia never managed a full group get together. Jesse returned for a few months in December, and Imogen returned from Denmark in January. Since then, we managed to get the whole group together for Australia Day, for the first time since we graduated in 2013!


6. Midori Splice

I’m fussy when it comes to which alcohol I drink, and I’ve struggled to find one which I will religiously buy until I tried Midori Splice last year, and since then it’s nearly all I drink. The Midori and Pineapple signature of the Midori range is nice, but with the added Rum and Coconut, I think it tastes amazing!


7. My New Cactus

I’m obsessed with succulents – they’re easy to look after and bring life into uni rooms. I already own three, but I decided to go find another one – and I found this beautiful pink-topped cactus! I also picked up proper pots for it and the other three while I was at it and they look so cute!


8. Groovin’ the Moo 2015 Lineup

Last year I attended Groovin’ the Moo, a regional touring festival, for the first time after wanting to go for years. The lineup was alright, but I loved the day anyway. This year, however, my two favourite bands plus a band I’ve listened to for six years are coming, and so many more good ones! I want to catch nine artists this year as opposed to last year’s five. I get to see Ball Park Music for a third time and San Cisco for a second time and I’m already so excited!


So those are my January favourites – there were a few more than normal but I had a big month full of new things! I can’t wait to see what February brings once I’m back at uni!

Sarah May xxx
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We Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Failure

…so long as you’ve given it 100%.


I was a high achieving student in high school – I graduated as the top girl in my grade with the highest possible exit ranking. I used this to land a position in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science program at a good university – a very difficult and challenging course.

All seemed smooth enough while I was beginning – I wasn’t expecting high distinctions all round, but I was happy with distinctions or credits. My marks didn’t begin the best, no matter how hard I tried, but things really hit home in the first exam period, where one exam was much more difficult than expected. I passed with a credit overall, but it scared me to think that failing a subject was a real possibility despite my results in high school.

Second semester rolled around, and it was much tougher with higher expectations and a higher fail rate. In week 5, I failed my first test – worth only 7% of my final grade – despite studying for days beforehand. I was disappointed in myself and insanely upset. In week 10, I failed my first assignment due to my own mistake of answering the wrong questions. In week 12, I forgot to put my name on a lab report and markers couldn’t locate it, resulting in 0%. Despite all of this, though, I was still sitting on a 75% average leading into the final exams.

The first exam was a practical anatomy test, which I felt okay about. It was challenging and nerve racking, but I passed overall. The final exam was my only opportunity to pass the second component of the subject, physiology – which I needed to pass to pass overall.

The exam was certainly tough, and a lot of people struggled. I came out of it passing anatomy, but failing physiology by a small amount, earning me a second chance in the form of a second exam a few months later.

In the gap between the first and second exam, I realized that even though the first exam had all us vet students asking for help in our Facebook group, I heard absolutely nothing regarding a second chance exam. No one posted anything, possibly out of feeling ashamed of the mark they had received. Admittedly, I was afraid to reach out too – afraid that my classmates would judge me for not passing the first exam, and afraid that I would be close to the only one who had failed. So I didn’t post anything.

I didn’t post anything despite having given my all to the first exam. I gave it everything I had, I studied every moment I could, yet I didn’t get the result I wanted. Why should I be ashamed of that? It’s not like I slacked off. It’s not like I didn’t focus during the exam. I gave it 100%.

I shouldn’t be ashamed of trying my best. I shouldn’t be afraid to let other people know that I failed a test. I should be proud of the effort I gave, and be prepared to figure out where I went wrong. I should get over it and move on. After all, I gave up sleep, fun and relaxation for that test. I sacrificed, yet fate wasn’t on my side when it came to the types of questions asked on the exam.

It happened. I failed. I learned from it.

I’m not going to be ashamed and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I completed the second exam yesterday and am awaiting the result. If I pass, I continue to second year. If I don’t, I have to repeat first year or reconsider my options.

But you know what? I tried my best the entire time. And that’s what really matters.

Sarah May xxx
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Life Update


As I am writing this, I am at a house on a huge farm in Cootamundra, NSW (about 2 hours from Canberra), completing 10 days of beef cattle placement and 5 days of sheep placement as part of Uni. This of course means that I am now living in daylight savings time, which is really messing with my head. Still light at 9pm?? Really??

In order to get here, I needed to catch a 7am flight to Brisbane (requiring me to be awake at 4:30 AM the morning after Australia Day), before boarding a second flight to Sydney, and traveling five hours by car with one of my good uni friends staying at a nearby farm. So much traveling!

After this placement, I head home for two hectic days of packing my life away again and somehow finding time for Valentines Day before making the big move up to Townsville for uni for another year. So yeah, it’s uni time again.

So placement + an upcoming exam + not much more time at home + uni starting again + the house I’m staying at for placement having no wifi = a very busy and post-deprived Sarah.

SO as you’ve probably guessed by now my posting schedule has reverted back to my regular semester schedule of one post per week. I’ll be scheduling these posts for Sunday nights at 6 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) and I have a LOT lined up, so just wait!

I’ll see you next Sunday with a little post from my phone, since I’ll still be on placement.
Sarah May xxx
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