Young People & Politics

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Today, I voted in my first election.

Well, not quite today, more like last week since I’m currently not in my home state for the state election so I had to cast a postal vote. But details aside. Today I helped to shape the future of my state by numbering all the boxes and voting in candidates representing parties with policies I trusted, for the first time in my adult life.

I know I was excited about this. I’d been sitting back, too young to vote for too long while governments I didn’t like were voted in, and I couldn’t do anything about it. But now I can.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same for many people my age voting in their first election. Far too many people I know cast a “donkey vote”, drew male anatomy on the ballot papers, or just didn’t vote at all. I saw complaining – complaining about compulsory voting, complaining about the government screwing us over, complaining about people posting their political opinion, complaining about people complaining… But what I saw most of all was a complete disregard for the importance that one person’s vote can make.

In a state of 3 million people, it’s easy to think that one vote isn’t going to decide it all, so why bother? Why bother even having a political opinion other than “everyone is going to screw us over anyway”? These young people have such a mentality that they attack anyone who voices their political views on social media, because how dare a young person be politically active and care about who leads the government? Sure, some people can be a little too strong with their opinions and begin forcing it down the throats (eyes?) of anyone on their Facebook friends list, but unlike most young people, that person cares. That person has looked into the policies of a party and agreed with them, and has decided to back them in the election. Good on them.

One girl from my high school is very politically active and has dined with local members and approached them about their opinions on topics important to her, such as same sex marriage and support for those with mental health issues. Having found a member that shares her views, she began to post about the importance of numbering the boxes, putting her member first, and the LNP last. Every single post of hers in the lead up to the election has been criticized, shut down and ultimately overrun by those who don’t care about the political issues in our state, telling her to stop posting about politics. Solution? Delete her off Facebook and never hear of it again. Simple. But of course, that’s not what they do.

I’m sick of young people being belittled and attacked for having a political voice. I’m sick of young people not caring about the government enough to write a number on a sheet and put it in a box. I’m sick of feeling afraid to post my own political views online because of the backlash it may receive from others my age.

Why should we be scared to have a voice? To want to make a change? To inform others of the wrongs of some parties they may not have noticed yet? Can first-time voters stop only seeing inside their little personal bubble enough to care about the health of the state for one day?

I have a voice. I am a young voter, and my opinions matter. My vote counts, and can ultimately decide a close election. I can post my political views wherever I want – starting now.

My vote was for ALP and The Greens, the parties I believe will make a positive difference to the state of Queensland. Goodbye, Campbell Newman and the LNP.

Sarah May xxx
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I Went Camping in a Cyclone!

I Went Camping In A Cyclone

Last week, my family, my boyfriend and mum’s boyfriend’s family went camping at a nature resort. Before we left for the trip, we were aware that storms had been predicted for the second and third day of the trip but decided to go anyway. After all, it couldn’t be all that bad and an adventure is always good! Our camping set up was pretty simple – our tent and two gazebos underneath a giant tarp.

Our tent set up for the week.

Our tent set up for the week.

There is no phone reception where we were camping – to get any sort of reception, we either needed to drive down a road only 4WD cars could handle, or drive about fifteen minutes away from the park. At around 5pm, we went to check the weather forecast only to see that any rain coming our way would pass far south of us. Happy with that, we settled in for a night of fondue eating and card games. There was a pretty lightning storm south of us, but since we couldn’t hear any thunder and weren’t getting any rain, it was nowhere close to us and wouldn’t pass us.

At around 8pm, we hear the squeak of a push bike and one of the park workers rides up to us and simply says: “Brace yourselves, she’s coming.”

He proceeded to explain to us that a group of five storm cells had formed (that we hadn’t seen anywhere three hours earlier) and that usually, storms break around the cape of the park and passes either side. Four of the cells had passed around, but the fifth one hadn’t and was heading towards us. How long did we have, we asked him?

“Oh, about five minutes.”

All seven of us began to freak out a little bit, but weren’t overly worried as it started to rain a little bit and thunder began to roll in. We moved our camping chairs further under cover and waited… until the wind came.

All of a sudden, huge 130km/hr winds came tearing through our little camping set up (about 80mph winds for those who don’t use kilometers)! This is the equivalent of a regular category 1 cyclone (or hurricane)!! Six of us grabbed a pole of the tarp each while the seventh sat in the tent to weigh it down / hide from the wind and rain. The wind was going in through the sides of the tarp and catching on our gazebos, trying to lift them up off the ground and trying to take the tarp with it! There were three of us on the north side, using all of our body weight to hold the tarp poles down and a gazebo pole too, if we had one in reach. Unfortunately for the other three on the west side, the wind was even worse and blew all the rain in, soaking everyone holding the tarp/gazebos down on that side. I was the closest to the east side, so I copped the least of the rain but had the worry of making sure the east side of the tarp didn’t take off since no one was covering that side! The wind was so powerful and unlike nothing I had ever been through before, all while lightning and thunder were above us. Some of the ropes holding down the tarp poles had come undone in the wind, so mum’s boyfriend was running around in the middle of it all trying to hammer the pegs back into the ground to secure the poles. No matter which side we were standing on, every single one of us ended up saturated because the wind was pushing the rain nearly horizontal!

Eventually, the wind died down but the rain kept on coming. We heard the squeaky park ranger’s push bike again, only for him to be extremely surprised that our set up had survived such strong winds! He told us there was about half an hour more of rain, and that a father and two daughters with a similar set up down the road had lost a gazebo and most of their tarp, so the father quickly had to peg the tarp down completely over the girls’ tent to keep them safe while he waited outside in the wind and rain. Thank god we had so many people willing to hold the tarp down, otherwise we would have lost it.

About half an hour later, as predicted, the heavy rain died down so we all took advantage of the calm and rushed to the bathrooms to shower and head to bed – way more grateful for being dry and warm than we ever had been.

The next morning, we woke up to all of the aluminium cans from the bins around the park scattered everywhere from being blown over the previous night. Naturally, there were leaves EVERYWHERE, including under our tarp pushed right up against the tent. We talked to the park ranger from the night before as he was cleaning up and discovered that even though the wind speeds only categorized it as equivalent to a category 1 cyclone, he had worked through a category four cyclone a few years back and the winds were just as strong as that one! Another camper said that they saw hail stones during the storm, too (which is unheard of in North Queensland), but I’m fairly sure we would have felt them if they’d fallen!

Regardless of how fast the wind speeds officially were or how much rain fell that night, we still came incredibly close to losing our tarp cover and therefore all shelter we had. It’s hard to put into words just what this terrifying experience was like for all of us that were there, but we came out the other end wet, cold, tired and running a little bit on the adrenaline of it all. That storm was definitely a night I won’t forget easily, and hey – I definitely have a story to tell from it!

Sarah May xxx
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Will Taylor Swift REALLY Ruin Triple J’s Hottest 100?


I’m Australian, which means that every Australia Day I spend my day tuned into the Triple J Hottest 100 – a countdown that ranks the best 100 songs of the previous year. There is usually fierce competition for any spot in the top 10, let alone the coveted #1 spot that has previously been won by Gotye (Somebody That I Used To Know ft Kimbra), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Thrift Shop), and, most recently, Vance Joy (Riptide).

2014’s countdown is tipped to be won by either Chet Faker with Talk Is Cheap or Peking Duk with High – unless Taylor Swift takes it out with Shake It Off.

Taylor was not played on Triple J all year, due to the fact it is a station that plays predominantly Australian, underground music, which excluded her from the list of eligible songs to vote for in the Hottest 100. Someone at Buzzfeed was made very angry by this, and fronted the campaign for TSwift fans to vote for Shake It Off using the “add a song” feature usually reserved for Triple J Unearthed artists. Naturally, this made hipsters very angry because Taylor Swift making the countdown would taint what is regarded as the best day of the year for Australian music.

I’m a Taylor Swift fan, don’t get me wrong. Do I think Shake It Off is a great song? Not really, but it’s definitely catchy. Should it be in the Hottest 100? No, not really.

Triple J’s own rules prevent artists from making the countdown if there has been an incentive to vote for them – undoubtedly the massive hype and trending Twitter hashtag is publicity enough, yet KFC published the hashtag #Tay4Hottest100 alongside a promotion for a discount card. There is no doubt that all the hype around what has been dubbed the biggest Aussie hipster scandal ever has gained Taylor enough votes to take out the number 1 spot, without a doubt.

Triple J have refused to comment on the matter, leaving listeners in the dark to whether or not TSwift will be included in tomorrow’s countdown (a genius marketing move if you ask me). If they leave her in, she’ll take the number 1 spot and leave most of Australia fuming. If they deem that she has received too much incentive to vote for her and disqualify her, they’ve gained a lot of listeners while still leaving Australia happy that their countdown is still as great as ever.

Typically, though, we won’t know anything until the top 5 songs get played tomorrow night after 7pm. My prediction? She’s out, and the clever Triple J producers will begin to play Shake It Off as 2014’s #1 song before quickly transitioning to Chet Faker or Peking Duk, revealing which song was REALLY the best of 2014.

If Shake It Off makes it into the countdown, though, you bet I’m gonna be dancing.

Sarah May xx
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Meet My Sims!

Meet My Sims

I have an addiction… The Sims is taking over my life. Since I play The Sims 4 quite a lot, I thought that you should meet my (fake and virtual) family!

My Sims

 Sophie Carrow Sophie Carrow
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Traits: Geek, Good, Cheerful, Domestic
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Project Manager (Tech Guru Level 5)

Travis ScottTravis Scott
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, Geek, Quick Learner
Life Stage: Elder
Career: Development Captain (Tech Guru Level 6)

Christopher CarrowChristopher Carrow
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Genius, Geek, Business Savvy
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

Connor CarrowConnor Carrow
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Music Lover, Self-Assured, Muser
Life Stage: Teen
Career: High School A Student

My Story

Sophie was my original Sim of the family, and was looking a bit overweight when she moved into her first house. Sophie was pretty lonely until her neighbour’s arrived to welcome her to the neighborhood. It was here that she met Eliza Pancakes, who soon became her best friend. Eliza would visit every single day, and Sophie just couldn’t keep up with it! She soon lost contact with Eliza, and the two grew apart, but Sophie can always count on Eliza to be there for a chat when she needs it.

Sophie spent her early weekends on the hunt for a potential partner at the local bar. Some men were nice and chatty, some would just throw insults at her, but after a few weeks and too many late nights, she met Travis, a fellow programmer. Their relationship moved VERY fast, and he had moved into the Carrow household within two weeks! Their wedding was a small, budget ceremony in Sophie’s home with three of their friends (Including Eliza), but the couple just couldn’t wait any longer before starting their lives together.

It wasn’t much later when Sophie took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant! The saving soon began for the extension to the house to house the child’s room, and so Sophie continued working all the way up to giving birth. She had a home birth, and was very surprised when she gave birth to TWIN BOYS! Christopher had inherited his father’s brains and blonde hair, where Connor inherited his mother’s brown hair. The boys could not be further opposite, however – Christopher loves pursuits of the mind and spends his days playing chess, reading books and doing extra credit school work, whereas Connor is more of a free spirit, taking early interest in musical instruments of all types. The twins are such great friends though, and both have great relationships with their parents.

Although the Carrow-Scott family struggle financially, even after so long, they still aspire to move into a bigger house with much more room for the twins’ future children and continue the family lineage.

As I’m heading back to uni soon, you may not see another of these Sims posts until JUNE! 😦 If you enjoyed this though, please let me know by liking or commenting or getting in touch on social media or whatever. I’d appreciate it 🙂

Sarah May xxx
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January Haul

January Haul

I very rarely go on a full on shopping spree because I can never really get into the spirit of it unless I have Mum with me. Somehow, we haven’t gone shopping together since September even though I’ve been home for two months! When we did make it into town, though, it’s safe to say that I’m a little bit broke!

Big W

Lyla & Co Green Layered Top ($15): This top is so loose and comfortable, but looks so nice on! The colour is so beautiful and perfect to wear both casually and for going out!
Women’s Flannel x2 ($20 & $10): These flannels are just so soft and comfortable and came in so many nice colours. I bought these to wear on farm placements but I’ll probably end up lounging around in them when placement is over.


Revlon Nearly Naked Mineral Powder Foundation in 020 Light ($): I’ve only ever owned liquid foundation, so I thought I’d give powder foundation a go!
Revlon Colorstay Concealer in 02 Light Pale ($): I’ve owned the dodgiest concealer for so long now so it was definitely time to get something useful.
Covergirl Professional Brow & Eye Makers in Midnight Brown ($): I’ve always been conflicted about drawing on eyebrows, however mine always look washed out when I do my makeup. I’ll really only use these pencils to darken them a bit rather than reshape them.
Covergirl Clean Glow Blush in 110 Peaches ($): Just like my concealer, I’ve never really owned a decent quality blush!
Swisspers Green Tea Facial Cleansing Wipes ($): My old makeup wipes dry out before I can finish a packet ( 😦 ) so it was time to get a new packet.

ICE Design

Tropical Black-Lined Shorts ($25.95): The moment I saw these shorts, I thought they’d be perfect to wear up town. They fit so well and the pattern is so unlike anything I would normally wear, but I love it!
Plain Singlets x4 ($10 each $5 each): I was in desperate need of some plain, light, loose, nice singlets to wear to special occasions. When I saw these on sale, I had to buy them in so many colours! The black and white are so versatile, whereas the orange and blue would look perfect with nice black shorts!


White Top with Orange Statement Stripes ($19.95): I LOVE this top! It’s such a nice material and the orange is such a nice colour and it isn’t too much to feel overwhelmed. As a more pastel-colour person, I don’t mind such a bright orange at all when it’s done like this!
Black High Waisted Skort ($19.95): This skort is so nice, I didn’t own any high waisted items that aren’t skirts and this went so well with the orange striped top that I really couldn’t pass up the chance to buy it.
Silver Earrings ($2.95):


White & Gold Striped 2015 Planner ($9.95): I bought this on a seperate shopping trip with Sam but I haven’t mentioned it yet, so I thought here’s an opportunity. The white and gold stripes just look SO gorgeous, which motivates me to write in it even more!
White & Gold Spotted Journal ($16.95):
 I was on the lookout for a nice-looking journal when I walked into Typo and after buying the matching 2015 planner, I just had to get this one. Good looking journal = more writing in it.



Black with Silver Plate Detailing Clutch ($19.95): I’m not sure how, but I did not own a black clutch before I bought this. I love it, it’s the perfect style in a great size, I’m sure I’m going to use it a lot!

Ally Fashion

Ally Shorts

Black “Wet-Look” Shorts ($25.95): These shorts are exactly what I was looking for the entire trip, and exactly what I would wear with the singlets I bought from ICE Design. They’re flattering and super nice, they flatten out the bulge on my stomach and the zips on the front look so cool! I was afraid they’d look too leathery but they ended up being perfect.

So, after a lot of walking and a lot of money spent, I’d say I didn’t do all too badly! I’m happy with what I got and really, I didn’t get much on an impulse buy. I’ve wanted more clubbing clothes for a while and that’s really most of what I got, plus some clothes for placement! It will be a long long time before I go on a spree like this again, that’s for sure!

Sarah May xxx
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