November Favourites ♡

November Favourites

November is already over and there is only one month left of 2014! It’s been a rough month for me sitting my final exams, but it has certainly ended in a great way now that I am on holidays! As per usual, this is what I have been loving throughout the month of November:

Dan and PhilAmazingPhil & danisnotonfire

I’ve been subscribed to Dan & Phil for quite a long time now, but early this month I had a weird dream involving them (I forget the details), which prompted me to go back and watch their older videos from before I subscribed to them. This was such a bad idea – I had exams the next week and I just couldn’t stop watching! I do enjoy Dan’s videos (and his face), but I definitely prefer Phil’s videos a lot more. He’s such a creative guy who deserves much more attention for his videos than what he gets! Subscribe to Phil’s channel by clicking here, I promise it’ll be worth it (and subscribe to Dan too, while you’re at it [and their combined gaming channel too, you might as well do it])


Once again, I have been subscribed to Superfruit for a while now. And, once again, what prompted me to watch their older videos was a dream (even though I’ve already gone through and watched them all!). You’ve probably heard a bit about them this month – they recorded a mashup of all the songs from Taylor Swift’s 1989, which went viral. Really, this November favourite should just be “Mitch Grassi”, but that’s kinda creepy and I really have been loving Superfruit’s videos (although, Mitch is an extremely attractive and sassy man with an amazing voice). Subscribe to Superfruit here to see more of Mitch and Scott’s attractive faces!


It’s mango season!!! Mangoes are my absolute favourite fruit and it’s so good that they’re back in supermarkets again, and of course I’ve been snapping them up when they’re cheap enough! They made as a great study snack earlier this month and an even better dessert now that I’m home!

After by Anna Todd

Yes, this is a tad embarrassing to list as a favourite, but earlier this month (or late October, possibly) I read on my Twitter timeline that a One Direction fanfiction had signed not only a book deal, but a movie deal. Curious me was like: “a fanfiction about a boyband being turned into a movie? Man, it has to be a good fanfiction, I’ll check it out”. And that is how I, as a non-1D-fangirl, got sucked into reading a smutty fanfiction about a band I barely care for. 300 chapters later, and a lot of study time wasted… however, good on Anna Todd for the success of her fanfiction, it was definitely well deserved! You can read After on Wattpad here, or now you can even buy the first book from most bookstores.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game was my entire childhood, as I owned not one, not two but three Nintendo 64 consoles (and still do) and two copies of Ocarina of Time. When its 3DS reboot was released, I was still undoubtedly excited despite the fact I can still play it on the N64 and didn’t own a 3DS… so for some reason, I purchased a 3DS purely to play the reboot. I would never do something like this for another franchise (such as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as I owned Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald on the Game Boy Advance as a child), but the Zelda franchise is different. The Majora’s Mask reboot is being released next year too – and I still own a copy for the N64 – but I will no doubt be purchasing it. Since I finished uni for the year, I have gotten back into playing Ocarina of Time determined to complete the game for the first time ever (I was scared of Ganondorf as a child, okay?!)

Super Smash BrothersSuper Smash Bros. (N64 & Wii)

This is always a must-play when my boyfriend comes over – and we always alternate between the classic N64 Super Smash and the Wii-released Super Smash Brawl. I like to think I’m good at this game but realistically, the CPU players beat us both when they’re only on difficulty level 4. I usually change up my characters all the time, but I like to play as Kirby, and Sam always plays as Captain Falcon. Every. Single. Time.

Glasshouse CandleCandles

Having just left college for the year, where I couldn’t light candles (due to the risk of the fire alarm going off), I’ve been going beserk since I came home. On my desk right now is a Frangipani fragranced candle, a Glasshouse candle in Montego Bay scent (Coconut Lime), and another candle mum gave to me that smells like it might be vanilla scented. Although I haven’t had a chance to yet, I’m planning on having my first bath in 9+ months surrounded by these amazing scented candles and reading Paper Towns. The excitement is real.


Don’t judge me. I downloaded a solitare app for my phone and have been playing at least once a day, completing every daily challenge that is available so far. It sure was a great time-thief during exams!

I had so many favourites this month, oh my! I’m sure I’ll have even more for next month, too! Thank you, everyone who is reading. I’m currently in Brisbane with my boyfriend for our first ever holiday together, yay! It should be a lot of fun, we’re here for five nights and are attending Supanova while we’re here (keeping my fingers crossed I can meet James and Oliver Phelps aka Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter). It’s so nice to be able to get away!

Sarah May xxx
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Living at College

Living at College

Living at college can come with many stereotypes – I’ve lost count of how many times I or my family have been met with the remark: “Sarah’s living at college, wow… She mustn’t be getting much work done there!”

I’m sorry, but no. Not everyone living on campus at a university sets out to drink every two nights and waste away their degree.

I mean, yes, about 80% of college students are your typical college students – especially the boys (sorry boys, this is just what I’m seeing with my own eyes): obnoxiously loud, complete disregard for everyone else’s study time and a constant need to drink, party and go out clubbing at every opportunity. That includes Cheap Tuesday, Tavern Thursday, Bludgers Friday, Party Saturday and even Sunday! I know heaps of people that go out every single night they can during the week. College can be a very social time, you can make lots of friends and, since you live so close, hang out with them all the time.

College life for me, a studious, shy student, involves a lot of sitting in my room, studying, watching TV or playing computer games (mostly studying though). My social interaction is at meal times, when my friends and I make our way to the college dining hall to eat. On weekends, I skype my long-distance boyfriend to take my mind off things, and sometimes go shopping. I only go out clubbing for special occasions, such as a Toga Night or a Pub Crawl. And, every single night without fail, I silently curse my neighbour for loudly skyping his friends at ungodly hours of the night while I am trying to sleep.

My college is a bit of a wreck – we live in “temporary” demountable buildings while the “real” college is closed due to asbestos and insufficient fire escapes (promising, isn’t it?). These demountables have been here for seven years now, so not so temporary. The rooms are a bit small for my liking, but they include a little personal ensuite with a toilet, basin and shower – something no other colleges at my university offer. It’s great for shy people like me who don’t want the rest of the college to watch me walk from the showers back to my room in just a towel! We also have our own air conditioner – a godsend in the hot Australian summer. Here’s a very old photo of my room – fun fact, I didn’t actually take a single photo of my fully finished room before I left it. 😦

College Dorm Room

I don’t have a large amount of friends at my college – quality over quantity right? It’s just the four of us at my college, plus a few more at other colleges. It makes it tough, especially since if they’re out shopping for a night I have no one else to sit with for meals. But I don’t mind – more friends means more commitments and less study time!

So yes, college does live up to its reputation for frequent, wild parties and sometimes vulgar residents (personally, I don’t understand how they study enough to pass their course). However, it is important to know that not all college residents are like that. Yes, social hierarchies still exist, and those who don’t party with the “cool kids” aren’t particularly high up on that list, but for the most part college is a perfect place to live when moving to a new city for university, especially if you don’t have a car to drive to Uni in (which I didn’t for my first 4 months). Not everyone loves it, but I do, and I’m proud to be a part of my college even if we suck at everything we participate in.

As my first year of university comes to a close, and all my friends at my current college are moving off-campus into a sharehouse, I am saying goodbye to my little grey box of a room to say hello to a much bigger and better room next year – on the third floor of the college all of my vet friends, yay!

Sarah May xxx
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20% of a Vet

20% of a Vet

My first year of university is OVER! Yay! I have finished my first of five years of vet school – meaning I am now 20% of the way to being a fully qualified veterinarian, eek! I now have two months off before a few weeks of farm placement, which means loads of free time! This of course means that I will be posting more often than just once a week – as of now I am now posting on Tuesdays, in addition to my normal Saturday posts.

I have a lot planned for these holidays, including a six day holiday with my wonderful boyfriend to Supanova Brisbane next week, a week of placement at a veterinary clinic and house sitting for family, so I may not be posting every Tuesday/Saturday so keep updated with when I’m posting by following my Twitter (@sarahmayc_).

Goat GrowthThis semester ended up being pretty fun – I got to play with goats and raise a pig (the goats grew a whole lot over two months as you can see by the picture!) plus handle barramundi, chickens, mice, rats, mama goats, dogs and one very aggressive cat! That’s about where the fun ended though, as study took over. It was a very long and tough semester, with a few failed tests along the way but I somehow finished on a 65% average for Anatomy/Physiology and 75% for my other subject (before exams, of course).

My exams went moderately well – I’m sure I passed one of my two subjects, but I’ll be nervous to find out my anatomy/physiology results. It’ll definitely be a close one! Don’t you just hate when exams are completely unlike you expected and ask questions on parts you didn’t study at all? Yeah, that’s basically how it went. It’s all over now, though, and there’s no use stressing about it. I packed up my entire college room into my little car and made the drive home (with my fighting fish Finn in tow) yesterday, so now it’s time for the dreaded unpacking.

For the next month, I plan on finishing Ocarina of Time on my 3DS and purchasing A Link Between Worlds, possibly Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U and maaaaybe The Sims 4. I also need to finish reading Paper Towns – the movie adaptation is being filmed right now and I want to be finished the book before they start releasing trailers! I also need to finish catching up on Doctor Who, and watch Mockingjay Part 1… So much relaxing to do in so little time! In addition to Christmas with both my family and Sam’s family, it’ll be a very busy time of year 🙂

Now, fingers crossed that I pass this semester and can continue into second year!
Sarah May xxx
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Is The Stress Really Worth It?

Is The Stress Really Worth It?

My final exam for the year is in two days, and I have found myself in a very low place over the last few weeks. I’ve found myself thinking about the possibility of failing and how disappointed in myself I will be, and then what I will do if I have to come back to Uni for supplementary exams in January… and even if I would come back to uni and try the subject again should I fail.

This mental state is an issue, right? Of course it is. This course has been my dream since I was five years old – now I am eighteen and I made it in. Of course uni was not what I was expecting – I was expecting fun, the best years of my life and making so many new friends. Little did I know that I would be locking myself in my room every night, never going out on weekends just to get assignments done. I’m constantly stressed and sleep-deprived, and I haven’t made friends apart from the ones I met in orientation week because I just haven’t gone out anywhere. I feel terrible, all the time, and I could escape it so easily by just… stopping. I could stop studying. I could stop living away from all my family and friends, I could be with my pets, I could be with my boyfriend. I could be stress-free, I could be working full time and actually earning money instead of living off Centrelink youth allowance payments because the extreme study demands of my course don’t allow me any time to work during the semester. Or maybe I could take up another course, something with less work so I could actually have a good time at university.

So why am I here? Why am I studying this course? Why am I enduring all this stress and anxiety and homesickness? 

Frankly, one reason is due to the expectations placed on me. I graduated my high school as the highest achieving girl in my class, and it seems everyone else who graduated at that high level and even below are actually enjoying their university experience and aren’t getting sucked under with the massive workload. A thought that constantly runs through my mind is, “I have to make my family proud. I got an OP1, I need to do something with that. Everyone would be so disappointed if I dropped out and took a TAFE course in Vet Nursing, because I can do better than that”. I know that I shouldn’t be caring too much about this, but if anyone else has been in a similar situation you will understand completely what I mean.

A second, and probably more important reason is that this is the career that I want. I want to work with animals, I want to help people. Being a veterinarian is a logical career progression for me. Yes, vet nursing could give me the same results with a hell of a lot less stress, but I’ll always live with the regret of not achieving the highest that I could.

I’m also stuck in a spiral of comparing myself to other people. “If the other 100 people in my course can pass, then why can’t I? What makes me so unable to do this?”. I must prove to myself that I can be up there with the best – I don’t have to be the best, but if I keep up, I’m happy with that. (I’m gonna be honest, just passing vet science is probably equivalent to a distinction/high distinction in other courses based on what I know)

So, the bottom line, the reason why I wrote this post – yes, the stress is worth it. Why? Because in 4 years I will be a veterinarian, which is what I want to do. My family will be proud and I will be happy with myself as an accomplished, intelligent, strong woman who overcame every obstacle thrown at her. It will be tough, and this year will be the hardest it gets. If I can get through first year, I can get through the other four years.

Sorry for the rambling today, but I really needed to put this into words. Does anyone reading this relate to how I feel, even a little bit? Help me out and comment with how you overcame/are overcoming this horrible thought process.

Don’t give up on your dream, Sarah. The hard work will pay off one day. 
Sarah May xxx
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‘My First Time’ Tag!

14.11.08 My First TimeI watch a lot of YouTube videos, and one tag that I’ve seen floating around is the My First Time tag, so why not do it myself? I’m currently in the middle of my final exams (my first one starts in 2 days – eek!) so I thought it was appropriate to write up a quick post so I’m not procrastinating too much…

So here it is, the ‘My First Time’ tag!

1. First Best Friend

I met my first best friend in pre-school, at the age of 5, and her name is Nikita. I can never remember exactly how I met her, although I’m pretty sure she can. I’m sure that as typical 5 year old girls we met over wanting to play with the same toy or wanting to use the same jump rope…

2. First Phone

My first phone was the coolest thing to happen in 2007 – a pink Samsung flip phone gifted to me on my eleventh birthday.

3. First Makeup Item

I was not a typical teenager – I didn’t own my own makeup until I was sixteen! Since I was clearly no expert on which shade suits my skin tone, I went into Myer for them to do a makeup trial on me and walked away with Shiseido branded foundation and bronzer and a whole lot less money in my pocket.

4. First Kiss

I honestly can’t remember my first ever kiss with my first boyfriend, so my first kiss with my second (and current) boyfriend Sam was in my bedroom as an awkward 14 year old – we had been dating for two months and I made the first move, but he turned his head away so I kissed his cheek 😦

5. First Alcoholic Drink

My first alcoholic drink ever was probably a vodka Cruiser. My first legal alcoholic drink as an adult was a delicious toblerone cocktail from Cactus Jacks, where I went for my 18th birthday dinner with my uni friends.

Car6. First Car

My first and current car is a little 2010 Kia Rio LX – mum bought it for me for my 17th birthday last year (even though I was about to buy my own car a few weeks later) and I love it so much! It’s served me well over the last year and a half, transporting me from home to uni and back so many times this year and, much to my relief as an unemployed uni student, is so cheap to fill up with fuel!

7. First Job

My first (and only) job was at a Woolworths supermarket as a cashier – ugh, people. I met so many great people at this job sinceI was there since the opening of the store, and one of my closest high school friends worked there with me too! I got the job when I was 15, and only eight months later I was promoted to being a supervisor – basically meaning I ran the checkouts section of the store, did returns, showed customers where items were, all while getting payed an absurdly high amount of money ($24 an hour as a 16 year old, and $35 an hour on weekends!). I did love it, but unfortunately I had to resign when I moved cities for uni.

8. First Pet

I’m unsure which pet was my first one, but I remember having a blue budgerigar named Tweety and a beautiful tabby cat named Izzy around the same time of my life.

Zac&Joe9. First Celebrity Crush

I was a pre-teen in the High School Musical and Camp Rock days – Zac Efron and Joe Jonas were the most attractive boys in the world when I was eleven or twelve.

10. First Boyfriend

My first boyfriend was a boy named Kyal, when I was 13. It only lasted two months, but I definitely did not like him as much as he liked me. Fun fact – he’s now gay and works as a flight attendant, and I never hear the end of it.

11. First Person to Text You Today

Sam, my boyfriend 🙂

12. First Thing You Did This Morning

The first thing I do every morning – press the snooze button, sleep for five more minutes, then eventually wake up and check Facebook.

Concert13. First Concert

As embarrassing as it is to admit now, my first concert was for my favourite band ever (at the time), Short Stack. I was fourteen and had loved them for over a year, when they finally did a north Queensland tour and played in my town. I loved that concert so much!

14. First Broken Bone

Fun fact: I’ve never broken a bone. I was a careful child.

15. First Sport

I only ever played one sport, and it was basketball. I’m ridiculously short and at the time I was fat and unfit, and my team never won a single game all year, but it got me out of class on a Friday afternoon in grade 7 so why not?

16. First Tweet

I’ve since deleted my original first tweet, but I joined Twitter around mid-July, 2009, at the height of my Short Stack fangirl phase.

17. First Piercing

My first piercing was when I was fifteen, to get my ears pierced. I never had my ears pierced as a child, and fifteen seemed like an incredibly late time to get my ears pierced but it was a birthday gift from my grandparents.

That’s it for another week guys – next time I post I will only be one exam away from FREEDOM! Now, I need to get my head back in the books so I can pass this semester.

Until next week,
Sarah May xxx
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