Little Baby Goats ♡

Want your dose of adorable animals? Look no further. This semester has definitely reaffirmed that becoming a veterinarian is really what I want to do, and that I chose the right university to complete this degree.

The Vet School at my university contains a full farm, which is home to a yard full of goats, which were all artificially inseminated to give birth to kids at the exact same time. The reason for this? I have no clue, presumably for older years to practice husbandry techniques on the pregnant does. The first kid was born around three weeks ago, and new arrivals have been coming every couple of days since. A large number of us first years were interested in hand feeding these little cuties, and so I was put on a roster to come in and feed (and cuddle) the kids every couple of days. This has made for a lot of cute photos and some well-needed animal time to de-stress from assignments. Over the course of the last month or so, my phone has been overloaded with cuteness that I’m dying to share!

They are honestly the sweetest, cutest and cuddliest animals ever. Some even recognize my voice and come running from across the pen when I arrive because she knows its feeding time! It’s now on my bucket list to own a goat or two… or maybe even ten. I don’t even mind, so long as they’re as sweet as these kids and does I’ve been spending time with. I’m going to miss the kids so much when they’re sold, but I can only hope next year brings another set of cute animal births (some baby sheep would be preferred).

Sarah May xx
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Live Review: Ball Park Music @ The Venue, Townsville

Ball Park Music are an Indie Pop band from Brisbane, Australia, who have achieved great things in the Australian music industry since their debut four years ago. The band, consisting of five members – Sam Cromack (lead vocals & guitar), Jen Boyce (vocals & bass), Dean Hanson (guitar & backing vocals), Daniel Hanson (drums & backing vocals) and Paul Furness (keys & trombone) – have three hit albums under their belts, with multiple songs making the Triple J Hottest 100 list of the respective year they were released.

Ball Park Music

In April 2014, Ball Park Music released their third album, Puddinghead. The Puddinghead tour saw them playing major cities, before launching the Trippin’ The Light Fantastic Tour which sees them return to these cities with the welcome addition of some regional towns – including my current residence of Townsville, Queensland. The Trippin’ tour brings Ball Park Music to their very first headline show in Townsville, which met to great success as they played to a close-to-sold-out crowd of over 18 fans at The Venue on September 19, 2014.Tarryn & I

I first saw Ball Park Music at the River Sessions Festival (Mackay) in 2013, and have been in love with them ever since. I just couldn’t pass up seeing them again at their own headline show after the amazing performance they put on last time! The Trippin’ tour was billed to be Ball Park’s biggest tour yet, featuring a light show equally as amazing as previous tours and visual effects so realistic, it’s almost as if the band is actually there! These light-hearted marketing gimmicks were followed up with free 3D glasses being handed out at the door.

The show opened with Pluto Jonze and Millions, who would’ve been much more enjoyable if I had known their songs. After three and a half hours of waiting after the doors had opened, Ball Park Music finally hit the stage, opening with Shithaus and quickly following that up with a long list of hits, mostly from their debut album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs. Prior to the show, I had seen the setlist of the only previous show of the tour, and was surprised when they added in a couple of extra songs to Townsville’s show as opposed to their Hobart show. I was standing in the third row, directly in front of Sam and Jen, and I loved it!

I found that the band lacked the excitable energy they had back in 2013, with the exception of when Sad Rude Future Dude was played, which had Sam dancing at the front of the stage. Their newer songs required both guitars and Jen’s bass, which meant that Sam was not able to move around as freely due to needing to play the guitar. Most members also seemed a bit drunk, and Sam was drinking directly from a wine bottle the entire show! The intervals between songs were enjoyable, which saw them making fun of their marketing the tour as a “3D experience” – “because all f*cking concerts are in 3D”, as Sam eloquently put it.

This was my first 18+ show, and it was an interesting experience. I certainly wasn’t as squished into the front of the crowd as I do at festivals, as everyone liked their own space, but midway through the show two tall, burly guys who were obviously drunk became very pushy towards myself and the girls around me, pushing me into other people as they stumbled around the crowd despite attempts to push them away made by everyone around them. Eventually they were forced out of the mosh, allowing us all to feel a little bit safer.

Their setlist was impressive, packing nearly all of their hits into two and a half hours, including some of their newer songs. Admittedly, I don’t enjoy Ball Park’s slower songs as much as their more upbeat ones, and this setlist offered a few of those. They remixed their massive hit iFly into a slow, ballad-like version – which was an impressive remix, but slightly disappointing as I adore the original version’s energy.

Setlist (to the best of my memory):
Polly Screw My Head Back On
Literally Baby
It’s Nice To Be Alive
Sad Rude Future Dude
Teenager Pie
Coming Down
Everything is Sh*t Except My Friendship With You
iFly (Remix)
All I Want Is You
Girls From High School
Cocaine Lion
She Only Loves Me When I’m There
Trippin’ The Light Fantastic
Fence Sitter (Encore)

As we entered the venue, we were handed a VIP Pass to meet the band afterwards (score!) but, as this was offered freely to everyone who walked in, we expected the “afterparty” that was advertised to be packed. Thankfully, it wasn’t so – as a lot of the younger crowd who had made their way up gave up on waiting for the band after the 10-15 minute mark. After a bit of waiting, however, Ball Park Music entered the room, and at this point there were probably only 30 or so people. Naturally, groups of people snapped them up for conversations as soon as they entered, leaving those of us who just wanted a quick photo in fear of interrupting. I managed to catch Jen as she moved from one conversation to another, and caught Sam just as he walked in the door later on! As much as I would’ve loved to meet the other boys, it was late by this point and I had a long drive ahead of me back home, so we left just satisfied that our favourite band were just standing in a small room in such a casual environment with us.

Ball Park Music are absolutely incredible live, and continue to be such an underrated band. They certainly deserve more recognition for what they do, and they have the potential to have a massive fanbase both nationally and internationally. I’m certainly glad they were willing to play in a smaller city, despite the show not selling out as their others have, and at the same time I’m glad that the crowd was small enough to feel like an intimate show. I can only hope that they return to Townsville or Mackay for a festival or another headline show sometime in the future, as I will definitely be willing to see them again!

I took a few quick videos of the concert, check it out below:

I highly encourage all of you to see a Ball Park Music show in your lifetime!

Sarah May xxx
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Life’s Too Short

Yesterday I was shocked by the news that one of my friends, whom I looked up to very much in my childhood, passed away suddenly. Her and her twin sister were massive influences when I was between the ages of 8 and 13 and have continued to be a part of my life as I entered adulthood. Earlier this year, I attended her twin’s wedding, in which she was the maid of honour. It was so nice to come home from uni for the weekend and see them, and she was so happy and full of life in my last personal conversation with her.

On Saturday night, she passed away in her sleep. She had no health problems that I knew about, and the cause of her death is still unknown. She died at just 23 years old, and that day the world lost a beautiful soul.

I’ve never been so affected by a death before. I’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided many people close to me passing away, but when I read her twin’s facebook status announcing her death, my heart stopped. My chest actually hurt for a few hours, and I cried multiple times through the night. I was in such a state of disbelief – such a happy, young and healthy girl taken away suddenly!

I can’t even imagine the pain her twin is going through right now, losing the person you’ve shared your entire life with. I want more than anything to attend her funeral, but unfortunately I now live five hours away from my home town. The results of her autopsy will come back in a few weeks – and hopefully it’ll provide her amazing family with the closure they need regarding the loss of such a beautiful young woman.

R.I.P Kate, we will miss you ♡

Sarah May xxx

Veterinary Science Ball ♡

On Friday, I attended my first University ball – the 2014 Veterinary Science Ball. All 5 year levels attended, including a handful of lecturers. I had a fantastic time, and was such a different experience to my high school formal as there was free, unlimited wine and beer! Here are some photos from the night:

Dress – Ragafair, $240
Belt – Ragafair, Free ($20 alone)
Shoes – Spendless Shoes, $50
Jewelry – Lovisa, price unknown
Clutch – Betts Shoes, price unknown (borrowed from a friend)
Makeup by Tarryn
Hair by myself, with Jess’ curler

The ball itself was really fun, and all year levels gave hilarious speeches. Many photos were taken – the photobooth got put to good use! The food was average – for a venue like Rydges Townsville I would’ve expected higher quality food! In true vet style, many of us got completely wasted and the night continued well after the ball, with most of us heading to the clubs to continue the party. It was definitely the best night of the year so far!

Until next time,
Sarah May xxx
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College Room Homewares

College Room Homewares

Most college rooms can be dark and boring places when you first move in, right? Mine felt like a blank, grey-walled sauna when I first moved in, but it didn’t take me long to spruce up my own little place with my own personal touch.Bonsai_Tree Book_Shelf LOVECalendarMetal_RoseWillow_TreeMoney_BoxDreamcatcherLanterns TeddyPaper_Roses Photo_Frame Photo_Wall Succulentsfish

  1. Serissa Bonsai Tree in Blue Ceramic Pot with Buddha Figurine (Bunnings Warehouse)
  2. a) Left Side: Teddy Bear (Goldmark), Crocheted Pokemon, Origami Bunnies (gifts)
    b) Right Side: Leather Sketchbook (gift), John Green Books – Looking For Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, & Paper Towns
  3. Paper Folded Mini Books, Spelling L O V E (gift)
  4. 2014 Calendar (Typo)
  5. Metal Laser Cut Rose (gift, from Expert Laser Solutions Mackay)
  6. Willow Tree Figurine (gift)
  7. Red Owl Money Box (Bargain Point)
  8. Dreamcatcher (unknown)
  9. Bird Patterned Lanterns (Typo)
  10. Teddy Bear (gift)
  11. Origami Roses (aka, My Paper Flowers) (gift) in Vase (Bargain Point)
  12. Live, Laugh, Love Photo Frame (gift)
  13. Photo Wall featuring Tickets, Autographs & Wrist Bands
  14. Windowsill Succulents & Cacti (Bunnings Warehouse)
  15. Fish Bowl (Kmart), Siamese Fighting Fish, Pebbles & Plastic Plant (A1 Aquarium World)

Sometimes, a little bit of handmade, meaningful items really make your college room a home.
Sarah May xx
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