August Favourites

What? It’s only been two weeks and I’m publishing another favourites post? Oops! Here’s what I’ve been LOVING in August:

TRXYE (EP) – Troye Sivan

Yes, yes, yes, I’m mentioning Troye again (what’s this, the third time now?) but this EP is TOO GOOD not to mention. TRXYE, Troye’s debut EP, was released August 15th and instantly shot to number one around the world and debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts! Happy Little Pill was amazing, but the rest of the EP continued to blow me away. ‘Touch’ and ‘Fun’ are nice, chilled out yet dancey songs which, with some radio support, have great potential to climb the charts. ‘Gasoline’ tones it down a bit, offering a slower, deeper song with beautiful lyrics. Finally, a re-recorded version of The Fault In Our Stars closes the EP, showing the song that helped launch Troye’s music career to such great heights. I definitely recommend buying this EP and supporting a great young Australian artist!

18Being 18 at Uni

I spent nearly all of last semester underage and unable to drink with my friends or attend university social functions such as pub crawls for both my college and the vet faculty. I turned eighteen in exam week (great timing! -.-) so I wasn’t able to take advantage of my newfound adulthood. While I was home for the semester break, I hung out with my high school friends – some of which were still underage and therefore we were unable to go clubbing or to a pub, etc. Since coming back to uni, however, I’ve attended the uni toga party, hit the clubs for a friend’s 19th and partied all night for the vet pub crawl, and I’m loving it! I’m finally able to join in (when assignments aren’t in the way) and buy my own alcohol – even though I’ve never been asked for ID when going into a bottle shop! I don’t look that old, do I?

Doctor Who (Series 3, 4 & 5)

I began watching Doctor Who in December 2013, out of boredom. A few of my close friends love the show, so I thought I’d give it ago – and I loved it! After Uni started in February, though, I found that there was barely any time to watch it. I recently got a HDMI cable, though, so through the last few weeks I’ve been having the show playing on my TV while I’m doing assignments, and finished the last half of series 3 and all of series 4 within two weeks. I’ve just begun series 5, and Matt Smith as the Doctor is surprisingly just as great! I had such a connection with David Tennant’s Doctor that the change is still odd, but I’ve heard great things about Matt Smith and his first episode was written so brilliantly to showcase just what kind of a Doctor he will be. Series 8 premiered last week – but I’ve vowed not to watch it until I’ve caught up. It’ll be tough, since I’m really curious about what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be like but the wait will be worth it!

Guns of Icarus (game)

Most of my closest friends from high school are kinda nerdy, so what better way to keep in touch while we’re all at different Universities is to play huge group games, right? Guns of Icarus is our catch up game. It’s got an amazing steam punk vibe to it, and allows you to become one of three types of crew members on a huge, flying ship – the pilot, the gunner or the engineer. The aim of the game is to shoot down your opponent’s ship (gunner) while maintaining your ship’s equipment (engineer), all while navigating a huge, beautiful map (pilot). It’s such a beautiful game and I love it! It’s a pity I haven’t had many chances to play it with everyone since uni became crazy busy, though.

Hands on dissections at Uni

Dead baby cows – gross, right? Not to vets. Last week we began our first dissections, which is the closest we’ve gotten to surgery the entire course. We even have our own dissection kits! The cadavers were confronting and smelt revolting, but I found it strangely interesting to cut into it and explore the muscles and nerves under the skin of the cow. We even got to completely remove its front leg, how cool! I have pictures, but it’s probably not best to show a skinned cow on my blog!


As a part of our uni course, we get to look after a piglet for three weeks as a part of a nutrition study. They’re so so so cute and little (for now, anyway) and our particular piglet (named Charlie) is such a good little pig, he doesn’t squeal when you pick him up like the other piggies do! He’s a little bitey (yes, Charlie did bite my finger) but so adorable – worth the 5:30 AM wake up on my rostered morning!

kidsKids! (the goat kind)

The goats at the vet school have been heavily pregnant for months, and recently they began giving birth to their little babies. They’re so damn adorable and tiny! I had the pleasure of watching one of the births, and the sounds the little kids make when they’re only a few minutes old is seriously the best thing ever! They’re so fluffy and gorgeous and wobbly on their little legs, and watching their mother be so protective over them is so cute. I’m on the roster to feed them a few times a week too, yet again worth the early wake up!


I know I’m really late to jump on this bandwagon, but as an iPhone owner who doesn’t have any phone space for music (5GB of “other” space I can’t get rid of, thanks Apple!), Spotify has been my go-to app for shower music. I can access any song, for free, and add it to a playlist – all without taking up phone space as the songs are accessed from the internet rather than my phone itself. You can follow my ultimate shower playlist, “Jams”, here! (Or listen to it down below!)

And there it is, my August favourites! I was really struggling to find favourites this month as uni makes it tough to discover new things, but I made it! And, I somehow got a post up on time despite finishing a 10 000 word assignment not so long ago (what a killer assignment, so glad it’s over).

Until next week,
Sarah May xx

End of Semester Holiday Haul!

During the university semester, I find little time to shop – and on top of that, I’m missing my shopping partner-in-crime, my Mum! Without her or my boyfriend with me, I find it very hard to find things I want to buy, so I kinda went a little crazy over the month and a bit I had at home recently. So, without further ado, here is my cheap girl’s End of Semester Holiday Haul!

Clothing Haul

IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0669 IMG_0670

Shop: TEMT

Black Cotton T-Shirt with Navy & White Pattern ($19.95) – Such a light, pretty top that looks great with anything high waisted. Perfect for a night out!

White Lace Tank Top with Navy Stripes ($24.95) – I LOVE this top! I wore this top to River Sessions 2014, and I’ve worn it around uni a few times too. Such gorgeous detailing and the navy stripes are beautiful. Perfect with dark navy denim!

Black Pencil Skirt ($19.95) – The perfect simple nightlife skirt with a flattering style. Looks great both high waisted and under a nice top!

Black Sleeveless Playsuit ($29.95) – What a find! This playsuit is the most flattering thing I have ever bought, the layers at the bottom look gorgeous and this playsuit just opens itself to so many brightly coloured accessories to customize the look. I’m not a skinny girl and my stomach bulges out of everything, but this dress makes me look and feel slimmer!


Shop: Valleygirl

Apricot Skater Dress ($29.95) – My new favourite dress! It’s such a gorgeous colour, such a flattering fit and casual enough that I can wear it anywhere! It’s slightly stretchy around the waist and beautifully textured!

Grey Cardigan with White Detailing ($19.95) – A nice, thin cardigan that can be worn in (nearly) all weather! The sleeves can be adjusted in length, although when the sleeves are pulled down the buttons stick out from under the top. It’s also very hard to wear a tight-sleeved cardigan over top, as the buttons are very bulky.

Black & White Collared Top ($9.95) – A nice, thin (but not transparent-thin) top with gorgeous black and white modern detailing with a nice floral touch. Only downside – it’s too long to wear untucked with shorts! It looks great with jeans or tucked into a high-waisted skirt though.

Cream Crocheted Collared Top ($9.95) – Gorgeous detailing, although transparent tops aren’t my favourite. You definitely need to wear a singlet of some sort underneath this! It’s a tad too short for my personal preference, but it’s a flattering fit that comes in slightly at the waist and stomach to not appear too baggy – something other tops in this style do.

Grey Jumper with Embroidered Cat ($24.95) – Too cute! The jumper is semi-thin, so it can be worn in weather that isn’t too cold, but unfortunately I underestimated the heat back at uni so I can’t actually wear it despite the fact it is winter. Beautiful fit with such gorgeous embroidery!

Blue & White Pencil Skirt ($24.95) – I absolutely love the colours in this skirt and the patterning. Although the skirt gives a peplum illusion, it is not a peplum skirt and, as a curvy girl with a rounder stomach I am not able to wear this as a high waisted skirt – however it would be beautiful if you wore it in this way!

Fluffy JumpersIMG_0676

Shop: ICE Design

Dusty Pink & Baby Blue “Fluffy” Jumpers ($24.95 each $12.47 each) – When I bought these, my town was going through a bit of a cold snap and I had experienced quite a few freezing lecture theatres at uni so these seemed essential, especially at 50% off! They’re in such nice colours and look great with a collared top worn underneath!
Buy this here

Black Peplum Top with Gold Necklace ($7.47) – A nice, simple peplum top in a fit that is super flattering for big-stomached girls like myself. This is my nightlife staple now I’ve turned 18! The necklace can deattach, too, and looks great with nearly any statement necklace in its place. Looks great with a pencil skirt underneath!
Buy this here


Shop: Lovisa Jewellery

Orange Layered Statement Necklace ($16.99) – I just love the colours and style of this necklace! I must admit it looked nicer on the rack than on me, as the layers in the necklace do not stay in place easily, but when kept positioned it looks gorgeous!

Baby Blue, Lilac & Mint Statement Necklace ($16.99) – This necklace has already been worn many times, and has a great shape to it that stays put no matter how high or low you clip the necklace. The colours are gorgeous, look great on a black outfit and the three different colours make it super easy to colour coordinate with other accessories!

Mint Bangle ($9.99 Free!) – I definitely needed a bangle to go with my new necklace, and I adore this thick-band style! It’s a refreshing change from coloured stacked bangles, which I despise.


Shop: Ally Fashion

Navy Printed Skirt ($24.99) – Now, Ally is my favourite store yet I only bought one thing over the entire break! This skirt is gorgeous, and I bought it specifically to wear under my black peplum top (ICE Design). The patterning is amazing and it comes in a soft, textured fabric that is super comfortable to wear.
Buy this here


Shop: Myer

White Collared Top with Pink Floral Lining ($17.50) – I’ve had my eye on this style of top for a very long time, and when it came on sale I just had to. I mean, $17.50!? I love the pink floral pattern that is on the back of the shirt, however it’s a tight fit on the bust which, especially because of the pink lining, shows an obvious gape in the top on bigger-busted girls. It’s also a tad too short and a little too transparent.

(no peeking at the dress! You’ll find out in September…)

Shop: Ragafair

Navy Blue Evening Gown ($$$) – I have a faculty ball coming up for my university degree, and instead of rewearing my formal dress, I felt the need to purchase a simple, navy gown that can be worn to multiple events. The belt is seperate and can be replaced with something like a gold-plated belt which gives it a completely different look, or removed altogether for something more understated. It was a bit pricey though, but Ragafair is one of only two evening dress shops in town!

Miscellaneous Haul


Shop: Emma and Roe

Blue Crystal Charm & Silver and Blue Stopper Charm ($89 & $55) – This is partially a birthday gift, as I purchased them with a $100 gift card gifted to me by my family. Deciding on a colour scheme for my pandora bracelet was tough – I have had a charm bracelet (of a cheaper brand) before with a mix of colours and I knew that this time I didn’t want that! I wanted consistency, and these charms in a beautiful blue were perfect.
Buy these here and here

IMG_0687 IMG_0690 IMG_0689

Shop: Typo

A4 Notebooks x4 ($14.95 total) – Typo never fails to impress with their prints – however, when I arrived, there weren’t many styles left so I had to settle with a plain black notebook. The others are gorgeous!
Buy (variations of) these here

A5 Campus Notebook ($6.95) – Such a cute little notebook with dividers, so I can carry around just the one notebook for all of my uni subjects!
Buy (a variation of) this here

Black Faux Leather Phone Case ($4) – I was on the hunt for a black phone case that holds cash and cards, for when I want to keep everything together, and I found this gem in Typo by accident for such a cheap price!

Bonsai Tree

Shop: Bunnings Warehouse

Serissa Bonsai Tree ($23.85 total) – I’ve wanted a plant in my uni room for a while, as I can’t have a pet. I thought a bonsai was perfect – small, unique and needs enough maintenance to keep me happy. However, I did not expect tropical Australian bonsai trees to look as bare and thin as they did – I expected thick-trunked, full-leaved miniature trees! I also unfortunately picked the hardest species to take care of (the lady selling it to me didn’t tell me) so it’s been a rough ride for me and my bonsai. It’s lost leaves, gained leaves, wilted again and looked nearly dead but it’s still surviving – just. If I kill this tree, I think I might just have to get a cactus!

Well there you have it! Sorry for the very long post – future haul posts will be much shorter I promise!

Sarah May xx

July Favourites!

Welcome to the first of many “Favourites” posts! Here’s where I tell you all what I loved in the past month!

The Fault in our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars (Book & Movie)

Okay, so this is more of a May/June favourite but it’s too good to not include in the list. There was so much hype around TFIOS that I bought the book and started reading it in February, slowly getting through it whenever I found the time and finishing it in May. Yes, I cried. Yes, I saw the movie and yes, I cried again. My crying ended after the *spoiler alert* funeral though, the rest didn’t phase me. It was such a beautifully written book with a beautifully made movie adaptation.

Breakfast of Choice: Muesli w/ fruit and yoghurt

In a university lifestyle where my college does not serve the best of breakfasts, I was so happy to discover back in May that muesli with fruit and yoghurt had started being served. Finally, some readily available fruit and a healthy-appearing (you never know with uni food) meal! Even after uni finished, this was my breakfast of choice throughout July.

The Sims 3The Sims 3

My relationship with The Sims 3 is odd – I become obsessed with it for weeks and then I come back later and I have no interest in it. These holidays, however, The Sims 3 has been my only pastime. I’m beginning to have Sims withdrawals already now classes have started! I may or may not own every single expansion pack and stuff pack – oops!


Oh how cliche. Truthfully, though, I’m really enjoying blogging so far. It’s such a creative pastime which I feel has a much more productive outcome than sitting on the couch playing The Sims 3 all day! Even though I don’t have many readers, every view, like and comment means a lot to me that people are willing to read my rambling.

Fluffy JumpersFluffy Jumpers

As it’s Winter here in Australia and my home town went through a bit of a cold snap in the past month, the best $25 I have ever spent was the purchase of two fluffy jumpers in a beautiful dusty pink and baby blue. It’s perfect for cold days and nights, looks great with a peter pan collar shirt and I’m certain it will be a staple this semester in cold lecture theatres.


Despite the cold snap, I caught up with my friends from high school frequently, and these catch ups mostly included sitting around a bonfire having casual drinks. I attended a total of four bonfires over the course of two weeks, which definitely offered a warmer side to the freezing nights! Just sitting around watching the flames was so relaxing and made me feel like I was making the most of my holiday break.

Pandora Stacker RingsPandora Stacker Rings

I was gifted a total of four Pandora rings for my eighteenth birthday (as mentioned in my Birthday Haul post), and I found myself wearing them everywhere throughout July – wearing my original lilac stone rings whenever my outfit included a hint of purple and wearing the tiara ring every other occasion. I love them – they’re just so elegant and pretty and versatile!

Bonsai TreeMy Bonsai Tree

Over the break I purchased a young Serissa bonsai tree. My main motivation for this was to have something to care for while at uni, as my college doesn’t allow pets. Although I accidentally selected one of the hardest species of bonsai to care for, I’ve been trying my best to keep the little thing alive. I’ve had some troubles, especially when moving it from my home town to five hours up the coast back to uni. It nearly completely died last week, and all the leaves fell off it, but now it’s slowly growing new leaves and hopefully will begin flowering in Spring!

Frangipani CandleFrangipani Candle

My friend Eka gave me a Frangipani scented candle for my birthday (see Birthday Haul), which, unlike the Glasshouse candle gifted by Hayden, didn’t come in a container or candle holder and therefore gave off its scent constantly once unwrapped. As this candle sat in my bedroom for a few weeks, I fell in love with its beautiful scent and now it has a permanent home on my uni desk so I can smell it all the time – even if I can’t light the candle!

JumperJumper with embroidered cat

Yes, another one of my favourites for July is a jumper – BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! I just had to buy it once I saw it. It’s the perfect thickness of jumper for a Queensland winter – thin enough to wear it all day without getting hot but thick enough to keep you warm. The cat is just so adorable, I can’t get enough of it! I haven’t been able to wear it much, as winter up here at uni is a hot 27 degrees (winter? What winter?) but just wait until next year!

YouTuber Ashley Mardell (/HeyThere005)HeyThere005

I discovered Ashley through Zach Garry’s channel, where he briefly featured in one of her videos. The first video of Ashley’s that I watched was her Coming Out to My Best Friend video, as a part of her Beer and a Chat segment. I was drawn to Ashley the moment I watched her videos – she is such a creative soul who has the ability to talk about serious topics such as LGBTQ issues, anxiety and the idealization of YouTubers, yet remain entertaining and engaging the entire way through. Her video editing is flawless and she uses such cool and unique techniques that, as someone who has edited videos before, seriously impress me. Her collaborations are not restricted by distance – Ashley and her collaborators film individual videos from their homes whilst receiving audio via Skype – how creative! Her channel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, it’s impossible to think that she has under 100K subscribers!

Troye SivanHappy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

I recently listed Troye as one of my favourite YouTubers, and around that time was when he announced the release of his first EP, named TRXYE. He released his first single from this EP, Happy Little Pill, last week to great success – pre-orders for his EP reached #1 on the iTunes album charts in Australia, the US and fifteen other countries, and the top ten in another forty countries, including the UK. Happy Little Pill charted at #1 in thirteen countries! It’s such an amazing feat for his second ever single, if you include his tribute song to The Fault in Our Stars. The song itself is amazing, and certainly stands alone from Troye’s YouTube success. It blew me away when I heard it, it’s just so chilled out and amazing. You can check out Happy Little Pill here, but don’t forget to support Troye and buy it on iTunes!

So that’s it for my July Favourites, sorry this is posted in mid August but on the bright side, August Favourites will be up in no time!

Sarah May xx

Birthday Haul

I celebrated my eighteenth birthday back in the first week of June (yay, adulthood!) and I received some lovely gifts from my family and friends – what better to do than share them with you all!

Presents from my immediate family



  1. Set Top Box – I’m a huge TV person, so much so that I often have multiple shows on at once. I needed something that can play movies from my hard drive and also record multiple shows to watch again later. This is certainly something I needed in my uni room.
  2. Pandora Stacker Rings – I’m in love with these Pandora rings, but I didn’t expect to be given them as a birthday gift. Mum picked very well with these rings – I love them!
  3. Stiletto Ring Holder – I own a lot of rings (especially now I have Pandora stackers) so a big thank you goes to mum for buying me somewhere to store and display them! This holder includes earring storage as well – which I don’t need at all but it’s still a nice touch.
  4. Pandora Bracelet & Charms – I’ve never owned a proper Pandora bracelet before, and I have never owned proper Pandora charms. This was a bit of a surprise gift for me but I love my bracelet now and can’t wait to fill it up! The heart is the clasp, and mum also gave me an “18” charm. More charms were given to me by mum’s boyfriend in the form of a gift card, so I could choose my own. I loved the ones I picked (except the charms totalled more than the gift card’s worth, oops!), especially the blue!
  5. John Green books – An Abundance of Katherines and Will Grayson, Will Grayson – I am a huge fan of John Green’s books. Looking for Alaska is my favourite, and I cried so much in The Fault in Our Stars! I’m in the midst of reading Paper Towns too, which is also really good so far. I don’t get much time to read, but when I can it’s a great way to relax.

Presents from Sam

  1. sambraceletSilver chain bracelet with a Purple heart charm – I love this bracelet. I wear it everywhere I can! Big props to Sam for picking well! He also got me a beautiful homemade present which I’d rather keep private between us 🙂

Presents from my extended family


  1. Tiara Pandora ring (from my Aunty) – I’ve adored this ring for so long, if I didn’t get this for my birthday I would’ve gone in and bought it myself! It needed to be resized a bit so I could wear it but this one is definitely my favourite.
  2. Silver Earrings (from Nana) – These earrings are so so beautiful – I love them!

Presents from my high school friends



  1. Frangipani Candle (from Eka) – Even though I can’t light candles in my uni room (or the smoke alarms will go off), this candle has such a beautiful scent that I keep it around on my desk anyway!
  2. Glasshouse Coconut Lime Candle (from Hayden) – seems like candles were a running theme at my eighteenth, but this brand of candles are lit in shops such as Peter Alexander and Princess Polly and they smell absolutely beautiful! This candle came in a glass holder, so nice!
  3. Huge Photo Frame (from Katelyn) – it’s such a pretty frame, which has found itself a great home in my uni room and will soon be filled with photos from my semester break, which was mostly spent with my great friends!
  4. Tree of Life Necklace (from Brittany & Lachlan) – I don’t have a ‘nice’ silver necklace, as the necklace I wear every day (given to me by Sam) is gold. It’s such a nice necklace that I will certainly wear often!
  5. DKNY Be Delicious Perfume (from Stella) – I’m not one for perfume but this smells amazing. I just need to get into a morning routine of putting it on before I leave for class!

Presents from my uni friends


  1. White Peter Pan-collared Top – I definitely wear this style of shirt too often – often enough that the girls picked it as a good birthday present for me to have one in another colour!
  2. Flower Hair Clips – Although clips aren’t something I wear often, it’d be nice to liven up an outfit by clipping one near my hair bun.
  3. Black Faux Leather Handbag – I wear this everywhere now – it just looks so stylish and it fits everything I need perfectly! The gold plating is a nice touch too.

I’m so grateful for all of the lovely gifts I received, I certainly didn’t expect this much! This is the first of many haul posts – coming up is a huge post about what I bought during my semester break!

Until next time,

Sarah May xx

What to REALLY Expect at your Senior Formal

As it has now been a year since my own Formal, I have noticed students younger than me getting upset that their own formal didn’t go the way they wanted to. My formal experience wasn’t perfect, either, so I thought I’d share some advice of my own.

My Formal Dress     1. Don’t stress about the dress

For nearly every girl, the dress is the most important thing about a school formal – and in my eyes, it is. It’s the focal point of the entire night. Unfortunately, though, most girls decide to buy their dresses online only weeks out from the formal, only for it to arrive and not fit right, be the wrong colour or not arrive at all. I bought my dress online, but I bought it three or four months before the event – which allowed me time to get the dress altered, and reduce my stress. Of course it is always best to buy in store – then you know it fits you and looks good – but if you must buy online, get organized and buy early! Always have a backup dress in mind, in case your dream dress isn’t right.

     2. You don’t need a partner

Way too much emphasis was put on having a partner to attend the formal with – really though, what’s the point? Someone wears a tie the same colour as your dress and takes a few photos with you. In most cases, you won’t even see them once the event starts. Most of my friends were in relationships around formal time, so their boyfriend was their partner – however, I know plenty of people who didn’t have a partner and it didn’t bother them one bit.

Me & my Boyfriend/Partner     3. Your partner will not always want to colour match your dress

This is something I experienced first hand. As I have mentioned before, I have been with my boyfriend for a few years, and we have attended a few formal events where he didn’t match me, like our semi-formal. Senior Formal, however, was something more special. I asked him to match me, and he agreed, and I even picked a dress in a colour he wouldn’t mind matching to. Surely he wouldn’t mind wearing a mint green tie, right? Weeks before the event, he comes to me telling me that he has bought his dress shirt to wear under his suit – in what colour, you ask? Purple. Purple shirt with a green tie? Really? Eventually he came to a compromise to wear the green tie (he thought it looked good, I still don’t think it matched 😉 ) but the message remains – your partner, especially if he is just a friend to you, will not want to match you as much as you want to match him.

     4. You don’t need to arrive in an expensive, vintage car or limousine

In most cases, your peers don’t see you arrive at the venue, so why pay a lot of money to arrive in a fancy car? I arrived to my formal in mum’s Ford Territory, without my partner, and no one saw it at all.

     5. Don’t even worry about the shoes for a moment (unless your dress is short)

Honestly – no one sees your shoes unless you show them. Are you tall as it is? Wear flats and save yourself the foot pain. Us short people do feel pressured to wear heels to keep up with the tall girls, but make sure they’re comfortable! 90% of girls at my formal took their shoes off to dance anyway, since you can’t tell under the long dresses.

     6. Crying about it will ruin your makeup

You spent all that money getting your makeup done (or none, if you did it yourself like I did), don’t ruin it with crying over something going wrong! Relax!

     7. You probably won’t get all the photos you wanted, and you probably won’t realize this until it’s too late

I was the formal photographerWhen you’re getting photos done before the event, take it as it goes. If you’re dying for a photo with one of your friends, make an effort to ask him/her, but if it doesn’t happen, don’t freak out. Chances are you’ll have heaps of time at the actual event to get one! Even if you don’t get one at all, there’s nothing you can do except accept it and focus on the photos you did get! I didn’t get a single photo with my own boyfriend where we didn’t look rigid and posed, where all I wanted was a cute cuddling photo or something similar. It sucks but I got plenty of great photos regardless.

     My Nails for Formal8. Barely anyone will notice your nails

On the night, the focus is on your dress, hair, makeup and accessories – your nails don’t factor into that at all unless you’re showing off your clutch to every second person. I had the dodgiest nail job that I did at home by myself, but none of it showed in photos thank god!

     9. Your dress might break on the night – carry around some safety pins!

If your dress is a tad too tight or a tad too long, who knows what can happen! A hook holding the back of my dress together snapped off in the first few hours of the night, showing my bra strap to everyone. I didn’t have safety pins on me, but luckily one of my friends did to save the night! Be prepared for all emergencies!

     10. Let it go and have some fun – your formal only happens once!

Yes, some things do go wrong, everything may not be perfect and things may not run exactly to plan like you hoped your special day would – but getting upset will only make your night worse. Try to put on a smile and enjoy how your night does play out. Have fun, you’ll remember this night for years to come.

My Friends!

My senior formal certainly wasn’t perfect, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable nights of my schooling life because of the people I was with and how beautiful I felt on the night. To all girls whose formal is coming up this year – good luck! And to all those whose formal has already gone – it’s over, it’s done, it can’t be changed, so remember the great night you had.

Sarah May xx