Long Term and Long Distance

In celebration of my two year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend Sam, I thought I’d give an insight into what my relationship is like. As the title suggests, we unfortunately have to deal with a long distance relationship most of the time, due to attending university in different cities, but we have made it through the first of ten semesters apart.

Note: this post contains a lot of rambling. Get some snacks or something.


We met in 2010 by being randomly assigned to the same homegroup in grade 9. We were awkward and shy, but six months later we began dating. The relationship went well until just under one year later, when we “took a break” for thirteen months. In those months, I dated other people, and Sam and I came very close to dating again multiple times – but on July 31, 2012, we began our relationship from scratch again and continued our lives together.

The split was harsh – I was barely fifteen and he was my first love. Dating for a year at that age feels like forever, which only made it harder when it was all over. But, within the time we were apart, we remained close friends and continued to grow as individuals. My other relationship also ended badly, which strengthened me and prepared me for the possibility of complete heartbreak in any future relationships. I also credit this relationship for bringing Sam and I back together – the possibility of our feelings for each other ending brought him to reestablish our love, and in truth my feelings for him never faded.Sam & I

Since we began our second-chance relationship, we were older and more mature than before. Our relationship was more real and less selfish, and things were noticeably different. This progressed through our senior years of high school, where I was diagnosed with a medical condition that hindered my daily life and school performance. He was there to help me through it all, and we both supported each other through the struggle of our final year of high school. Together, we helped each other to achieve our best results and both of us graduated with an OP1 – allowing us to complete our dream university degrees. Graduating high school concluded a huge part of our lives together, where we could see each other for hours each day. It was tough transitioning to a more separated life, but this separation only increased in the coming months.

My dream is to become a Veterinarian, where courses are only offered in Townsville and Brisbane. His dream is to become an Electrical Engineer, where courses are offered in nearly every major town in the state, but his dream course that offered him everything he wanted was only offered in Mackay. And just like that, we were being separated by 400 kilometres in a months time.

When we began university, it was tough but we managed by texting nearly constantly and Skype calling each other once a week, in order to see and hear the other. These Skype calls cut into study time, but it was a much needed break and a great opportunity to just talk like nothing has happened. Because of this, our relationship remained strong. I only returned home twice during the semester – once for Sam’s 18th birthday and once for my mid-semester break. Coming home at the end of semester one has been great for us, we’ve had the opportunity to return to a normal relationship, seeing each other often.

Long distance relationships are hard, but they can work with a little hard work, persistence and trust. They aren’t for everyone, but we couldn’t stand the thought of breaking up over a bit of time apart. To anyone in a long distance relationship or about to enter one: don’t stress. Trust your partner, communicate often and treasure the time you can spend together. All things bad will eventually pass, and with enough persistence a happy ending may be right around the corner.

Happy second anniversary Sam, I love you unconditionally, no matter what.
Sarah May xx

Semester Two Begins

So after six weeks of relaxing at home I am now finally back at university in my little dorm room. This also means that I will be a lot busier with classes and assignments and such and therefore I will only be posting once a week if I can alllll the way up until November/December.

As much as I can try to upload every week, as the semester progresses I may skip a week or upload late – I am very conscious of my marks so if my workload becomes too much, blogging will be the very last thing on my mind!

As this is a new semester with a new timetable structure and higher workload expectations, I’m not sure what to expect study-wise. I might have to study from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, or I might get a chance to relax every now and again (I really hope it’s the latter). As much as I didn’t want to leave home again and leave all my friends, family and boyfriend, I really missed my college friends and the privacy of my little room! Before arriving, I was excited to meet my new neighbours – last semester a lot of people on college were on exchange from America for a few months, so I thought more Americans were replacing them. As I arrived, though, my neighbours’ old rooms are empty with no one staying there!

Once I get settled in again, I’ll post a picture of my room all clean!
Sarah May xx

Childhood Nostalgia Games!

WARNING: This post includes no mention of Playstation games – my childhood consisted of Nintendo consoles and an Xbox!

I was an unbelievably boyish child – while girls my age were playing with Barbies or *shudder* Bratz dolls, I was playing video games. The consoles that consumed my earlier childhood were the good old Nintendo 64, and my trusty Game Boy Advance. It was a good childhood, and the games that I played as a child remain with me today – I doubt that I’ll ever really sell them!

Note: Most N64 games in this list were bought second-hand, and therefore were fully completed prior to playing. 

Super Mario 64 (N64)

This game was so unbelievably fun to play and run around in. Despite the game already being completed, I loved being able to run everywhere and play every level back to front. My favourite part of this game was the free reign I had – I didn’t have to be completing a level to play, at that age I was happy to run around outside Peach’s castle. Although, I was never able to beat the final Bowser boss as a child.

Mario Kart 64 (N64)

The classic Mario Kart began my love for racing games. My younger brother and I would play this game together all the time (and I would always win), and even now when I play it with my boyfriend, I can still completely dominate him!

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald (GBA)

I owned the Sapphire edition GBA, and my brother owned the Emerald edition GBA. The third generation of Pokemon featured in this game is easily the generation I can call a favourite (yes, even over the original!). I bought Pokemon Ruby to complete my collection and my Sapphire edition has all three legendary Pokemon at level 100, including nearly all third generation Pokemon. As a nine year old child, it was a pretty great achievement!

GoldenEye 007 (N64)

I was too much of a scared child to attempt the more difficult levels, despite my Dad unlocking them all, but I still loved completing the earlier levels with basically all possible cheats to prevent dying, and the multiplayer component was great!

Mario Party (N64)

What a great party game this was! However, it would take way too long. The mini games in this version of Mario Party were fantastic, and my house was always the house of choice to party at when I was in primary school, purely because of this game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Honestly, I did not appreciate the pure amazingness of this game until I was much older. As previously mentioned, I was much too scared of dying in video games, so I used to run around as young Link in Kokiri Forest, talking to all the little characters. If I was brave, I would venture out into Hyrule field and ride Epona around and visit Kakariko Village to, once again, just talk to the villagers. Despite my fear, though, it’s such a timeless game that deserved its 3DS reboot.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64)

Yet again – terrifying as a child. This game was so much darker than Ocarina of Time, being given only three days before a moon falls and destroys the world isn’t exactly cheery. In terms of interesting side characters and locations to run around in (so, basically, no gameplay actually occurred), I much preferred this game. My home N64 lacked the expansion needed to play this game, but my grandmother’s N64 had it so it was definitely a privilege to get to play it!

Banjo Kazooie / Banjo Tooie (N64)

loved these games! Such cute characters with free reign to run anywhere I wanted. The levels were still pretty good, too, and mostly wasn’t too scary for my little mind – although, Banjo-Tooie possibly scarred my young mind forever from a certain scene in Jinjo’s Village 😦

The Sims / The Sims 2 (PC)

A big thank you goes to my grandmother for having The Sims 2 and a few expansion packs, and for letting me borrow them and install them at home to play. As a child who was significantly older than other children at my grandmother’s during school holidays, I liked to escape and play The Sims 2 every single day.

The games I played as a kid are ones I’d happily play again today, and I’m lucky to have owned physical copies of what are now classic games, and some are very expensive to acquire today! I don’t regret my childhood one bit, especially because it was this awesome!

There are plenty of Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance emulators for those wanting to try out these classic games – I myself use Project64 and Visual Boy Advance, shh!

Until next time,
Sarah May xx

To My 13 Year Old Self…

Dear 13 year old Sarah,

You’re beginning high school, crazy right? Don’t you feel all grown up? Just think of all the great memories you’ll make in the best part of your life and all the friends you’ll make. Yes, you’ve met some cool people already – your group of friends is a whole nine people! Sure, you’re not popular like you wanted to be, but you’re not getting bullied, so that’s something to celebrate isn’t it?

2009 - NowYour friends are pretty fun, but why are they pressuring you to ignore this other girl? She’s really not that bad, she likes the same music as you and she’s always up for a laugh. Do you know how much you hurt her feelings when you exclude her? Maybe it’s best for you to make friends with this poor girl – after all, the other two girls seem to like each other much more than they like you. Yes, they’re “cooler”, but you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment when they inevitably hang out with each other and stop inviting you. Believe me, you won’t be friends with any of these people after three years anyway – next year, you’ll be the only person in your group of nine to be placed in a homegroup class with no other friends. But you know what? That’s the best thing for you, because you’ll make even better friends and, although you may not know it at first, you’ll meet the man of your dreams.

Why are you so obsessed with having a boyfriend anyway? You’re thirteen, just because all the other girls have boyfriends doesn’t mean you have to. Yes, one of your guy friends likes you, but don’t feel pressured into saying yes to him when you’re unsure. That relationship will only last two months before you get sick of his flamboyancy – and don’t tell anyone, but in two years he’ll admit to being gay and you’ll never escape the teasing of having dated a gay boy (even though he dated five different girls before coming out).

Yes, you’ve done all of these things and yes, it is embarrassing. Yes, you’re upset about having no real friends and yes, you will be single for a while. But try and focus on your grades a little bit more. You’re doing great as it is, but is that C in religion really enough? Why not get that A, like you have in Maths and Science. I know you’re not religious but in grade twelve, believe it or not, you’ll top the entire grade with the highest mark possible in that subject and that’ll really boost your OP.

Life is tough without a father, and I know the wound is still fresh. Nothing can really stop that from hurting except time, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll get used to being in a single parent family quicker than you thought. And yes, your mum will date a few questionable men in the next few years, and yes you’ll hate him and his kids and the way he smokes like a chimney. But it’ll pass. She’ll move on, again and again and again. You’ll hate the other boyfriends too. Eventually, though, she settles down with a guy you actually don’t mind, and she’ll be happy.

So focus. Focus on making real friendships, meeting real boys, focus on your grades. Stop worrying, stop crying over little things. This is the greatest time of your life. Soon, you’ll spend every waking moment doing assignments or studying, so enjoy the free time. Enjoy yourself. Your life will turn out fine, and believe it or not, you’ll be successful.

With love,
18 year old Sarah May xx

30 Questions About Me!

First of all, I apologize for not posting earlier – my home internet went over its download limit and it got slowed down enough so that I couldn’t actually access WordPress to publish anything!

Anyway, for a bit of fun, I thought it’d be cool to answer a few random questions about me. I compiled a bunch of questions from different tags, so without further ado, here I go!

  1. What is your favorite thing about where you live?

    Well, I live in two places so I’ll answer for both. I love my home town because I know exactly how to get everywhere! This is something I definitely took for granted before I moved. I love the city I study in because it’s so much bigger and more active. I particularly love my university room because it’s my own space and I am completely independent yet within walking distance of my closest friends (cue a chorus of “awwww”).

  2. Where is your dream vacation?

    I’d love to travel to Africa to work at a wildlife reserve – particularly one that raises young lion cubs, elephants and giraffes by hand! It’d be such a great experience and people that I know that have done similar things have absolutely loved the experience.

  3. What pets do you have? If you don’t have any, what do you want?

    I have a seven year old domestic longhair cat named Bella and a five year old Maltese x Shi Tsu dog named Maxxie. When I move away from college and into my own place I’d love to have a cat (or five), a medium sized dog, and a few guinea pigs!

  4. If you could suddenly be extremely good at one thing, what would it be?

    It sounds so selfish but I’d love to have a natural aptitude for retaining information so passing university isn’t such a massive feat for me. It’d reduce so much stress in my life!

  5. What is your middle name?

    May (as you probably could tell)!

  6. If you could live in one fantasy world, which would it be?

    The Harry Potter world would be my absolute dream, assuming I’m a witch rather than a muggle though!

  7. What would you do if you won $100,000?

    I’d pay off my university fees and put the rest into purchasing my first home (booooring)

  8. Hot weather or cold weather?

    If it’s hot weather, do I have an air conditioner? If I do, then hot weather. If I don’t, no way can I tolerate that!

  9. What is your favorite drink?

    Non-alcoholic: Coca Cola. Alcoholic: I haven’t been 18 for long so I haven’t found a favourite yet!

  10. How long have you been doing something that you’re proud of?

    About six months – I’m proud that I worked hard enough in high school to attend my dream university course!

  11. Do you like or dislike kids?

    Like them – I don’t love them but maybe once I get a little older I’ll develop more of a maternal instinct.

  12. Dream car?

    I own a Kia Rio, which I love, but I’d love a Volkswagon Beetle in a cute colour like a light pink or a baby blue.

  13. List 5 things that are unique about you.

    1: I have a weird mole on my neck that I’ve had since I was really young2: I have a double jointed big toe on my left foot

    3: I am left handed

    4: I don’t hold a pen properly – I have no clue why!

    5: I have the weirdest body proportions ever, which makes buying clothes (especially formal dresses) very difficult -.-

  14. Do you consider yourself artistic?

    Not one bit.

  15. Name one funny childhood memory.

    Specifically having to plan out my lunch hour in primary school so I could spend equal time with my best friend and with my other friend who used to play Yu Gi Oh with me, so I didn’t upset either of them – I was a bit of a nerd.

  16. Outdoors or indoors?


  17. If you could get a tattoo, what would it be?

    Probably something really small and simple like an outline or silhouette of an animal that means heaps to me (I have no clue what animal it’d be). I’d love to get it on my wrist but for work purposes I’d probably have it on my ankle.

  18. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?

    Mum calls me Sez/Seza. She uses it around my friends, too, so they start calling me that and I hate it!

  19. What’s a weird habit of yours?

    Unknowingly taking my medication before dinner – I get halfway through the meal and question myself on whether I’ve already taken it or not!

  20. Do you have any weird phobias?

    I have an irrational fear of burning myself, which sucks when uni requires me to use a bunsen burner (I’ve still never lit one in my life, too scared!). I also wear two layers of oven mitts when taking trays out of the oven, just in case. I’m also petrified of spiders, but that’s not weird.

  21. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

    People who can’t make a deliberate effort to include someone who is obviously the odd one out! Also, people who make spontaneous plans and then get agitated when I’ve already planned my day and can’t do what they’ve suggested.

  22. Name one thing that you want to do before you die

    Travel the world and visit every continent!

  23. What’s your number one most listened to song on iTunes?

    Global Concepts – Robert DeLong (10 plays). I have about 100 songs with 9 plays so it’s a close race! I have 7000+ songs in my library so a single song doesn’t get much play time.

  24. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?

    Girly and modest. My clothes are usually too formal to be worn as casual wear but too casual to wear as formal wear!

  25. How did you get your user name?

    My boyfriend made me origami roses for our first valentines day together, and then another bouquet for our fourth Christmas. It’s also my Tumblr URL, which I’ve had since not long after receiving the first bunch of roses.

  26. If you could play any musical instrument, which would it be and why?

    Acoustic guitar – it’s such a simple instrument that is so widely used, yet I just couldn’t play it when I tried to learn. My fingers are too short to reach the highest strings!

  27. What’s your favorite dessert?

    Cheesecakes in general or cookies and cream flavoured things. As you could imagine, cookies and cream cheesecakes are my ultimate weakness.

  28. Would you rather have the superpower to read minds, or the superpower to be invisible?

    I seem pretty invisible to begin with, so I’d choose reading minds. I seem to be pretty horrible at picking up on when ‘friends’ don’t like me as much as I thought they did.

  29. What did you do for your last birthday?

    My 18th birthday: My family & boyfriend drove up to see me for the weekend. I spent the morning studying for my finals the next week and spent the afternoon at a hotel with them, before going out for dinner with my uni friends and staying the night at the hotel. In the same weekend I also went out to the casino for the first time!

  30. Put iTunes on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that play.

    1. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey Cover) – The Jezabels2. Slow Motion – Little Red

    3. Get Along – Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

    4. All Mine – Never Shout Never

    5. Red Hands – Walk Off The Earth

    6. The Test – The Academy Is…

    7. Fluorescent Adolescent – Arctic Monkeys

    8. Johnson’s Aeroplane – INXS

    9. Life In Technicolour – Coldplay

    10. Fantasy – MS MR

Sorry for such a boring blog post today, but I hope some of you enjoyed it 🙂

Sarah May xx